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SAS-L archives – July 2008, week 1

  1. "SAS to R to SAS" by Phil Holland

  2. %SYSFUNC problem

  3. %index

  4. 'foreach' in SAS

  5. 500+ Data Mining Sites and a new way to network :Non technical email

  6. =?UTF-8?Q?=E7=AD=94=E5=A4=8D:?= [SPAM] Re: Model selection based on AIC in PROC MIXED

  7. =?WINDOWS-1256?B?RndkOiDH4e3m4yDMx+3IIOHf4yDlzw==?= =?WINDOWS-1256?B?7eUgx83h7CDj5sfe2iDmx83h7CDV5g==?= =?WINDOWS-1256?B?0SDmx83h7CDH3eHH4yDM5NPt5SDj5g==?= =?WINDOWS-1256?B?3tog09/TICsg1ebR09/TICsgx93hx+M=?=

  8. =?windows-1256?B?x+Ht5uMgzMftyCDh3+Mg5c/t5SDHzeHsIOPmxw==?= =?windows-1256?B?3tog5sfN4ewg1ebRIObHzeHsIMfd4cfjIMzk0+3lIOPm?= =?windows-1256?B?3tog09/TICsg1ebR09/TICsgx93hx+M=?=

  9. A Function for SAS 8 question

  10. A PowerPoint slide show comparing R with SAS and SPSS

  11. A powerpoint slide show comparing R with SAS and SPSS

  12. ARMA in SAS

  13. Aid in validating e-mail with regular expressions

  14. Bland-Altman method with repeated measures

  15. Call for more infor for -L format modifier

  16. Calling C++ Routines from SAS

  17. Calling LISP program from SAS

  18. Can't be done?

  19. Cedar Rapids, Iowa, How's the clean up going?

  20. Combining categories and estimating Odds Ratio

  21. Compress function in a proc sql

  22. Conceptual Questions

  23. Connecting to UNIX/LINUX without SAS/CONNECT

  24. Data entry with STP

  25. Dataset size increasing a lot

  26. Debug a macro code, locate where the NOTE is at?

  27. Default view in the "open" dialog?

  28. Enhanced Editor control in Excel VBA

  29. Eric C Stevens/AMER/TRS/AEXP is out of the office.

  30. Extending the power of SAS software using other software

  31. Extending the power of SAS software using other software packages


  33. FW: Jobs -- Silver Spring, MD --Sr. SAS Programmers, Epidemiologists, & Biostatisticians to support Military Medical Surveillance

  34. FW: Sas-L? Temporary discontinue

  35. Formats Question

  36. Free Webinars on PMP Certification Awareness and Roadmap

  37. Friday Humor

  38. Friday Humor was Re: Re: Update info in data set based on other data set

  39. Generating job documentation from metadata

  40. How To Quickly Examine Multiple Fields and Select Nonmissing Value(s)

  41. How do I run this type of Tabulate?

  42. How to Pick up Library paths

  43. How to calculate YEARs

  44. How to check a file exist on Mainframe from UNIX

  45. How to determine the boundary for a cloud of points

  46. How to do Pisson Regression with continuous covariates in SAS?

  47. How to find out duplicates by using sql (Not using proc sort dupout)

  48. Input All Files in a Folder

  49. Interpreting results from a ZIP model

  50. Is R overtaking SAS at universities and colleges?

  51. Is there a function to map 1,2,3,4... to A,B,C,D..

  52. KPSS option in SAS 9.1

  53. Limdep code to estimate a bivariate probit with panel data?

  54. Looping operations on Rows

  55. MACRO bug

  56. MONTHLYearning$1000to $10000

  57. Macro behavior in IML and DATA step

  58. Making you think (was Re: A powerpoint slide show comparing R with SAS and SPSS_

  59. Model selection based on AIC in PROC MIXED

  60. NOTE: Invalid argument to function INPUT

  61. Null values in arrays

  62. ODS html Table of contents

  63. OT: Cedar Rapids, Iowa, How's the clean up going?

  64. OT: Friday Humor

  65. OT: TeX usage in industry

  66. OT: obit: David Caminer

  67. Online Half Day SAS(r) Training Seminars in July

  68. Output explaination of Varclus procedure


  70. PROC MDS using preference rankings


  72. PROC SQL Insert error

  73. Problem with MOTORE- Proc greplay

  74. Problems identifying newest version

  75. Proc Mixed - maximum number of levels for a class variable

  76. Proc Reliability - How do you account for count of censors?

  77. Proc SQL- use of "as" brings along the old label!

  78. Proc Transpose question (I think)

  79. Q: Calling R from sas but not using an external code file

  80. Question about proc report

  81. Question on how to use Vname

  82. R Graphics

  83. RE Dataset size increasing a lot

  84. RE SET with OBS=0

  85. Redirecting PROC REPORT output

  86. Referent Group in Loglinear model

  87. Regarding Import Procedure

  88. Retain Statment for temp fields

  89. Reverse Diag function?

  90. Running SAS programs automatically on a periodic basis?

  91. SAS -> XML problem

  92. SAS 9.1.3 Installation Vista Home

  93. SAS Genetics

  94. SAS Selecting Decimal(18) Data from DB2 and Teradata

  95. SAS Toolpool

  96. SAS and R graphics side by side?

  97. SAS contract opportunity in northern NJ

  98. SET with OBS=0

  99. Sample 26140: Creating a new data set for each BY-Group in a data set

  100. Sas-L?

  101. Selecting Observations by Date.

  102. Sharepoint question

  103. Sort order in the open-file window

  104. Statistical Package Functions/Statements Conversion

  105. Structural equation modeling

  106. Suppressing Log File

  107. TSUNIMAR subroutine

  108. Unicode Data From Oracle

  109. Update info in data set based on other data set

  110. Using lag to compare against previous value

  111. What's Wrong with this DDE Code?

  112. anyone know how to calculate quintiles for complex survey design

  113. anyone know how to calculate quintiles for complex survey design data

  114. book: Intellectual Property and Open Source: A Practical Guide to Protecting Code

  115. covariates adjusted prevalence

  116. create dataset from TSUMIMAR

  117. distribution of SAS across enterprise

  118. do-while and proc iml

  119. how many variables should I start with to do the logistic model selection?

  120. how to access macros and organize macros?

  121. how to access the data of a dataset?

  122. how to compare two KS statistics

  123. how to creat this indicator?

  124. how to create correlation matrix in SAS

  125. how to get this output

  126. iterate datasteps

  127. largest value of variable within the observation

  128. multiple output issue in PROC BOXPLOT

  129. outlook email - another problem

  130. prco copy avoid compression?

  131. re-post: how to creat this indicator?

  132. regression for matched case-control study

  133. sas file email and domain.invalid

  134. sort

  135. stats test for frequency tables

  136. unbalanced single quotation mark
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