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SAS-L archives – September 2008, week 2

Table of contents:

  1. 64-bit versus 32-bit temporary arrays


  3. AW: AW: Problem with gplot

  4. AW: Problem with gplot

  5. Alternate for retain

  6. Any way to open a multiple dataset packed xpt file with SAS

  7. Any way to open a multiple dataset packed xpt file with SAS viewer?

  8. Assign ID of previous observation to current observation

  9. Better way to handle Time5 . Format

  10. Call for Abstracts: 6th Int. Conf. on Multiple Comparison Procedures

  11. Can ODS Display BLOBS?

  12. Cluster analysis - Which linkage rule to choose ?

  13. Column headings in PROC REPORT

  14. Column renaming question

  15. Concatenating macro variables

  16. Cumulative return in time-series cross-sectional data

  17. DATA join with same column :

  18. Data input problem :splitting columns

  19. Data processing problem

  20. Data set list in a library

  21. David Johnston: Appreciation

  22. Deleting column based on values in column

  23. Download Maps from Google Earth

  24. Email Attachment Problems

  25. Employment Opportunity with Sears Holdings Corporation

  26. Error with macrovariables in macro

  27. Errror in DI Studio Batch JOB

  28. Estimating Hazards using GENMOD for a model with many time-dependent covariates

  29. Exiting a macro

  30. Export Data to Excel in Unix

  31. FREQ: Yate's Corrections versus Fisher's Exact

  32. FW: IMMEDIATE need for FIVE (5) SAS programmers in San Antonio, TX

  33. Fisher Exact in Proc Freq

  34. Fisher exact test in PROC FREQ

  35. Fixing a file using proc format

  36. Generating Totals in Proc Report

  37. Geomertic Mean in SAS

  38. Getting diff titles for specific observations using ODS RTF and PROC REPORT

  39. Global Payments Systems TP029 file

  40. Grouping the records

  41. Help - proc template

  42. Help : Message in the log while creating dataset with header

  43. Help : Message in the log while creating dataset with header ONLY.

  44. How do you find a similar sas reporting program?

  45. How many tables-per-programmer-man-day where you work?

  46. How to Increase the Macro Variable length.

  47. How to compute x = lag(x) + intercept in a data step?

  48. How to declare macro variable within datastep and using it

  49. How to declare macro variable within datastep and using it within the datastep

  50. How to reduce the size of the file with large sparse Arrays

  51. How to suppress the sas code in the log.

  52. How to switch values between pairs

  53. Insider information, facebook labs open today, we the first to register!

  54. Isolating cases

  55. Japanese/double-byte characters

  56. Job opening at Amylin, San Diego, CA

  57. Jules Bosch Consulting

  58. KEEP DROP array variables

  59. Keep the last observation only. How?

  60. Libname connection to SQL Server with Windows Authentication

  61. Macro to Print a Message When There is Missing Data

  62. MedDRA Coding

  63. Milenko Kindl chases Ike

  64. My name is Mary and I'm a Macrowrapperholic

  65. Need Constant Number or Rows from PROC REPORT

  66. Need help with Proc Tabulate code

  67. ODS in a data step

  68. OT :An economic analysis

  69. OT Re: Use the force

  70. OT riff on Re: logistic refression

  71. OT: Friday Humor

  72. OT: Guide to using SAS 76

  73. OT: Message to all kiwi expats

  74. OT: Way off: What's up with Gates and Seinfeld?

  75. Ods Grid, ActiveX, WebServers (IIS & Apache)

  76. One last note on "Keep Array Variables"

  77. Optimization question

  78. PLAN: cyclic

  79. PROC REPORT plz help!!!

  80. PROC TEMPLATE Question - Finding doc page or corollary function(s)

  81. Page X of Y in Pdf document

  82. Page break in IML

  83. Path Model

  84. PhD Program Inquiry

  85. Preventing a space after the system title statement in SAS

  86. Problem with gplot

  87. Proc Calis

  88. Proc Genmod

  89. Proc report with RTF commands

  90. Quartile

  91. Question on Transpose with two columns needed

  92. ROC curve from logistic regression

  93. Re Anyone else in Singapore??

  94. Reading Parallel Tables in same sheets

  95. Reading Url

  96. Reading multiple datafiles

  97. Replacing with minimum

  98. Research Data Querry

  99. Retrieve t-test p-value

  100. SAS 9.2: Where Did My Title Go?

  101. SAS Default Date format

  102. SAS Market Basket Analysis Macro

  103. SAS Programmer Position

  104. SAS data file format ?

  105. SAS jobs at Kendle: Cincinnati, Wilmington, Durham

  106. SAS program calling Cygwin?

  107. SAS/IML LAV Routine Needed

  108. SESUG '08 Registration/Hotel Reservations Deadline September 18

  109. Sponsor QC Procedures for TFLs Created in SAS by a CRO

  110. Standarderror: within data step

  111. Substr function

  112. Tables, Listings, Graphs

  113. The Challenge !

  114. Top 10 Things To Look For In A Web Host

  115. Training & jobs

  116. Training and projects

  117. Trendline in SAS vs Excel

  118. Trying to add data to a dataset...

  119. Use of index for where clause optimization canceled

  120. Use the force

  121. Using one SAS Data Set to Select from another

  122. V9.2 Enhanced Editor Hot Fix

  123. Virtual SAS User Group Sessions 9/10 and 9/15

  124. We've lost a colleague

  125. Windows Power Shell

  126. ann: SAS Global Forum: Mar. 22-25, 2009 Washington, DC

  127. arrange data

  128. autocall errors and no update when macros are changed, despite mrecall

  129. and directory structure

  130. call execute trouble

  131. cheap sale prada , bape,paul smith,af bags and sunglasses

  132. coexistance of 9.1.3 and 9.2 ??

  133. double truncated bivariate normal

  134. filtering according to a date

  135. how to run dos bacch file from sas?

  136. how to simplify this code?

  137. interpretation of the categorical variables from MI, mixed and MIanalyze and mi impact

  138. interpreting SAS output

  139. kruskal wallis - multiple comparisons

  140. life after SAS question

  141. logistic refression

  142. macro question

  143. manipulating data

  144. numeric variable and spaces

  145. pick differnt value withine the group(urgent)

  146. please help to get a bigger size (font) of the chart statistics

  147. print in landscape using ODS PDF?

  148. proc template conditional cell styles

  149. renaming a field

  150. return currently executing macro or code file

  151. rollback in sas

  152. skills

  153. spam

  154. symcall and call execute

  155. testing cross-equation restrictions in multivariate GARCH

  156. tip: Proc SCADLS, LCA, LTA

  157. tip: Reading Rtrace logs

  158. tip: v9.2 proc sort optimization

  159. to run sql sever tsql from sas

  160. why this "DO WHILE NOT" cause infinite loop?

  161. z/OS, MXG and all those SMF records
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