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SAS-L archives – April 2008, week 2

Table of contents:

  1. ** Solved** Can't Export to Excel- Libname error???

  2. ... Re: Dealing with Germans

  3. AW: Handling Time-Varying Covariate in GENMOD

  4. AW: central limit theorem and very skew distribution

  5. Aspergers and IT (WAS: Programmer Skill Set)

  6. Best Practices in SAS Statistical Programming for Regulatory Submission

  7. Best practice for creating additional SAS application servers

  8. Can I send SAS variable labels to SQL Server field descriptions?

  9. Can I use width= and cellwidth= at the same time for "proc report"

  10. Can't Export to Excel- Libname error???

  11. Chance that ranuni generate two identical random numbers?

  12. Check mark in Proc Report

  13. Color Match Sas Graph and Adobe Indesign

  14. Constructing Variable

  15. Copying code from PDF into SAS

  16. Cranking out LARS/LASSO by hand

  17. Creating Macro variable and value its value from a data set.

  18. Creating one response from check all apply variables

  19. Cumulative counts

  20. DATA step help..... long to wide on two variables

  21. DI Studio - Transpose with ID statmnt, generated columns' metadata

  22. Date Problem While Summing Data

  23. Dealing with Germans

  24. Displaying income distribution on a map

  25. Doubt Regarding MOD Function

  26. Enterprise Guide or Miner on Red Hat Linux?

  27. Experimental Graphics w/ PROC LIFETEST

  28. FW: ESD Business Benefits and Best Practices

  29. Finding the highest and lowest obs

  30. For Beginners: Intro to SAS tutorial; how to add to SAS Wikopedia??

  31. Force SAS to sum 1
    • Re: Force SAS to sum 1 (79 lines)
      From: Howard Schreier <hs AT dc-sug DOT org> <schreier.junk.mail@GMAIL.COM>

  32. Format Output

  33. Formatting tabulate output

  34. Free VirtualSUG Sessions on April 15 Featuring Westat's Ed Heaton and Michael Raithel

  35. Fw: Faces of Greed, Cause of Economic Woes

  36. GLM and ANOVA

  37. Generate clusters

  38. Genmod
    • Genmod (14 lines)
      From: Dave Diggs <diggs.dave@YAHOO.COM>

  39. Great website to start IT Certifications like MCSE, CCNA, CCNP, A+ etc.

  40. Handling Time-Varying Covariate in GENMOD

  41. Hello Everyone and a Question about Mode

  42. Help to extract the stings.. Urgent Please

  43. Heteroscedasticity

  44. Hosmer-Lemeshow Code

  45. How can one use SAS to view data in 3 dimensional space

  46. How do I display a likelihood surface in multiple dimensions using SAS graph

  47. How do I import a file wider than the maximum lrecl allowed?

  48. How does SAS handle multiple sessions accessing a same dataset

  49. How to Report output from a count as a TABLE

  50. How to Shrink this Macro ??

  51. How to add zeros ahead of numeric data

  52. How to add zeros ahead of numeric data----Another question

  53. How to add zeros ahead of numeric data----Another question- Thanks

  54. How to control Proc SORT nodupkey

  55. How to create a new variable by a formula variable

  56. How to delete the end zeros by counting data digits

  57. How to email a data set, report, tabulate

  58. How to make a macro for dynamically writing a dataset to a CSV-file

  59. How to measure test coverage in SAS programs

  60. How to randomly flag 1 entry if a person have multiple?

  61. I've added a page on graphical legends for my patient profiler

  62. Import flat file--error in DO LOOP

  63. Import many worksheets from one excel --> manipulate data to one dataset

  64. Importing SPSS files programmatically

  65. Imputation of missing time series data

  66. Infinite Summation Objective Function

  67. IsBlank() in macro. Was: Re: Macro variable resolves to - question

  68. Latest certification dumps for free

  69. Log colors (Warning, Error and ...)

  70. Looking for a DATETIME format...


  72. Macro design / efficiency issues

  73. Make Money from home.........

  74. Microsoft DreamSpark -- Free developer tools for students

  75. Missing observation problem (newbie)

  76. Modeling Cumulative Percentages

  77. Modeling price elasticity with SAS

  78. My prediction for clinical reporting style 2008-2010

  79. Need v9.2 proc report "spanrows" example(s)

  80. ODS and GPlot issues

  81. ODS and SAS/GRAPH follow-up question


  83. OT: Faces of Greed, Cause of Economic Woes

  84. Online regex tool

  85. Opportunity for a Sr. Statistician in Maryland

  86. PROC EXPORT BUG and HP Printers

    • PROC PRINT (15 lines)
      From: mar123 via <u42597@UWE.UGA.EDU>
    • Re: PROC PRINT (20 lines)
      From: Peter <crawfordsoftware@GMAIL.COM>
    • Re: PROC PRINT (80 lines)
      From: Nat Wooding <Nathaniel.Wooding@DOM.COM>
    • Re: PROC PRINT (24 lines)
      From: mar123 via <u42597@UWE.UGA.EDU>
    • Re: PROC PRINT (79 lines)
      From: Mary <mlhoward@AVALON.NET>
    • Re: PROC PRINT (79 lines)
      From: mar123 via <u42597@UWE.UGA.EDU>

  88. Page break while using PROC PRINT

  89. Porting from 1 stats platform to another

  90. Preventing PROC TRANSPOSE from generating an output record when input data set is empty

  91. Problem with Macro resolution

  92. Problem with carriage return/newline character when writing

  93. Problem with carriage return/newline character when writing SAS database to a text

  94. Problem with carriage return/newline character when writing SAS database to a text file...

  95. Proc Lifereg Hazard

  96. Proc SQL and maybe a correlated subquery

  97. Proc SQL and maybe a correlated subquery- the BEST SO FAR!!

  98. Proc glm
    • Proc glm (17 lines)
      From: H Engberg <hannesengberg@GMAIL.COM>
    • Re: Proc glm (37 lines)
      From: Peter Flom <peterflomconsulting@MINDSPRING.COM>

  99. Programmer Skill Set

  100. Programmer/Statistician/Asperger jokes

  101. Put macro variable list into a string

  102. Q: integer to add to Excel date


  104. Reading a lists of vars into a macro var

  105. Reminder: Free Online VirtualSAS User Group Presentations Tomorrow, 4/15

  106. Report
    • Report (42 lines)
      From: shashi <shashi2707@GMAIL.COM>
    • Re: Report (53 lines)
      From: Arthur Tabachneck <art297@NETSCAPE.NET>
    • Re: Report (79 lines)
      From: Diskin, Dennis <Dennis.Diskin@PHARMA.COM>

  107. Report CSV: why starting at OBS=3?

  108. Rolling Standard Deviation

  109. Rules for Logistic Regression /Scoring Model

  110. SAS 8.2 RTF page X of Y

  111. SAS Catalog on Windows Vista

  112. SAS Drug Development: What's the Good and the Bad?

  113. SAS Export Engine

  114. SAS Reports
    • SAS Reports (18 lines)
      From: dat&proc <priya.swamiappan@GMAIL.COM>
    • Re: SAS Reports (31 lines)
      From: Sridhar, Nagakumar <nsridhar@RPSWEB.COM>
    • Re: SAS Reports (74 lines)
      From: Gerhard Hellriegel <gerhard.hellriegel@T-ONLINE.DE>
    • Re: SAS Reports (94 lines)
      From: Sridhar, Nagakumar <nsridhar@RPSWEB.COM>

  115. SAS Temp Files Area

  116. SAS ftp access method: how to get the file attributes

  117. SAS leaders: we need your opinion!

  118. SAS maps, something like Google Earth in SAS

  119. SAS, JCL and ampersand

  120. SAS/Connect: People's experiences

  121. SAS/GRAPH: How do I fill between my reference lines?

  122. SAS/Stata data conversion programs are updated

  123. SSN with and without dashes (-)

  124. Save plots as jpeg when using a BY statement

  125. SaviExport
    • SaviExport (34 lines)
      From: Alan Churchill <savian001@GMAIL.COM>

  126. Search algorithm to link columns of text

  127. Senior Analyst (SAS) Position at NYC Dept. of Education

  128. Simple LAG Data Step

  129. Simulation
    • Simulation (26 lines)
      From: joe <chengfu.zhou@GMAIL.COM>

  130. Solved: PROC EXPORT BUG and HP Printers

  131. Some threads need to get zapped

  132. Split file into new datasets?

  133. Statistical analyst/Modeler position open at Chase, Wilmington DE

  134. Subtracting Variables

  135. The size of TAB in printout

  136. Time is AM, instead of PM, when using ODS RTF

  137. Tip: Copying code from PDF into SAS

  138. UNR Extended Studies presents 3-day Hands-On workshops in Reno NV

  139. Understanding Format Library

  140. Using macro to set up condition

  141. Validity of different statistics for 2 X 2 table

  142. What output for Stored Process and Excel

  143. about sas/graph

  144. attaching a format library to data

  145. can I write to another dataset from within a dataset?

  146. data manipulation help

  147. data set update

  148. data step question

  149. evaluating function with two variables

  150. format to appear in formatted view in SAS viewer

  151. help with this statement

  152. help with transforming data

  153. how to deal with multiple ID

  154. how to find employee total in a hierarchical organization.

  155. how to rewrite my codes in a efficient way?

  156. if 0 then set data ...

  157. integer to add to Excel date

  158. line types in PROC GPLOT

  159. low price high quality items whosale & resale at

  160. macro variable interpretation

  161. merge syntax question

  162. new computer and now I can't connect to access database

  163. new version of SAS?

  164. numeric to character, concatenate, compress, and add a leading zero

  165. proc nlin constraints

  166. proc sort performance

  167. proc univariate question with cibasic option

  168. quasi-complete seperation of data points

  169. question of how data handle large data set

  170. question on data manipulation

  171. recalling a macro inside another macro

  172. regression: one regressor value changes

  173. request programs for BenchMark of v9.2

  174. sample size calculation in multiple linear regression for an interaction effect

  175. sas practice examples

  176. simple calculation?

  177. sorry just testing

  178. statistical analysis help

  179. tier history query

  180. tip: Bench Marking

  181. use content of variable as variablename itself

  182. v9.2 "proc report" question

  183. v9.2 fullstimer Timestamp format

  184. v9.2: new SAShelp data sets

  185. what is best way to generate this output

  186. china wholesale nike air jordan 1-23 shoes cheap fendi prada handbags
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