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SAS-L archives – May 2009, week 4

Table of contents:

  1. (OT) Where did all the SPAM come from?

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  3. 1/4 In Dr Stubby Std Duty Air Ratchet Wrench IR103

  4. 12 each: Ace Teflon Paste (023050)

  5. 12.0x14.25x2.25 Bryant HEPA Replacement Filter

  6. 20-5/8x26-1/4x1 MERV 13 Trane Replacement Filter (2 Pack)

  7. 3.5" x 17" lathe, chuck and C accessory package, metric

  8. ANN: New article, A Tagset for Parsing RTF

  9. ANNUAL FILTER KIT for Roomaid HEPA Air Purifier

  10. Accumulative

  11. Alen T-300 HEPA Tower Air Purifier Brand: Kirkman Labs

  12. Algorithm to round a group of numbers

  13. Annotate error, killing me

  14. Annotate? Place Hotels onto existing county map?

  15. Any way to get color coding back into a log?

  16. Apply common labels and formats to columns in different tables in

  17. Apply common labels and formats to columns in different tables in a library

  18. Are tests of normality useful for model checking?

  19. Bare-Tool Bosch 12V-MAX PS20 Compact Drill Driver

  20. Beginner macro problem-help!

  21. Benferroni Correction

  22. Body Solid AAB2 Gut-Blaster Slings

  23. Body Solid Best Fitness Sportsmans Gym

  24. Bubble Plot Horizontal Axis

  25. Can anyone plz share me interview questions on SAS BI concepts....

  26. Case Logic GPSS-1 Neoprene sport GPS Case (Red)

  27. Convert numeric to character, but don't know the length of the numeric variable.

  28. Create Variables based on 5 other Numeric variables

  29. Create Variables based on 5 other Numeric variables (decending order across)

  30. Cronbach alpha solution

  31. Dansko Women's Sally Mary Jane

  32. Data Step+ Proc SQL

  33. Data rollup

  34. Delete last 5 characters of a variables

  35. Deleting rows in a data required

  36. Dermalogica - Sebum Clearing Masque 2.5 oz.

  37. Dermatend Mole Remover, Large Tube! If You Have A Wart Or Mole Watch It Vanish With Dermatend At Home Mole Removal Cream.

  38. Equality of value

  39. Error: SAS not loaded?

  40. Extract subset

  41. FW: Split-Split-plot mixed model (problem to write random terms)

  42. Flagging Last observations of Groups

  43. Free SUGI Proceedings 1981+

  44. Fw: Re: Deleting rows in a data required

  45. Fwd: Numeric precision problem

  46. Garmin Dashboard Mount for the StreetPilot C510 and C550 (010-10747-02)

  47. Glimmix Covariance Matrix Confidence Levels

  48. Hash Code Help - Trying to avoid Memory Issues

  49. Hash or SQL to perform many to many merge with date range

  50. Help on Neural Networks

  51. Help required on SAS Web Report Studio configuration

  52. Help with Proc X12 Error

  53. Help with SQL var definition.

  54. Hi
    • Hi (27 lines)
      From: naga <nagabiochem@GMAIL.COM>
    • Re: Hi (53 lines)
      From: mahesh kumar peesari <peesari.mahesh@GMAIL.COM>
    • Re: Hi (30 lines)
      From: krazi <g.krazi@GMAIL.COM>
    • Re: Hi (53 lines)
      From: Gerhard Hellriegel <gerhard.hellriegel@T-ONLINE.DE>
    • Re: Hi (161 lines)
      From: Robin R High <rhigh@UNMC.EDU>
    • Re: Hi (107 lines)
      From: Michael Raithel <michaelraithel@WESTAT.COM>
    • Hi (14 lines)
      From: naga <nagabiochem@GMAIL.COM>
    • Hi (15 lines)
      From: naga <nagabiochem@GMAIL.COM>
    • Re: Hi (47 lines)
      From: Michael Raithel <michaelraithel@WESTAT.COM>

  55. Hi doubt in proc export ?

  56. Hi how to read mixed dateand time ???

  57. Hi how to solve this ?

  58. Hierarchical data - return all downstream nodes for a given

  59. Hierarchical data - return all downstream nodes for a given parent

  60. Hitachi C15FB 15 Amp 15-Inch Miter Saw (No Bevel)

  61. How to avoid DOS "Are you sure?" question?

  62. How to change a value for only some values of a variable

  63. INFILE challenge

  64. IQAir Replacement Pre-filter Element for HealthPro Line (F1 Filter)

  65. Inserting values from multiple tables into single table using

  66. Inserting values from multiple tables into single table using proc sql

  67. Is there anyways to save WORK dataset

  68. Is this a bug? Reading from Excel files with blanks

  69. Jeff Shive is out of the office.

  70. KS test in SAS

  71. Kidrobot hoodies ed hardy star red monkey gino green global True

  72. LSF problem
    • LSF problem (13 lines)
      From: giorgio taddia <giorgio.taddia@GMAIL.COM>

  73. Lead Function

  74. Leatherman Tool Group, Fuse Multi-Tool W/Box 830024

  75. Limit for number of observations to be stored in Dataset??????

  76. Link Analysis result details

  77. List of Automatic Macro Variables related to SQL needed???

  78. Lock Technology LTI1880 Slim Jim

  79. MLE, polynomial regression and maximizing mean

  80. Malco C4 Blade Downspout Crimper

  81. Market Segmentation

  82. Max Trial Run Macros

  83. Memorial Day Specials, 2 Days Only: Sunday - Monday (5/24-5/25).

  84. Monte Carlo Simulation Help

  85. Natural Fitness Pair Soft Weighted Balls Pair, 6-Pounds Each (Ocean)

  86. Need help on how to call jcl job in a sas program

  87. Now available on Amazon: Power User's Guide to SAS Programming by Philip R Holland (published Dec2008)

  88. OT - VMI grads (aka:Keydets)

  89. OT Need help on how to call jcl job in a sas program

  90. OT: Thursday theory

  91. Open Source and Good Clinical Programming Practice Evening at PharmaSUG

  92. Osiris Men's South Bronx Sneaker

  93. PB Swiss PB 8240C 6-Piece Slotted Driver Set with Swiss Grip

  94. PROC GAM warnings


  96. PROC SQL: Executing an oracle script including semicolons

  97. Periodically refreshing preformatted excel named ranges

  98. Plumb 11559P 28 oz Rigster Hatchet

  99. Printing variable lables in proc GLM output

  100. Proc import question

  101. Proc sql+ data step

  102. Proc sql+UPDATE+INSERT

  103. Propensity Scores Question

  104. Purpose of nobs=nonbs in SET STMT

  105. Read access violation in Proc univaraiate

  106. Remove duplicate values in cloumns

  107. RoC Lift and Define Night Cream, 1.7-Ounce Jar

  108. SAS ODS: graphic's title in the header (why not in the body)

  109. SAS Oracle data pulling

  110. SAS Training Seminars: Washington, DC July 2009

  111. SAS and Windows Vista

  112. SAS function: find how many time a sentece happen

  113. SEP Software Development Process

  114. Save the work DS
    • Save the work DS (21 lines)
      From: H. Lawrence Hotchkiss <larryh@ZEBRA.US.UDEL.EDU>

  115. Selective Reporting of Results

  116. Software query - Sample Size Calculations & ROC curves

  117. Sonoma Lavender Eye Mask - Plush

  118. Spaces between Rows

  119. Split-Split-plot mixed model

  120. Staple Gun Tacker - Etf50pbn Elec Staple/Nail Gun

  121. Sum the last five numbers of a variable length list

  122. Summarizing data- need assistance

  123. Survival analysis to forecast time to default


  125. Tamper Proof Torx(R) Screwdriver and Key Set - 18-Pc

  126. Tamper Proof Torx® Screwdriver and Key Set - 18-Pc

  127. Time Mist Dispenser Bug Killer Kit

  128. UNZIP files and put into different folders

  129. Unable to resolve memname connecting through ODBC

  130. Use conditional logic to develop a text report into a

  131. Use conditional logic to develop a text report into a "document" -Strategy

  132. VIEWS News issue 46 is now available for download from

  133. Variable Label in Title

  134. Variable Lengths

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  136. Whats problem with this program ?

  137. Where did all the SPAM come from?

  138. Windows 7 and SAS 9.2

  139. Word 2007 - FrameMaker compatibility

  140. any function to replace a space to underscore

  141. can SAS be installed on 64-bit xp

  142. crocs Men's Tideline Canvas Slip-On

  143. csv or txt file works in dev but fails in SIT

  144. data manipulation

  145. data manipulation problem

  146. database
    • database (93 lines)
      From: Bobs <fabianezte@GMAIL.COM>
    • Re: database (112 lines)
      From: Yu Zhang <zhangyu05@GMAIL.COM>
    • Re: database (227 lines)
      From: Terjeson, Mark <Mterjeson@RUSSELL.COM>

  147. datetime format

  148. fixed random effects

  149. format
    • format (23 lines)
      From: Ching <KCWong5@GMAIL.COM>
    • Re: format (31 lines)
      From: Amar Mundankar <amarmundankar@GMAIL.COM>
    • Re: format (66 lines)
      From: Gerhard Hellriegel <gerhard.hellriegel@T-ONLINE.DE>

  150. gplot
    • gplot (63 lines)
      From: J M <jasonm@UCLA.EDU>

  151. hi
    • hi (17 lines)
      From: naga <nagabiochem@GMAIL.COM>
    • Re: hi (40 lines)
      From: pinu <amarmundankar@GMAIL.COM>

  152. how to code my question?

  153. how to output unique ID from dulplicate ID dataset and merge it

  154. how to output unique ID from dulplicate ID dataset and merge it back to unique dataset.

  155. how to print in right side ?

  156. how to remove '1' on the first column of the output

  157. index(), vname() and a macro variable

  158. instructor's solutions manual for Options, Futures and Other Derivatives, 5E, by John Hull

  159. macro variable to be inserted into maacro from other macro or File

  160. n:m matching with weighted database

  161. need help and suggestions

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  163. ocean technologies

  164. out of Topic questions

  165. proc greplay not properly superimposing graphs

  166. rearranging data - need help

  167. removing a string

  168. sell:jordan shoes$32,ed hardy tshirt$13,jean$30,handbag$34,shox$34,air max$34

  169. which procedure could list what kinds of products you have
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