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SAS-L archives – January 2009, week 3

Table of contents:

  1. <No subject>

  2. A Combining variables question - thank you

  3. A Fotmat issue ( variables' value combining) - Please look at it. Thank you

  4. A Problem with the SASCommunity version of TS486

  5. Adjusted means

  6. An Order (sequence) question

  7. Annotate
    • Annotate (19 lines)
      From: Peter Müller <mortal@GMX.LI>
    • Re: Annotate (94 lines)
      From: Mike Zdeb <msz03@ALBANY.EDU>
    • Re: Annotate (260 lines)
      From: Joe Whitehurst <joewhitehurst@GMAIL.COM>

  8. Ashlee Vance's R article

  9. Automize flow charts(Recursive partitioning) for Clinical

  10. CALLREPORT: was(Q: Macro parameters set by user)

  11. Calculate new Latitude / Longitude from Bearing and Distance

  12. Cartesian Product by Group

  13. Cartesian Product by group

  14. Change from Baseline Dataset

  15. Change to White House Web Site

  16. Complicated Annual Calendar Watch, Best Wristwatch

  17. Controlling for Baseline Scores in Proc Mixed--Necessary?

  18. Create SAS program to find out if a webpage has changed?

  19. Create dataset in certain order without having to sort?

  20. Create new tables from old tables

  21. Creating pivot table using SAS enterprise guide version

  22. Data Manipulation

  23. Date format with thousandth of a second

  24. Date with time - import from excel

  25. De-allocating libref of stored macro catalog

  26. Delete End of String

  27. Deleting middle values

  28. Deploy your SAS models on the Amazon EC2 Compute Cloud

  29. Difference in the SAS /Proc Sql Results

  30. Error to open excel file

  31. Excel editable graphs with SAS

  32. Export sas data into EXCEL2007

  33. FIND function of HASH v.s. IF statement of MERGE

  34. Finding runs in a (multidimensional) array

  35. For SAS-L'ers Not in North America: Presidential Inauguration Infomration.

  36. Friday Humor
    • Re: Friday Humor (20 lines)
      From: Fehd, Ronald J. (CDC/CCHIS/NCPHI) <rjf2@CDC.GOV>

  37. Fwd: SAS Statistical programmer

  38. GIS mapping
    • GIS mapping (29 lines)
      From: NorCalAngel <norcalangel@GMAIL.COM>
    • Re: GIS mapping (35 lines)
      From: Arthur Tabachneck <art297@NETSCAPE.NET>
    • Re: GIS mapping (108 lines)
      From: Nat Wooding <Nathaniel.Wooding@DOM.COM>

  39. GLAT #17 and then...

  40. GPLOT options - footnote is overwriting the legends

  41. Gamma LL in NLMIXED

  42. Gentleman and Ihaka's integrity in question

  43. Help with justification for programming standards

  44. How to Programatically deassign a Libname

  45. How to gracefully terminate data step if REMOTE file is not available

  46. How to put the time SAS ended at log file?

  47. How to use summary statistics, help!

  48. IFN function - strange behaviour

  49. Import data from a text file

  50. Importing CSV file with 1 column with characters as long as 350

  51. In which language was SAS first written?

  52. Interesting difference between where and if: Can anyone explain?

  53. Is there anyway to run Enterprise Project in Batch?

  54. Launching SAS from C#

  55. License Issues when Launching SAS on a server

  56. Looking for a method to figure out family relations from a many-to-many table.

  57. Loop Through Data Step & Email

  58. MIXED with qualitative target ??

  59. Merge Problem

  60. Merging Problem

  61. Merging with different Zip code formats

  62. Metadata Utility - find all table objects in a particular metadata folder

  63. Modeling rate difference

  64. Modeling rate difference A little more detail

  65. Modifying global macro variable set in workspace server autoexec

  66. More Bayesian features in SAS?

  67. Need help with Proc MCMC

  68. Need recommendation about baby furniture shops

  69. OT: Friday Humor

  70. Online Half-Day SAS(r) Training Seminars: Jan and Feb 2009

  71. Outputing by Specific Dates

  72. PROC EXPAND (was Moving Average)

  73. PROC GLM with multiple repeated factors

  74. Populating Intermediate Dates

  75. Predicting Competing Process

  76. Presidential Inaguration Info for SAS-L'ers Outside of North America (corrected/expanded)

  77. Proc Import: unsuccessful, Expecting an name

  78. Proc Mixed Question - Clinical Trial Data

  79. Proc SQL EXISTS performance and the _tree diagram

  80. Proc ginside problem

  81. Proc report, pdf, and getting leading spaces in my output

  82. Q: Macro parameters set by user

  83. Question: order = data /internal of proc report

  84. Reading Web Pages using SAS

  85. Recover Flows deleted from DI studio

  86. Refer to last accessed dataset

  87. Reminder: SAS-L award nominations

  88. Resolved : issues with the list lately - my emails have stopped coming

  89. SAS 9.2, Windows 7, VMWare Fusion

  90. SAS Enterprise Miner Emulations

  91. SAS ODS to Excel without tagsets

  92. SAS Statistical programmer

  93. SAS and Internet: where to start

  94. SAS comm wiki
    • SAS comm wiki (10 lines)
      From: Fehd, Ronald J. (CDC/CCHIS/NCPHI) <rjf2@CDC.GOV>

  95. SAS rank 14 by TIOBE Programming Community Index

  96. SAS read MySQL data incorrect

  97. SAS/Graph 9.13 vs. 9.2


  99. SGF Coders Corner presention length: 20x20 = 6:40

  100. Simple Counting Problem

  101. Something 4 Everyone

  102. Sr. Healthcare Analytics Statistician in KOP, PA

  103. Test of means and medians n depende samples

  104. The correct Syntx to set up email parameter in AUTOEXEC.SAS

  105. Trim data by x characters

  106. UNIX, STDOUT write


  108. Unzip with sas

  109. What does this statement do IF "" =: '*' THEN ; ?

  110. What is a good way to do Binary-Tree-type searches

  111. Why does the WHERE clause does not work?

  112. Xmacros: Utility routines for procedure-like macros

  113. You name it we have it!

  114. [sample data supplied] re: FIND function of HASH v.s. IF statement of MERGE

  115. appropriate/accurate SAS programmers salary

  116. axis1 label =(a=90 h=.62 justify=c '± SE')

  117. axis1 label =(a=90 h=.62 justify=c '± SE')

  118. book: Presentation Zen

  119. cancel <gl2913$aq9$>

  120. cheap sell:nike shoes:$32,handbag:$35,NFL:$20,jean:$30,UGG boot:$50,(FREE SHIPPING)FROM WWW.IOFFERKICKS.COM

  121. collapse data while retain certain value: seek a better solution than mine

  122. convert data format for longitudinal data analysis with discrete responses

  123. create out of sample reverting trend

  124. cross validation

  125. data management problem from stata journal

  126. easy question! help with simple linear regression (confidence interval)

  127. error message: lock held by process 19901

  128. extract month from csv datetimevalue

  129. from SAS to MYSQL

  130. help with justification for programming standards

  131. if substr cond is met then pull next data lines

  132. interleaving vs. one-to-many merge vs. other?

  133. iterate through dates

  134. manipulating Proc SurveyFreq ODS table output

  135. moving average

  136. proc compare
    • proc compare (67 lines)
      From: Nathan Temple <Nathan.Temple@KP.ORG>
    • Re: proc compare (75 lines)
      From: Arthur Tabachneck <art297@NETSCAPE.NET>

  137. proc sql- distinct

  138. question about ODBC

  139. question about sas macro variables

  140. reorder item in proc sql

  141. repetitive code in batch mode

  142. reshape of variables using macros

  143. subtracting datetimes

  144. tagset options sheet_name not working in Unix

  145. to Howard: question about your paper on FTP access method

  146. where could I find documentation for SAS older version

  147. writing excel in unix environment
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