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SAS-L archives – March 2009, week 5

Table of contents:

  1. ?Can SAS use customized fitness fuctions in modelling procedure?

  2. AW: Combine postal codes and determine for the new region latitude and longitude

  3. AW: [SAS-L] AW: Combine postal codes and determine for the new region latitude and longitude

  4. Alternative Implementation of the "SAS Terminator"

  5. Any ideas for smart way of including text responses into existing data set -- re: recoded variables?

  6. Bar chart with xaxis on both the sides

  7. Bypass SAS portal login by embeding Username and Password in the URL only

  8. Chance to Make SAS-L History: Did You Know That it is impossible to find this tip again?

  9. Combine postal codes and determine for the new region latitude and longitude

  10. Counting consecutive missing values

  11. Data integration studio: how to configure?

  12. Delete index of damaged dataset

  13. Determining Overlapping Date Spans

  14. Export SAS Datasets to multiple workbooks of excel

  15. Generating data for a latent growth interaction model

  16. Has anyone use SAS 9.2, and how it works?

  17. Help
    • Help (26 lines)
      From: Shaik Hymad <hymadsk@GMAIL.COM>
    • Re: Help (61 lines)
      From: SAS_learner <proccontents@GMAIL.COM>
    • Re: Help (22 lines)
      From: Anindya Mozumdar <anindya.lugbang@GMAIL.COM>

  18. Help with PROC LOGISTIC

  19. Here's one for the folks who like to think about how the data step works.

  20. Higher efficiency for SAS?e.g. proc sort

  21. How to display the variables having in dataset "X" but not in "y"?

  22. How to execute a macro containing a macro

  23. How to generate a series of variable names from within a macro

  24. How to increase variable length more than 32767

  25. Interpreting Regression Coefficients

  26. Is there a way to remove trailing zeros from a numeric variable?

  27. Job Scheduling question

  28. Latent Growth Interaction Model data generation - msg 2

  29. Learn SAS-clinical and financial, SAP-All Modules, Java/j2ee, .NET etc., or any computer course online at low cost.

  30. Make an HTML file for summary data set and proc corr data=Factors

  31. Means
    • Means (24 lines)
      From: Randy <randistan69@HOTMAIL.COM>
    • Re: Means (39 lines)
      From: Anindya Mozumdar <anindya.lugbang@GMAIL.COM>
    • Re: Means (7 lines)
      From: Randy <randistan69@HOTMAIL.COM>
    • Re: Means (59 lines)
      From: Arthur Tabachneck <art297@NETSCAPE.NET>
    • Re: Means (73 lines)
      From: Gerhard Hellriegel <gerhard.hellriegel@T-ONLINE.DE>

  32. Method to identify missing value

  33. Mixed Model Madness

  34. NESUG 2009 Call for Papers Closes April 8

  35. NPAR1WAY: 2-Sample test of multi-sample data

  36. ODS output with proc template

  37. OT -SAS Language Bloggers and Website Owners

  38. OT: Chance to Make SAS-L History: Did You Know That...

  39. Online Half-Day SAS Training Seminars: April 2009

  40. Output table of NPAR1WAY

    • PROC EXPAND (36 lines)
      From: OR Stats <stats112@GMAIL.COM>
    • Re: PROC EXPAND (74 lines)
      From: ./ ADD NAME=Data _null_; <iebupdte@GMAIL.COM>

  42. PROC SQL: top 5 in each group

  43. Proc Export
    • Proc Export (19 lines)
      From: Shailesh <shailesh.tewari@GMAIL.COM>
    • Re: Proc Export (23 lines)
      From: mir <postitdummy@ARCOR.DE>
    • Re: Proc Export (29 lines)
      From: Gerhard Hellriegel <gerhard.hellriegel@T-ONLINE.DE>

  44. Proc Reg + Output results in easy to read table

  45. Proc Report again

  46. Proc Sql for duplciate records, thank you!

  47. Proc TEMPLATE statement in sample code

  48. Producing a Questionaire Table with Sub Questions

  49. Program Editor

  50. Querying the DDE Triplet

  51. Question on dates

  52. Reading PDF Files into SAS

  53. Reading Web logs with SAS

  54. Regression Dataset Question

  55. Running/Outputting t-test results repeatedly

  56. SAS 9.2 Phase 2

  57. SAS : How to convert character date to numeric date


  59. SAS DDE to control Excel 2007

  60. SAS duplicating records

  61. SAS macro resolution

  62. SQL selecting macro variables to be included in the table via a do loop

  63. Standard error of a correlation

  64. Still trying to figure out how to use all:'y' in definedata() HASH

  65. Suppress warning for duplicate index


  67. UPDATED-Any ideas for smart way of including text responses into existing data set -- re: recoded variables?

  68. Unsubscribe
    • Unsubscribe (11 lines)

  69. V9.2 and MS Office 2007

  70. copy tables from lib to work

  71. excel tagsets and superscript/bold

  72. fitting parameters in t-distribution

  73. help with gchart vbar pattern v= options

  74. logistic regression odds ratios with interaction

  75. non-estimable contrast

  76. problem with gchar and vbar sizes and grouping of vbars

  77. ragarding sas and html

  78. regular expression

  79. split-split plot over years

  80. test for variable: Numeric or Character

  81. text file in macro catalog

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