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CONCH-L archives – July 2007, week 2

Table of contents:

  1. A report about Tsukiji (Tokyo) fish market

  2. Bill Lyons
    • Bill Lyons (30 lines)
      From: Marcus Coltro <marcuscoltro@HOTMAIL.COM>
    • Re: Bill Lyons (48 lines)
      From: Katherine Cordy <corshell@EARTHLINK.NET>
    • Re: Bill Lyons (191 lines)
      From: Peggy Williams <peggy@SHELLTRIPS.COM>

  3. Books Wanted
    • Books Wanted (66 lines)
      From: Martin Beranek <m12972@YAHOO.COM>

  4. COA 2007 Convention

  5. DNA from different parts of the anatomy

  6. Do all Allogona ptychophora lack parietal denticles?

  7. Ellobium melted

  8. Florida Echinolittorina

  9. Murex pecten drawing

  10. New Caledonia Placostylus

  11. New blog post: new land snail species from Turkey

  12. Prickly Cockle issues; pre-upload ms FYIO

  13. Publication date 1817/1818

  14. RES: Bill Lyons

  15. RES: Ellobium melted

  16. RES: Shell Oil Company

  17. Rare books digitized

  18. Shell Oil Company

  19. Shell dealers in California.

  20. Succinea habitat

  21. Succineid habitats

  22. Vermetus: was Re: micro with a familiar pattern

  23. Your article on Tsukiji

  24. author citation

  25. book information

  26. giant squid washed up in Australia

  27. micro with a familiar pattern--from Arno in the Marshalls

  28. new blog post: everybody loves algae

  29. re- publication

  30. tiny jewel from Arno
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