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SAS-L archives – April 2008, week 3

Table of contents:

  1. %Eval and dates

  2. 64-bit SAS: I'm confused

  3. A single page that represents a clinical trial

  4. AF: Disabling a List Box

  5. Additional monkey-wrench for person-time data

  6. Allocating SASHELP as readonly under Windows

  7. An Errror: "The Value VISITDATE is not valid SAS name". Still need to open it.

  8. Appending multiple files w/o knowing filenames

  9. Array data checks (non sequential)

  10. Aspergers and IT (WAS: Programmer Skill Set)

  11. Aspergers and IT WAS Re:Dealing with Germans

  12. Broken index

  13. Calculating deciles and life chart in logistic regression using SAS

  14. Can PROC REPORT break on sub fields

  15. Chosing largest value from multiple variables

  16. Cluster Analysis - Catagorical

  17. Cluster Analysis - Categorical

  18. Consultants..

  19. Copying/Pasting a graph from PROC GLOT, written to an RTF file, using ODS, into a DOC file

  20. Create a new file

  21. Data conversion in T SQL - Sybase HELP!!!!

  22. Data visualisation and exploration software

  23. Dealing with Germans

  24. Decision Tree in sas

  25. Disabling Proc nlmixed output

  26. Documenting relationships between data and programs (WAS: Enterprise Guide or Miner on Red Hat Linux?)

  27. Dynamically write SQL statement -- dealing with commas?

  28. EM (Enterprise Miner) and GLIMMIX

  29. ENDSAS automatically whenever SAS is opened interactively?

  30. Early Registration for PharmaSUG - Deadline 4/18/2008 - Friday

  31. Final Reminder: Best Practices in SAS Statistical Programming

  32. Find largest and second largest values using DATA step

  33. Fw: UFOP - Concurso Público para 02 vagas de Professor A ssistente de Estatística

  34. General form for large scale NLP problem

  35. Generate if elfe statement from adataset

  36. Getting odds ratios

  37. Hazard model with multiple events

  38. Help Needed in simualting the MCMC

  39. Histogram
    • Histogram (16 lines)
      From: Ryan T. Danison <ryan.danison@COGNIGENCORP.COM>
    • Re: Histogram (41 lines)
      From: Mike Zdeb <msz03@ALBANY.EDU>
    • Re: Histogram (12 lines)
      From: Ryan T. Danison <ryan.danison@COGNIGENCORP.COM>
    • Re: Histogram (32 lines)
      From: Mike Zdeb <msz03@ALBANY.EDU>

  40. How does the SAS datastep handle a many-to-many merge? Is it undefined?

  41. How to Prevent Directory Change?

  42. How to SUM and CASE within SQL

  43. How to assign a string which contains ' and & etc

  44. How to connect to Oracle database from SAS

  45. How to delete the end zeros by counting data digits

  46. How to keep the mixed case letters when transfering as .xpt files

  47. How to reduce a 3X3 plot to 1X1 plot

  48. How to use lookup function to merge data from a standard list file

  49. How to use lookup function to merge data from a standard list file - Thanks much, it works.


  51. Interpretation of the intercept in a regression logistic

  52. Is SAS 9.1 TS1 M3 correctly estimating multivariate GARCH ?

  53. Is the test result reliable? Any suggestion?

  54. JOB : Permanent Statisticians/Programmers - West London

  55. Job Opening - Analyst with SAS Experience

  56. Macro variable is not long enough to hold my intended value

  57. Metadata Server on x64: Windows or Solaris?

  58. Microsoft DreamSpark -- Free developer tools for students

  59. Multinomial Logistic Regression - Oversampling?

  60. My clinical reporting macros will change to compiled versions


  62. ODS HTMLCSS, Proc Tabulate, Hide Total Cell

  63. ODS class name for COMPUTE blocks?

  64. ODS html and appending

  65. OT: Chance to Make SAS-L History: Did You Know That...

  66. OT: Friday Humor

  67. OT: Re: Aspergers and IT

  68. OT: Re: Unix to NT

  69. Online SAS Training Schedule: May, June and July 2008

  70. Optimization problem


  72. Pharmaceutical Programming - new journal

  73. Please help a new guy....SAS DI - An error occured while attempting to the retrive the log:

  74. Problem
    • Problem (39 lines)
      From: salim <abhinandangoswami@GMAIL.COM>
    • Re: Problem (55 lines)
      From: Diskin, Dennis <Dennis.Diskin@PHARMA.COM>
    • Re: Problem (72 lines)
      From: jamesgreen55@YAHOO.CA
    • Re: Problem (69 lines)
      From: Mike Zdeb <msz03@ALBANY.EDU>

  75. Proc Export
    • Proc Export (28 lines)
      From: Reed, Derek <derek.reed@SINCLAIR.EDU>
    • Re: Proc Export (81 lines)
      From: Howard Schreier <hs AT dc-sug DOT org> <schreier.junk.mail@GMAIL.COM>
    • Re: Proc Export (47 lines)
      From: Wensui Liu <liuwensui@GMAIL.COM>

  76. Proc Import numeric values converted

  77. Proc Logisitic: appropriate values for "pevent" in generating a ctable?

  78. Proc SQL and maybe a correlated subquery- the BEST SO FAR!!

  79. Proc SQL: No rows were selected??

  80. Proc Univarite (scale of graphs)

  81. Proc compare output with binary code?

  82. Processing speed: batch vs. interactive

  83. Programmer Skill Set

  84. Reading MS Word ".doc" files into SAS

  85. Remove special characters from SAS dataset

  86. Repeated Anova with randomised blocks

  87. Repeated Measures Analysis of Variance

  88. Report CSV: why starting at OBS=3?

  89. Rules for Logistic Regression /Scoring Model

  90. Running a SAS program within a SAS program

  91. SAS DateTime
    • SAS DateTime (19 lines)
      From: <sukumarbaluswamy@GMAIL.COM>
    • Re: SAS DateTime (79 lines)
      From: Nat Wooding <Nathaniel.Wooding@DOM.COM>
    • Re: SAS DateTime (35 lines)
      From: RichardK <richard.koopmann@GMAIL.COM>

  92. SAS jobs in Nova Scotia?

  93. SAS macro: is there a function to return the number of items in a list

  94. SAS/Connect: People's experiences

  95. SAS/DB2 table joins

  96. SAS/Graph Options

  97. SQL: selecting rows based on group aggregate value

  98. SV: Enterprise Guide or Miner on Red Hat Linux?

  99. Sample size formula

  100. SaviCells (formerly SaviExport)

  101. Saving SAS formats

  102. Simple proc report question

  103. Some Help with the Big Picture

  104. Splitting person time based on risk period after exposure

  105. Transposition Question

  106. Unix Commands

  107. Unix licence needs

  108. Unix to NT
    • Unix to NT (15 lines)
      From: Ross, Michael D <michael.ross@ASTRAZENECA.COM>

  109. VERY EASY EXCEL question

  110. Validity of different statistics for 2 X 2 table

  111. Wednesday humor
    • Wednesday humor (16 lines)
      From: Cornel Lencar <clencar@INTERCHANGE.UBC.CA>

  112. What happened to my special missing values?

  113. What is wrong with a Format code? Urgently need a help!

  114. Your Fortune for the Day!!!

  115. anybody can help with this function?

  116. attaching a format library to data

  117. call execute('<macro>') problem

  118. cond wait incore

  119. data step questions

  120. dynamically set up libname

  121. entering several blocks of explanatory variables in a proc reg

  122. how to add observations to the tables created with SQL?

  123. how to control the number of observations reading in by using PROC IMPORT?

  124. how to count duplicate-rows

  125. how to use results of a proc in rest of program and advice for newbie

  126. listwise deletion in proc means

  127. little help on Proc Sql and frequency

  128. macro code problem - newbe problem

  129. macro quoting question

  130. need help in coding this...

  131. ods tagsets.MSOffice2K - proc gplot

  132. problem with large sas data sets

  133. proc lifetest _ kaplan meier estimate

  134. proc report problem

  135. proc sql query

  136. quai-experiment setting

  137. reading HTML email in OUTLOOK

  138. reference one row of an array in a function

  139. rounding and re-formatting numbers

  140. tip: Bench Marking

  141. use content of variable as variablename itself

  142. what system options can you use to debug a SAS program

  143. who can give me an example?
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