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SAS-L archives – January 2008, week 4

Table of contents:

  1. 451 Transfer aborted: send error.

  2. =?UTF-8?Q?=E7=AD=94=E5=A4=8D:?= Configuration of Enterprise Guide

  3. A lot of variables, find max and number of variable for each obs

  4. AW: group by processing, conditional summation until criterion is fulfilled

  5. About proc catmod

  6. Actual month question

  7. Advanced SAS Certification

  8. Analyzing Bimodal ata

  9. Array Problem

  10. Availability of SAS Version 8

  11. BIP Tree not appear in my Sas management console

  12. Best way to code states

  13. Best way to code states - Staste list in proc format

  14. Bring back Log

  15. Calculating time intervals

  16. Calculating time intervals between visity for each type of visit.

  17. Check the existence of librairy

  18. Combining Sas dataset

  19. Computing the 15D HR QoL Index

  20. Conditionally run macro code

  21. Configuration of Enterprise Guide

  22. Creating Bootstrap replicates for clustered data

  23. Dan C wants to chat

  24. Delete observations

  25. Dunn's multiple comparison (following nonparametric)

  26. Efficiency with large datasets

  27. Enterprise Guide Scheduling

  28. Enterprise guide, process flows and branches

  29. Enviromental variables to macro variables

  30. Everything about SAS Certification

  31. Excel Export affecting other sheets

  32. Fitting and Testing Goodness of Fit to non-Standard Distn in SAS

  33. Four parameter logistic regression

  34. Graphics: Java class generated an exception

  35. Grouping Discriptive Variables Across Columns


  37. HP UNIX job scheduler question

  38. Hash Object vs. Proc SQL: Proc SQL intolerably slower than hash (No help needed)

  39. Help needed in SAS VMware

  40. Help needed: to recognize folder/file name automatically

  41. Help with label!

  42. Hi
    • Hi (20 lines)
      From: Sailaja Neelam <sailaja.neelam@GMAIL.COM>
    • Re: Hi (12 lines)
      From: zhong8615@AOL.COM

  43. Hi NESUGers; I need help with TPHREG

  44. How do I unsubscribe from the list? Or change my subscription mode?

  45. How to compare two datasets, or retrieve data

  46. How to compare two datasets, or retrieve data - Thanks!

  47. How to delete a text file in SAS

  48. How to identify which one is Charact or Numeric?

  49. How to lookup the relationships between tables in a database

  50. How to output OutlierDetail table from PROC ARIMA procedure?

  51. How to randomly select records from a large data set?

  52. IS[NLP Likelihood RT] WAS [Fitting and Testing Goodness of Fit to non-Standard Distn in SAS

  53. Importing metadata

  54. JOB: Data Analyst - Loudoun County Public Schools

  55. Kaplan-Mieir Median, mean, max, 95% CI

  56. LAST DAY for 2008 SAS-L award nominations

  57. MANOVA required sample size

  58. Macro for transforming a numeric variable

  59. Macro to subset data set by patient name

  60. Mainframe Trainers

  61. Mainframe libname

  62. Make money with affiliate program that pays you for every click

  63. Merge postal codes until a criterion is fulfilled

  64. Migrating 'Data Library Manager' of SAS Management Console

  65. More problems summarizing data

  66. Multiple record compare

  67. Multivariate Analysis Short Course?


  69. New version of Notebook Light (Free Version)

  70. OT: Chance to Make SAS-L History: Did You Know That...

  71. OT: It is really cool Font

  72. Observations Journal at

  73. Outlook Question?

  74. PC-SAS export a text file to Unix

  75. PROC MULTTEST FDR calculations do not match PROC

  76. PROC REPORT: Retaining group values for use within a report

  77. PROC SQL: Using local database when querying DSN

  78. PROC TABULATE listing results different from output file!

  79. Pipe when file location has spaces

  80. Preview Window automatically opens ODS HTML

  81. Proc ARIMA - time series

  82. Proc Report Group Variables

  83. Proc Report Headers Spanning Columns

  84. Proc export sheet name problem

  85. Question on Existence of a test for the Significance of all Regressors in systems of regression equations

  86. Questions about PROC PRINTTO

  87. Reading a directory of files

  88. Reading files with non-English alphabets

  89. Recode muptiple choices into one

  90. Remote SAS session-no log--PLEASE TAKE A LOOK!

  91. Resolved: Graphics: Java class generated an exception

  92. SAS 9.1 and Sybase-Complete log?

  93. SAS BI Opportunity at US Census Bureau

  94. SAS Client Server Strategies Using Oracle

  95. SAS Frint-ends

  96. SAS Migration Consultant

  97. SAS certification benefits question

  98. SAS create "searchable" graph in word?

  99. SAS programs for CMS hospital quality measures

  100. SAS projects on retailing or on marketing

  101. SAS-L BOF awards -- voting is open

  102. SAS: Word plug-in = slow speed

  103. SV: proc sql variable creation

  104. Searching SAS code in Enterprise Guide Projects

  105. Seeking SAS-related employ

  106. Select by Looping through rows

  107. Selecting pts with only cancer diagnosis

  108. Sending SMS to mobile through SAS

  109. Senior SAS programmer & analyst opening in Dallas, TX

  110. Sort required for transpose?

  111. Splitting up a variable

  112. String Macro Variables

  113. Symmetric matrix elements below the diagonal elements

  114. TAGSET.EXCELXP - not formatting my numeric variables

  115. The "post your hardware configuration" thread - working on a new hardware proposal

  116. This Surely Cannot be Correct...Please Help!!!

  117. Tick values display vertically

  118. Top 3 of by group

  119. Top 50 Sort
    • Top 50 Sort (18 lines)
      From: Dave Smith <daveyboysmith_123@YAHOO.COM>
    • Re: Top 50 Sort (89 lines)
      From: Nat Wooding <Nathaniel.Wooding@DOM.COM>
    • Re: Top 50 Sort (160 lines)
      From: Stephen McDaniel <stephen@STEPHENMCDANIEL.US>
    • Re: Top 50 Sort (64 lines)
      From: Long, Stuart (NIH/NIEHS) [C] <long3@NIEHS.NIH.GOV>
    • Re: Top 50 Sort (67 lines)
      From: Arthur Tabachneck <art297@NETSCAPE.NET>
    • Re: Top 50 Sort (162 lines)
      From: Howard Schreier <hs AT dc-sug DOT org> <nospam@HOWLES.COM>
    • Re: Top 50 Sort (73 lines)
      From: Howard Schreier <hs AT dc-sug DOT org> <nospam@HOWLES.COM>

  120. Using GUI text editor over ssh server

  121. Using survival analysis for maternal gestation data

  122. VMS-batch: how to compile but not execute?

  123. Virtual SASŪ User Group Events: Jan 31 and Feb 1

  124. WG: group by processing, conditional summation until criterion is fulfilled

  125. Why I can't export the SAS talbe into Excel file?

  126. Windows installation directory

  127. XCOPY Installation of Notebook Light (Free Version)

  128. Year problem

  129. ZIP DATA
    • ZIP DATA (12 lines)
      From: Ed Gano <Edward_Gano@AHM.HONDA.COM>
    • Re: ZIP DATA (29 lines)
      From: Phil Rack <PhilRack@MINEQUEST.COM>

  130. Zip on z/OS Mainframe

  131. anyone installed 9.1.4 hotfix

  132. available memory (windows) for sas

  133. best graphics format for ppt

  134. checking for the existence of variables

  135. Post Jobs and Resume for Free

  136. craete data-set with all combinations of n x 1, n x 0

  137. date format

  138. date: mmddyyyy with no separators or leading zeros

  139. group by processing, conditional summation until criterion is fulfilled

  140. hello
    • hello (22 lines)
      From: Ania Supady <statistics2020@GMAIL.COM>
    • Re: hello (22 lines)
      From: Robert Feyerharm <Robert.Feyerharm@DHSS.MO.GOV>
    • Re: hello (35 lines)
      From: ramana <kolanramana09@GMAIL.COM>

  141. help me in sas query code (very urgent)

  142. help with a pic(x) select in sas

  143. how to fetch web contents with SAS

  144. how to prevent Excel from inteprate string '9E6' when using

  145. how to prevent Excel from inteprate string '9E6' when using proc print

  146. need help with Heckman model

  147. numeric comparison problem

  148. order in legend

  149. pipe for GZ archives

  150. plz help me in this

  151. proc freq
    • proc freq (44 lines)
      From: Mohit Bhatia <mohit.b.bhatia@AEXP.COM>
    • Re: proc freq (26 lines)
      From: Ken Borowiak <EvilPettingZoo97@AOL.COM>
    • Re: proc freq (50 lines)
      From: Arthur Tabachneck <art297@NETSCAPE.NET>

  152. proc report putn() analog

  153. proc sql variable creation

  154. query Registered fonts

  155. question on gplot

  156. sas query code(very urgent) pls help me..

  157. save output

  158. tagsets.ExcelXP with PROC report

  159. transpose issue

  160. using values generated from proc reg

  161. variance of a group of numbers

  162. version management system for SAS (AF/SCL)

  163. you like a new photos without cloth :
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