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SAS-L archives – September 2007, week 2

Table of contents:

  1. "Missing" category seems out of place in Freq output with ORDER=FREQ

  2. 2 Contract SAS Programmers - Switzerland

  3. 5 Contract Statisticians - Switzerland - Excellent Rates Plus Accommodation

  4. =?gb2312?q?Antique_1912-1949_Porcelain_teapot_528_chinaware_400=A3=AC_invitation_visit?=

  5. =?windows-1256?B?49PHyN7JINTl0SDR49bH5CDmx+HMx8bSySDM5sfhIOTm3+3HIE43MA==?=

  6. A SAS/GRAPH question

  7. A data step question

  8. A dup records question

  9. Age Calculation!

  10. Array question

  11. Best GLM Method

  12. Bug in ODS using PROC REPORT and ACROSS

  13. CLI cursor fetch error


  15. Color PROC SQL output

  16. Combine two datasets

  17. Constructing Variables

  18. Correlation

  19. Creating a list of top ten species captured

  20. DEA with Dircetional Distance

  21. Disk full: out of resources

  22. Does the PROC REG OUTEST dataset really need an F-statistic

  23. Equivalent of NMISS Function for Character Data - Follow-up

  24. Equivalent of NMISS Function for Character Data?

  25. Error using SASZIPAM DLL

  26. Extract url from text string

  27. FW: Re: "Missing" category seems out of place in Freq output with ORDER=FREQ

  28. Friday Afternoon Musing

  29. Fwd: Offre d'emploi (Cabinet PAC RECRUTEMENT)


  31. Hello SAS-Lers, I am back from the dead

  32. Help with Factor Analysis

  33. How manage a variance-covariance matrix in SUR

  34. How to Create SAVINGS Macros in Autocall library

  35. How to calculate the coefficient in Logistic regression?

  36. How to close a shell window automatically

  37. How to compare decimal number

  38. How to deal with a .LST text file and a data prep ?

  39. How to get 99.5% quantile value ? Got it

  40. How to get 99.5% quantile value?

  41. How to get complete state, county/city and zip data?

  42. How to get pmf of Kaplan-Meier estimate

  43. How to justify axis label after rotation?

  44. Http:// 11mm LED slim light box in China!

  45. IFN Puzzler
    • IFN Puzzler (138 lines)
      From: Richard A. DeVenezia <rdevenezia@WILDBLUE.NET>
    • Re: IFN Puzzler (171 lines)
      From: toby dunn <tobydunn@HOTMAIL.COM>

  46. Identifying the first instance that various conditions are satisfied

  47. Is one core = one processor still for SAS Windows server license?

  48. Is there a way to 'capture' the source code generated by

  49. Is there a way to 'capture' the source code generated by numerous macros ?

  50. KDE Question

  51. Last days of every month

  52. Longitudinal Analysis Short Course, Nov. 9-10

  53. MMRM - Missing data

  54. Make money to share photos

  55. Make money to share your videos

  56. Mark Your Calendar -- PhilaSUG Fall 2007 Meeting

  57. Missing Data in NYC, Oct. 26-27

  58. Modifying ExcelXP tagset to write URLs

  59. NJ SAS Users Group Meeting

  60. Need help with ODS layout and region commands

  61. Neyman-Person paradigm

  62. Number of distinct values in an array

  63. ODS - XML engine Help

  64. ODS CSV File Output

  65. ODS CSV files

  66. ODS RTF title outside of header

  67. Option to not open results viewer

  68. Oracle BI Publishers

  69. PICTURE-based informats

  70. PROC LIFETEST question

  71. PROC LIFETEST question - SOVLED

  72. PROC LOGISTIC--ROC curve

  73. PROC MEANS - Weight

  74. PROC PLAN with subset

  75. Ping host syntax -please help, thanks!

  76. Powershell Examples

  77. Prob with if then do statement

  78. Problem importing some pipe-delimited text files

  79. Problem with 'If...then; Else...' statements

  80. Problem with prog logistic (or genmod) identifying events

  81. Proc Report question

  82. Proc Score for matrix multiplication (for Markov Chain)

  83. Proc Tabulate

  84. Proc Transpose in EG - Creates iIlegal variables names

  85. Proc glm question

  86. Program Design
    • Program Design (17 lines)
      From: Hurley, Sharon <hurley@NURSING.UPENN.EDU>

  87. ProveIt SAS 8.2 knowledge test

  88. Puzzle with Work.SASMACR Catalog

  89. Puzzle: When Does Unitialized Message Occur?

  90. Question on the SAS Text Miner

  91. Quick help
    • Re: Quick help (40 lines)
      From: David L Cassell <davidlcassell@MSN.COM>

  92. Regional Group Meetings -- 2008

  93. Renaming a table from one libref to another ?

  94. Roland's SAS tips and techniques

  95. Row Numbers by group

  96. SAS / ACCESS Oracle - How to control COMMIT statement

  97. SAS AF execute DOD command return

  98. SAS Contactor position.

  99. SAS On Windows

  100. SAS Procs Hang

  101. SAS Programmer needed in Bridgewater, NJ

  102. SAS Programmers - Financial Industry - London

  103. SAS User Group Meeting Richmond, Va (USA)

  104. SAS pharma contract position

  105. SASHELP.vtable access slow IF i have libname pointing to Oracle?

  106. SQL-Like Permissioning On SAS Tables

  107. Sas af execute DOS command return

  108. Security: Developing Stored Processes in Ent Guide

  109. Simple Question on data step

  110. So you thought "proc sort nodup" got rid of duplicate records.....

  111. Some erroe in the AFT lognormal model

  112. Survival Analysis: SAS Macro for the Semi-parametric Gamma

  113. Survival Analysis: SAS Macro for the Semi-parametric Gamma Frailty Model

  114. TLPD (ot) yarrr

  115. Test if a variable is in PDV ?

  116. Things to consider when acquiring a SAS server license and BI products?

  117. Timing SAS/IntrNet jobs

  118. Traffic Lighting on Character Data

  119. Trimmed means

  120. Unique ID
    • Unique ID (73 lines)
      From: Oli <walaba@GOOGLEMAIL.COM>
    • Re: Unique ID (134 lines)
      From: Muthia Kachirayan <muthia.kachirayan@GMAIL.COM>
    • Re: Unique ID (161 lines)
      From: Muthia Kachirayan <muthia.kachirayan@GMAIL.COM>

  121. Use Windows Explorer "selected files" as input to SAS program.

  122. Using PLS as a preliminary to survival analysis

  123. We urgently require SAP consultant with 5 year of SAP experience

  124. What am I doing wrong with this simple program (:??

  125. When versus If

  126. Where are abbreviations physically stored?

  127. Why won't RETAIN accept a variable list?

  128. Writing Excel file with multiple work sheet

  129. best solution for this problem

  130. by group printed output

  131. changing the position of the pointlabels in sas graph and removing the tick marks

  132. confidence interval

  133. convergence problem PROC MIXED

  134. covariance structure

  135. data cleaning - missing data

  136. dataset Locked ??

  137. days with gt 24 hours - merging by time

  138. do string and select;

  139. doesn't db2 sql like blanks?

  140. error:General error from the User Interface subsystem

  141. extracting dates

  142. fuzzy match of two name variables

  143. heteroskedasticity-robust test for structural break

  144. hi all
    • Re: hi all (47 lines)
      From: David L Cassell <davidlcassell@MSN.COM>
    • Re: hi all (41 lines)
      From: David L Cassell <davidlcassell@MSN.COM>

  145. is the Excel XP tagset (SAS 9.1.3, v1.47, 01/10/07 vcd)

  146. large sample runs up and runs down test

  147. logistic regression with given covariance structure

  148. making percentage sign appear in proc freq

  149. moving data to next record

  150. nonlinear model with discontinuous derivatives

  151. ods reports - across and down

  152. patterns in second table

  153. proc export to excel

  154. proc gplot legend question

  155. proc means question

  156. proc mixed problem

  157. proc rank with multiple factors: faster way?

  158. putting by variable into estimate statement label

  159. quick questions- put title only on page one

  160. sample size & Bonferroni

  161. tip: Calculating Distance Between Two ZipCodes

  162. tip: Tight Looping with Macro Arrays

  163. to_print
    • to_print (28 lines)
      From: rupalir2004@YAHOO.COM
    • Re: to_print (87 lines)
      From: Nat Wooding <Nathaniel.Wooding@DOM.COM>

  164. what effect does the statement above have on the report appearance?

  165. what is
    • Re: what is (38 lines)
      From: Peter Flom <peterflomconsulting@MINDSPRING.COM>

  166. what is "R"? Is it difficult to learn "R"?

  167. which one of the following SAS procedures is designed to provide functionality similar to the data step code above?
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