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SAS-L archives – June 2009, week 1

Table of contents:

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      From: rsd.spamfree@GMAIL.COM

  2. 2000 variables PCA and Corr procedure

  3. Adding "Run;" and "Quit;" Statements to Mainframe Progams Brought into UNIX

  4. An Extended Tweet On Twitter

  5. Annotate error, killing me

  6. Anyone running v9.1.3 on VMWare-XP Pro 32bit Desktop OS?

  7. Apply common labels and formats to columns in different

  8. As If and Calling Twitter from SAS

  9. Autoregression without proc autoreg

  10. Calculating frequency of fractions

  11. Calendar in SAS/AF

  12. Can I use the IDENTITY property in Proc Sql Create Table?

  13. Categorical variables

  14. Chance to Make SAS-L History: Did You Know That...

  15. Controlling Output to Log Window

  16. Convert feet inches with ticks to numeric variable

  17. Counting PDF Bookmarks with SAS -- Is it possible?

  18. Data Step Lead/Lag Question

  19. Data manipulation

  20. Difference Operation

  21. ERROR 22-322: Expecting a name.

  22. ERROR: Insufficient page size to print frequency table. in sas proc freq

  23. Error with infile statement

  24. ExcelXP tag question about XML to XLS

  25. Extracting titles

  26. Failure of KEEP= to influence NODUPREC in PROC SORT

  27. Figured out Greek characters. Still trying to merge cells across rows and columns.

  28. Format and character to numeric tranformation

  29. From SAS to Excel

  30. Fwd: [SAS 7610219459] learrning to use proc http

  31. GPLOT discontinuous vertical axis

  32. GUCCI jean( paypal payment )( )

  33. Gplot Symbol Problem

  34. Gplot Vertical Text

  35. Help using macro to refer files

  36. Hierarchical data - return all downstream nodes for a given parent

  37. How are Process IDs (_TDnnnnn) of User Work Folders Assigned?

  38. How did I assign the values for a dataset to macros?

  39. How to check for a binary number?

  40. How to check the existence of a Macro Program?

  41. How to create a array from a Name ??

  42. How to read CSV file with Percentage into SAS

  43. How to sort EG Summary Tables

  44. How to transfer non-sas files from unix to windows

  45. Identifying the source of an obs from concatenated files

  46. Import .csv data and values are enclosed by ||

  47. Import .csv data and values are enclosed by ||]

  48. Inserting Greek Characters and Merging Cells Vertically in Proc

  49. Inserting Greek Characters and Merging Cells Vertically in Proc Report

  50. Issue in creating foundation repository in Management console

  51. Macro question

  52. Macros and Changing Variables


  54. Name list of certified SAS programer

  55. Need Vision Plus study material

  56. Need help with counting/accumulating

  57. Need to create variable name as mean(SD)

  58. New variable help

  59. ODS PDF - Titles

  60. ODS to PDF or RTF question

  61. OT As If and Calling Twitter from SAS

  62. OT: Inference for R - Interview

  63. Ordering of CLASS Values Within PROC Tabulate Output?

  64. PROC GMAP legend question


  66. Proc Catmod and reference

  67. Proc Report: Columns and RTF


  69. Reading in an Excel file with multiple row headers....

  70. Reading variable which begins with a numeric

  71. Recoding in longitudinal data (long form)

  72. Remove leading zeros...

  73. Reorder variable name

  74. Restricted linear regression with Quadratic programming in SAS.

  75. SAS 9.2 TS2 problem in PROC SQL into clause for generating macro variables from ODBC connection

  76. SAS CMO and SVP Jim Davis on Open Source, BI , competition, leadership succession & others

  77. SAS Developer

  78. SAS System Viewer and SAS 9.2 TS2M0

  79. SAS format head-Scratcher

  80. SAS time interval calculation

  81. SAS-L Digest - 1 Jun 2009 - Special issue (#2009-888)

  82. SGPLOT and GSEG output in Windows XP

  83. Sas technical articles

  84. Save SAS Program in read only

  85. SaviCells 2.0 Released

  86. Segmentation violation SAS 9.2 ?

  87. Segmentation violation with proc sort

  88. Separating Two Words into Two Variables

  89. Something similar to Proc Score with Categorical variables

  90. Sorting by formats?

  91. Telecom data sets

  92. Twitter: Not Just Fun & Games But It Is Fun and It's On the Cover of This Week's Time Magazine

  93. Unsubscribe
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      From: Jeomoan Kurian <Jeo.T.Kurian@WELLSFARGO.COM>
    • Re: Unsubscribe (72 lines)
      From: Nat Wooding <Nathaniel.Wooding@DOM.COM>

  94. Using Proc Compare over arrays? Or Macro to compare variable sets?

  95. Where Should It Stop?

  96. Word extraction

  97. creating primary key

  98. drawing density function

  99. extending observations

  100. format
    • format (74 lines)
      From: Bobs <fabianezte@GMAIL.COM>

  101. gmap's driving me crazy

  102. gmap's driving me crazy - never mind

  103. gplot
    • Re: gplot (160 lines)
      From: J M <jasonm@UCLA.EDU>
    • Re: gplot (210 lines)
      From: Mike Zdeb <msz03@ALBANY.EDU>
    • Re: gplot (62 lines)
      From: J M <jasonm@UCLA.EDU>
    • Re: gplot (146 lines)
      From: Mike Zdeb <msz03@ALBANY.EDU>
    • Re: gplot (22 lines)
      From: J M <jasonm@UCLA.EDU>
    • Re: gplot (55 lines)
      From: Mike Zdeb <msz03@ALBANY.EDU>
    • Re: gplot (68 lines)
      From: J M <jasonm@UCLA.EDU>
    • Re: gplot (64 lines)
      From: J M <jasonm@UCLA.EDU>
    • Re: gplot (148 lines)
      From: Mike Zdeb <msz03@ALBANY.EDU>
    • Re: gplot (167 lines)
      From: J M <jasonm@UCLA.EDU>

  104. help with PROC NLIN

  105. how get common ?

  106. how to create a dynamic macro variable for a %do loop processing?

  107. how to display line and column numbers in sas editor status bar

  108. how to get output for below dataset

  109. how to pass this string string to macro call

  110. libname exists

  111. maximum display length for character field in SAS viewer.

  112. maximum display length for character field in sas system viewer.

  113. merge
    • merge (69 lines)
      From: Bobs <fabianezte@GMAIL.COM>
    • Re: merge (93 lines)
      From: Ya Huang <ya.huang@AMYLIN.COM>
    • Re: merge (98 lines)
      From: Tree Frog <tree.frog2@HOTMAIL.COM>

  114. message line not showing cursor position

  115. need a sas function analagous to LAG function

  116. ocean technologies

  117. odbc drivers on 64bit OS with 64bit SAS

  118. oprisk monitor Database

  119. output ret to file

  120. picture
    • picture (36 lines)
      From: ash007 <RamsamyAshley@GMAIL.COM>
    • Re: picture (44 lines)
      From: karma <dorjetarap@GOOGLEMAIL.COM>
    • Re: picture (45 lines)
      From: ash007 <RamsamyAshley@GMAIL.COM>

  121. put table together.

  122. readind external file with || and commas

  123. rename
    • rename (16 lines)
      From: ash007 <RamsamyAshley@GMAIL.COM>
    • Re: rename (39 lines)
      From: karma <dorjetarap@GOOGLEMAIL.COM>
    • Re: rename (77 lines)
      From: Gerhard Hellriegel <gerhard.hellriegel@T-ONLINE.DE>
    • Re: rename (51 lines)
      From: Akshaya <akshaya.nathilvar@GMAIL.COM>
    • Re: rename (39 lines)
      From: shao xiaolong <sxlion2@GMAIL.COM>

  124. sum function and more

  125. time series model

  126. total count in vertical direction

  127. update table

  128. using a multi-lined address

  129. which one is correct proc sort or proc sql
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