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SPSSX-L archives – January 2008

Table of contents:

  1. 'Old' Tables was: spss 16 output

  2. (Small) Time series: How to check if the values are significantly different?

  3. <No subject>
    • <No subject> (55 lines)
      From: Art Kendall <>
    • <No subject> (22 lines)
      From: Khaleel Hussaini <>

  4. =?us-ascii?Q?Re=3AFactor=20analysis=20error=20message?=

  5. =?us-ascii?Q?Re=3AR=3A=20CASESTOVARS=20when=20a=20variable=20is=20currently=20missing?=



  8. AW: Simple Scatterplot

  9. Adding Leading Zeros To An ID

  10. Aha! the VALUELABEL Function!: was Automate Add Value Labels using Python (or something)?

  11. Automate Add Value Labels using Python (or something)?

  12. Bonferroni-adjusted t-tests

  13. Break String Variable


  15. CASESTOVARS when a variable is currently missing

  16. CBC Conjoint Analysis?

  17. CHAID-Labelling node criteria logic - confusing


  19. Call for Authors

  20. Can This Research Project Be Saved?

  21. Checking assumptions of linearity and proortional hazards in the cox model

  22. Chi Square question

  23. Comparaison of percentages on matched series

  24. Comparing Selected Cases with All Cases

  25. Conditional logistic problems

  26. Consensus on SPSS15.0 and VISTA?

  27. Constructing frequency tables for 5-point scale items

  28. Contingency Table Testing Within Rows

  29. Copying variables and variable properties between files

  30. Correlation issues

  31. Creating a new dataset with Python

  32. Crosstabs bug in spss v.15.0.1 with hotfix vista?

  33. Data Entry Builder

  34. Dates, Dates, Dates ...

  35. Deleting Cases from Data (Matrix)

  36. Difficulties in bootstrapping the mean

  37. Disappearing Files - Has this happened to you?

  38. Dummy Coding and Interpreting Regression Analysis

  39. Durbin-Watson test


  41. Encounter data !

  42. Error #2070 License server is down

  43. Error sorting a big data set

  44. Errror message

  45. Excluded variables from regression

  46. Exporting output to a file using a syntax command

  47. FW: Adding Leading Zeros To An ID

  48. FW: Repeated ALSCAL - Multidimensional Scaling

  49. Factor analysis error message

  50. Finding Variables in Variable View

  51. Fixing multiple records for same time interval...

  52. GLM univariate question

  53. Genlin - Restricted Maximum Likelihood

  54. Gini coefficient in SPSS

  55. Graph formatting question

  56. Graphic problem in 16.01

  57. Has anybody positve experince with commuter licenses of SPSS16 on g5-processor/MacOS?

  58. Help with Matrix output

  59. Help with Matrix output (& Paired data OR macro too, for H)

  60. Heteroscedasasticity questions

  61. How create value lables?

  62. How get rid of meaningless digits in MEANS output?

  63. How to Combine 8 Mentions Together in SPSS?

  64. How to best restructure a datafile to include a multiline field

  65. How to flag individuals who participated 3 years in a row

  66. How to run an ICC in SPSS 15.0

  67. I will be out of the office, Thursday, January 31st. I will only have occasional access

  68. INCLUDE command goof ups

  69. Independent Sample T-Test (UNCLASSIFIED)

  70. Jenkins Activity Survey

  71. Learning R-SPSS integration package

  72. Logistic Regression Interpretation Questions

  73. MANOVA comparing sample means to a hypothetical population mean?

  74. MSE=0
    • Re: MSE=0 (61 lines)
      From: Dale Glaser <>
    • MSE=0 (18 lines)
      From: Alina Sheyman <alinashe@GMAIL.COM>

  75. Macro or Loop to minimize Syntax

  76. Marketing Research Analyst Job Opening

  77. Matching Cases on Basis of Propensity Scores

  78. Matching cases on basis of Propensity Scores

  79. Maximum Length of Value Labels

  80. Means, averages

  81. Merging 2 numeric variables to match another date variable

  82. Merging files

  83. MethodS of multivariate regression

  84. Multinomial Logistic Regression - Singularities in Hessian Matrix

  85. Multiple line plots

  86. Number order
    • Number order (25 lines)
      From: Byrd Sellers, Johnita <>
    • Re: Number order (59 lines)
      From: Oliver, Richard <>
    • Re: Number order (80 lines)
      From: Melissa Ives <>
    • Number order (38 lines)
      From: Byrd Sellers, Johnita <>

  87. Opening Quancept files in SPSS

  88. Output files in SPSS 16.0 vs SPSS 15.0

  89. Post Hoc Interactions

  90. Printing string variables

  91. Problem using TS menu with AR(1)

  92. Procedure to cancel output

  93. Purchasing SPSS16

  94. Python code error

  95. Python instalation

  96. Quancept to SPSS

  97. Question about Regression Factor Scores

  98. R: CASESTOVARS when a variable is currently missing

  99. R: CBC Conjoint Analysis?

  100. R: Learning R-SPSS integration package

  101. R: SPSS Data Entry 4.0

  102. R: [SPSSX-L] Python code error

  103. R: date arithmetic

  104. Rasch Analysis

  105. Recall: Bonferroni-adjusted t-tests

  106. Recoding multiple variables into one new variable

  107. Regression Output

  108. Regresssion Question - Basic

  109. Repeated ALSCAL - Multidimensional Scaling

  110. Resampling/ Bootstrapping With SPSS

  111. Restructuring Data

  112. Restructuring a fuzzy matched data set

  113. Restructuring data

  114. Rotation Failed to Converge in Factor Analysis?

  115. Running a Stepwise Regression Model


  117. SOLVED: Automate Add Value Labels--without Python

  118. SPSS 16 and TextPad

  119. SPSS Data Entry 4.0


  121. SV: How get rid of meaningless digits in MEANS output?

  122. Sales forecast with SPSS Trends

  123. Savind indiviudal paramters in LINEAR mixed

  124. Silent install for SPSS 15

  125. Simple Contrasts on Manova

  126. Simple Scatterplot

  127. Simplyfy Job

  128. So, 'NOT' is a function, too?

  129. Specifying number of ticks and decimal places in IGRAPH

  130. Splitting a file into several subfiles

  131. Still Having V16 Viewer Problems

  132. Strange Error Message

  133. Suppressing default output from Regressions

  134. Syntax help for matching string data

  135. Syntax problem

  136. Syntax to transform numeric variable to date variable (x120)

  137. Transformation with large sample

  138. Upgrading SPSS 15 to 16 Table look files not compatable. .tlo ~= .stt

  139. V16 Problem With Merge Files -solved

  140. Value Label

  141. Values out of Range

  142. Variance Analysis

  143. Venn Diagrams
    • Venn Diagrams (28 lines)
      From: Pearmain, Michael <>

  144. What Type of Experimetal Design Is It?

  145. Which method would be more robust.

  146. [BULK] RE: [SPSSX-L] Creating a new dataset with Python

  147. biplots in SPSS 15

  148. breaking a variable's data into intervals

  149. calculating correlations between FILES

  150. calculating witin a dataset the proportional increase or decrease

  151. can SD be greater than AM?

  152. cant find my variable in select cases

  153. check to see formula used for computing variable

  154. clustering variables (binary scale)

  155. compute total amount over any consecutive X years

  156. correlation table

  157. data backup??

  158. date arithmetic

  159. default directories

  160. drawing samples for hundreds of workers

  161. error message

  162. hello
    • Re: hello (58 lines)
      From: Kylie Lange <>
    • hello (27 lines)
      From: Anna Supady <>

  163. help to a novice

  164. how to integrate SPSS 16.0.1 Patch into 16.0.0 CD

  165. importing txt fixed width files into SPSS 16.0.1

  166. interaction effect

  167. matching cases-controls

  168. matching cases-controls; thanks

  169. matching cases/ controls by age and sex

  170. multiple comparison test for Kruskal-Wallis?

  171. new variable that computes maximum by pool

  172. odds ratio for the matched pairs

  173. opening SPSS 10 with SPSS 15?

  174. posterior probability in discriminant analysis

  175. problems with Durbin Watson in linear regressions with more than 500 cases

  176. ratios of filtered groups in spss

  177. reliability analysis

  178. rounding and truncating??

  179. select cases from part of idnum variable

  180. spss 16 output

  181. substring command

  182. using frequencies as a filter variable
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