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SAS-L archives – January 2008, week 3

Table of contents:

  1. "if statement" question

  2. 2008 SAS-L awards and BOF -- open for nominations

  3. =?gb2312?Q?=B4=F0=B8=B4:?= What's wrong with that??? (libname statement with pc files formats)

  4. A Big 4 auditing firm is hiring Risk Mgmt. people!

  5. A downside of APP functions for searching real value lists

  6. About SAS

  7. Advanced SAS Certification

  8. Anyoine know where the SIZEKMG. format is documented ??

  9. Averaging hourly wind direction data

  10. Bootstrap with clustered data

  11. Calculating combined percentage

  12. Call Symput in %Do %While

  13. Call execute - order of macro variable resolution

  14. Change a datasets column...please help

  15. Change freeze in effect for Spectre web site

  16. Chi-square test first order Markov Chain

  17. Conditionally run macro code

  18. Cool web-version of my dissertation (lots of sas!)

  19. Cummulative sum other subgroup

  20. DON"T FORGET: 2008 SAS-L award nominations

  21. Data Entry - best program

  22. Data Entry Services

  23. Date from Oracle 01/01/0001

  24. Executing SQL Stored Procedure from SAS

  25. Export to Access Date Format

  26. Filter dataset A, if id exists in B, then keep the record in A?

  27. Filter dataset A, if id exists in B, then keep the record in A? (Thank you!)

  28. Forecasting using Exponential Smoothing

  29. Free Online: Data Mining Intro for Beginners, Vendor-Neutral, January 29

  30. Front-ends to SAS

  31. GOOD MORNING Friends :

  32. GPLOT Confidence Intervals Not Showing Up

  33. GRAPLAY - I need basic example for undestand

  34. Generating a random number from a normal distribution

  35. Get off-beat tech news & tech deals @

  36. Goodness of fit of Markov Model

  37. Grouping By Date

  38. Hijri Date
    • Hijri Date (19 lines)
      From: Khan <amir@PROGRAMMER.NET>
    • Re: Hijri Date (29 lines)
      From: =?windows-1255?B?4uPpIOHvICDg4ek=?= <GADI_B@MALAM.COM>

  39. How The Blue Cross Works

  40. How can I be removed from the SAS-L@LISTSERV.UGA.EDU list? EOM

  41. How do you print out the current or default ls and ps (line

  42. How do you print out the current or default ls and ps (line size and page size)?

  43. How to Bypass 100s of Steps

  44. How to access automatically in SAS a MS Access table name

  45. How to access automatically in SAS a MS Access table name which has more than 32 characters?

  46. How to check what variable of dataset has a particular value

  47. How to get superscript 4,5,6 and b,c,d?

  48. How to import an XML file

  49. How to launch SAS from LINUX ?

  50. How to randomly select records from a large data set?

  51. How to use macro to merge many dataset

  52. I need to write all the subdirectory name in a folder into a SAS dataset

  53. Import from SQL Server w/o SAS Access

  54. Information Sought - Project

  55. Is GENMOD Stuck???

  56. Job Scheduling on a Queue from SAS Management Console

  57. Justification Problem in Proc Report

  58. Largest value in a symmetric matrix

  59. Length limit for character variables

  60. Logistic regression with a low number of outcomes

  61. Looking for a function .........

  62. Merge problem

  63. Michigan SAS Users Group 1Q2008 Meeting

  64. Multiple proc reports in one page

  65. Need training on SAS - can I convince the boss to pay?

  66. New to SAS
    • Re: New to SAS (30 lines)
      From: Howard Schreier <hs AT dc-sug DOT org> <nospam@HOWLES.COM>
    • Re: New to SAS (27 lines)
      From: Piaskoski, Dianne <Dianne.Piaskoski@BMO.COM>

  67. Newton Raphson Algorithm

  68. OT: Friday Humor

  69. OT: users of MS SMS PC software inventory

  70. Open Cursor Error?

  71. Opening SAS Logs with color coding (.log files)

  72. Oracle triggers

  73. PROC MODEL GMM - Again

  74. PROC MODEL gmm
    • PROC MODEL gmm (11 lines)
      From: SUBSCRIBE SAS-L Filipa <filipa.fig@PORTUGALMAIL.PT>

  75. PROC SQL
    • PROC SQL (25 lines)
      From: Thomas Schmitt <schmitta1573@YAHOO.COM>
    • Re: PROC SQL (116 lines)
      From: Terjeson, Mark <Mterjeson@RUSSELL.COM>
    • Re: PROC SQL (72 lines)
      From: Sigurd Hermansen <HERMANS1@WESTAT.COM>
    • Re: PROC SQL (45 lines)
      From: Thomas Schmitt <schmitta1573@YAHOO.COM>

  76. PROC TABULATE or PROC REPORT : newby question

  77. Parsing Out a String in a Macro

  78. Problem reading simple file

  79. Problem with CALL EXECUTE

  80. Proc IML
    • Proc IML (24 lines)
      From: Michael Rambo <rambomichael@GMAIL.COM>
    • Re: Proc IML (29 lines)
      From: bruce johnson <chimanbj@GMAIL.COM>
    • Re: Proc IML (51 lines)
      From: Dale McLerran <stringplayer_2@YAHOO.COM>
    • Re: Proc IML (54 lines)
      From: Dale McLerran <stringplayer_2@YAHOO.COM>
    • Re: Proc IML (30 lines)
      From: data _null_, <datanull@GMAIL.COM>
    • Re: Proc IML (75 lines)
      From: Mary <mlhoward@AVALON.NET>
    • Re: Proc IML (45 lines)
      From: Warren Schlechte <Warren.Schlechte@TPWD.STATE.TX.US>
    • Re: Proc IML (54 lines)
      From: data _null_, <datanull@GMAIL.COM>

  81. Proc Report: Footnotes disappear in printer output with fontsize<=6

  82. Proc Transpose question

  83. Proc append

  84. Proc print and the option N

  85. Proc report display non-value row

  86. Proc tabulate..

  87. Professional Data Entry Services at Affordable rate

  88. Pseudo-AIC & Glimmix

  89. Question about the relationship between statistical

  90. Question about the relationship between statistical Population, Sample, training set, validation set and test set.

  91. Question on Do-Whitlock (DOW) loop.

  92. Reading Unix format files in Windows SAS

  93. Reading a directory of files

  94. Recode muptiple choices into one

  95. Relationships within a set of mixed variables

  96. SAS EBI Consulting Opportunity

  97. SAS Frint-ends


  99. SAS certification benefits question

  100. SAS create "searchable" graph in word?

  101. SAS rolling regression

  102. SAS-L Digest - 16 Jan 2008 - Special issue (#2008-79)

  103. SAS.sas7bdat -> SPSS.sav

  104. SAS/AF -- Need help with ACEC -- Attribute Changed Event Class!!!

  105. SAS/AF Composite Class not Broadcasting Event Properly?

  106. SAS/Graph question

  107. SCL Question

  108. - is it needed anymore?

  109. Sas datasets

  110. Scroll wheel

  111. Slightly OT: New Hampshire Polling Fiasco

  112. Splitting up a variable

  113. Stack many variables

  114. Stack many variables: THANKS

  115. Strange error : Server gets disconnected.

  116. This Surely Cannot be Correct...Please Help!!!

  117. Top 3 of by group

  118. Training for Specific Examples

  119. Transition Matrix (Markov)

  120. Trasition matrix

  121. Trivia - Logging custom NOTE, WARNING, and ERROR.

  122. Two off-topic articles


  124. Urgent help in ARIMA-AIC

  125. Using PROC REPORT to generate a chart from a dataset

  126. Using date issues

  127. Using lags to identify multiple observations per year>


  129. VMS-batch: how to compile but not execute?

  130. Variance
    • Variance (11 lines)
      From: Laura Hoopes <lhoopes@YAHOO.COM>

  131. Weird result in PROC GLM

  132. What Type of Experimental Design Is It?

  133. What's wrong with that??? (libname statement with pc files formats)

  134. append rtf files

  135. arithmetic operation on grouped data

  136. calculating variance across variables for each observation

  137. certification

  138. combine n SAS datasets in to one SAS dataset.

  139. comparing observations

  140. count of a value in a macro variable

  141. creating duplicate observerations

  142. cumulative sum with subgroups ?

  143. data checking,data manipulation

  144. date format

  145. determing number of days for many observations per id

  146. different results...

  147. duplicate days

  148. error message

  149. heatmap Re: how to generate random data from uniform distribution?

  150. help using library catalog

  151. how to generate random data from uniform distribution?

  152. how to put xml data to file _webout or ods html

  153. legends in gplot

  154. lsmeans at variable-list, the list including a class variable

  155. multiple proc reports

  156. need page number in Proc Report with ODS pdf output

  157. numbering readmissions

  158. numeric precision

  159. ods gplot/gchart

  160. ods graph from GPLOT to Excel

  161. ods pdf
    • ods pdf (41 lines)
      From: <adityasikka82@GMAIL.COM>
    • Re: ods pdf (69 lines)
      From: Bill McKirgan <Bill.McKirgan@GMAIL.COM>

  162. ods proc report as xls file

  163. ods tagsets.ExcelXP

  164. percentage question

  165. proc export in unix

  166. proc genmod
    • proc genmod (31 lines)
      From: Doris Gerstner <doris.gerstner@MED.UNI-MUENCHEN.DE>

  167. removing labels in SAS data sets

  168. reordering variables in a dataset

  169. same operation on 100 variables with the same prefix var

  170. simulation of mixed model data

  171. tracking customer behaviour HELP!!

  172. using ods escapechar to wrap text of variable label

  173. what's the latest word on Vista & SAS?
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