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SAS-L archives – January 2008, week 1

Table of contents:

  1. "proc printto print=log" does not work.

  2. %unistats (and %unipvals) updated for adjustment for centre effects

  3. %unistats and %unipvals updated for homogeneity of variances tests and Welch test

  4. 2 Contract SAS Programmer - UK

  5. 2008 SAS-L awards and BOF -- open for nominations

  6. 2008 projections

  7. 3 days executing a program

  8. =?windows-1256?B?x97m7SDH4czRx8bjIMjUx9rl?=

  9. A conceptual question about regression


  11. Articles

  12. Automatic variables, First dot & Last dot

  13. BEST EMF fonts


  15. COM Objects


  17. Change of format

  18. Change the location of a SASUser to different folder

  19. Choice-Based Conjoint Analysis?

  20. Compare files

  21. Computer Animation Software

  22. Counting the First 10 Observations within Pt


  24. DB2 tutorial

  25. Data manipualation help

  26. Data types going to SQL Server

  27. Easy PROC PRINT syntax for skipping lines ?

  28. Email bankruptcy

  29. Enterprise Guide SAS/Graph Problem

  30. Export Graph to gif Enterprise Guide vs SAS-Base

  31. Export SAS File to Excel by DDE

  32. Extracting Data from the Host

  33. F Statistic

  34. Gplot procedure doesnt end

  35. Gplot procedure doesnt endain


  37. How can I create a variable in Proc IML

  38. How do "write" first and last "dot" variables.

  39. How do I code the Satterthwaite approximation?

  40. How to calculate month

  41. How to compose the day with year, month and day?

  42. If/Then statement within a Proc statement

  43. Importing a CSV in to SAS

  44. Infile the 3rd line of lots of CSV files

  45. Infile the 3rd line of lots of CSV files - Final Code

  46. Job opening in Rockville, MD

  47. Logistic Regression with Proc Model

  48. Logistic Regression with a Nested Variable?

  49. Looking for SAS programming opening in Europe

  50. M I-5,Persecution , bugg ing and counter-surveillanc e

  51. M I.5 P ersecution wh y wo n't the B ritish polic e do t heir j ob an d pu t a st op to it ?

  52. M I.5 Pers ecution , how a nd w hy did it sta rt?

  53. M I.5,Persecution ' Bernar d L evin expr esses his view s

  54. M I`5'Pe rsecution ' Capital R adio - Chri s Tar rant

  55. M'I-5,Persecutio n wh o kno ws abou t it ?

  56. M'I`5 Persecuti on ' a buse in set- up situati ons and in p ublic

  57. M'I`5'Persecut ion ' Ber nard Le vin ex presses h is v iews

  58. M,I-5 Perse cution w hy th e secur ity services?

  59. M,I.5 Pe rsecution ' B BC h2g2 o nline

  60. M,I.5'Persecutio n h ow an d wh y d id it start ?

  61. M,I`5 Pers ecution ' c ost of t he o peration

  62. M,I`5,Perse cution , wh y th e secur ity servic es?

  63. M-I 5.Perse cution . wh y won 't t he Br itish po lice do the ir jo b and put a s top to it ?

  64. M-I 5`Persecutio n ` the BBC , televi sion and ra dio

  65. M-I'5-P ersecution . why th e se curity s ervices?

  66. M-I,5`P ersecution ` wh y w on't t he Brit ish po lice do their jo b an d pu t a sto p to it?

  67. M-I,5`Persecut ion . my response to th e ha rassment

  68. M-I,5`Persecution ` harassment at w ork

  69. M.I 5-Pe rsecution . their methods an d ta ctics

  70. M.I 5.Persecuti on . th eir metho ds an d ta ctics

  71. MNP in R

  72. M`I 5.Persecu tion ` pur pose in p ublicizing i t; censorshi p in uk.* newsgroup s

  73. Macro Variable in proc sql

  74. Multinomial random number generator

  75. ODS oo question?

  76. OT: Chance to Make SAS-L History: Did You Know That...

  77. OT: Computer Animation Software

  78. Optimisation of programm


  80. Page breaks using proc report and ODS rtf destination

  81. Performing thousands of tests automatically

  82. PostgreSQL, anyone had experience with?

  83. Problem Moving Files

  84. Problem with NLMIXED

  85. Proc GENMOD query

  86. Proc Import

  87. Proc Logistic ODS Output truncate width fix?

  88. Q: "proc glm" and testing for the equality of variances

  89. Q: another approach for Satterthwaite

  90. Question on Keys

  91. RSquare

  92. Regression where dependent variable has an upperbound

  93. Removing top and left border in GPlot

  94. Repeated measures ANCOVA

  95. SAS List

  96. SAS dataset view question

  97. SAS server gets disconnected here

  98. SAS to Excel Conversion

  99. SAS/AF Tree View Control - New Method: selectNode

  100. SAS/IntrNet

  101. SPEEDIS - underlying algorithm?

  102. SQL merging issues

  103. SQL question

  104. Showing median, 25th,75th and 90th percentile on sas graph

  105. Simulator for SAS Base Programming for SAS(r) 9 Certification Exam

  106. Standardized Tests & How To Beat Them

  107. Terradata Connection: ICULOADERROR(510)

  108. Tests of variances, PROC GLM, etc.

  109. Time reading in as character??

  110. Transpose question

  111. Trapping errors in Proc IML

  112. Using Proc NLMIXED to estimate a multilevel discrete-time hazard model

  113. We are open for Distributors/Importers: Pocket Size Welding Machine

  114. What are the pros and cons of JMP software, how does it compare to SPSS?

  115. What is the SAS command to open the 'View in Excel' pop menu item

  116. What is wrong with the following code?

  117. Which statistics should have STD decimal places?

  118. abt ETL

  119. counting multiple overnights

  120. create new variable, add to date

  121. creating 1 hour averages

  122. example for subset with proc sql

  123. excel

  124. hai
    • hai (13 lines)

  125. half percentiles

  126. how to calculate inverse binomial in SAS

  127. how to transform a vector to a matrix in proc iml?

  128. information about SAS

  129. is it possible to do instrumental variable analysis using SAS?

  130. merging datasets and creating missing values

  131. reading a simple delimited file...

  132. sum
    • sum (13 lines)

  133. tables

  134. thanks a bunch

  135. tip: writing attrib plus input

  136. using macro variable

  137. what is the difference functions ,call routines adn perl expressions?
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