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SAS-L archives – June 2009, week 4

Table of contents:

  1. "How to find a job that makes you over 300K in software development"

  2. "Non-est" issue in the Proc Mixed Procedure

  3. A better more flexible macro interface that minimizes global macro variables

  4. AE Table -- Proc report

  5. Alphabet function

  6. Analysis Of Parameter of interaction terms in Proc Genmod (GLM)

  7. Automatic Calculation of Elapsed Weeks in a Year


  9. Calling Macrovariable in ' '

  10. Character to numeric

  11. Closing "Breaks"

  12. Correcting values

  13. Create Char Var from binary X1....X15

  14. Create a format? based on the # of months away froma fixed reference date

  15. Data-Dependent Hyperlinks in Table Cells

  16. Date of creation

  17. Datetime format Question

  18. Delete a window file

  19. Deriving a Visit Based on Visit Windowing

  20. Deviance versus log likelihood

  21. Do Loop Macro

  22. Error Procedure Logistic not found - Why?

  23. Estimable Functions GLM

  24. FREE passwords to access a 5600 MB Video!!! 10499139

  25. FW: Character to numeric

  26. FW: ODS CSV w/o quotes

  27. Fitting a GPlot and Hyperlink on Same PDF Page

  28. Free Online VirtualSUG Sessions June 29

  29. Fuzzy matching question

  30. Fw: Re: SAS Enterp Miner W. Roper - University of Illinois

  31. Fwd: Re: Fuzzy matching question

  32. GLIMMIX "out of memory"

  33. Gplot Annotated Data Font Size

  34. Having trouble with a proc summary step

  35. Health
    • Health (27 lines)
      From: yaqub khan <yaqubhealth@GMAIL.COM>

  36. Help With Data

  37. Help with data

  38. Help with some statistical tests I have never before encountered

  39. Hex
    • Re: Hex (30 lines)
      From: Savian <>
    • Re: Hex (149 lines)
      From: Terjeson, Mark <Mterjeson@RUSSELL.COM>
    • Re: Hex (146 lines)
      From: Joe Matise <snoopy369@GMAIL.COM>
    • Re: Hex (62 lines)
      From: Kevin Y <kevin77711@YAHOO.COM>
    • Re: Hex (44 lines)
      From: Horne, Jim - James S <Jim.S.Horne@LOWES.COM>
    • Hex (15 lines)
      From: Kevin Y <kevin77711@YAHOO.COM>

  40. Hex -- THANKS

  41. Hi what is use of in operator in this program(appending)

  42. How to check first few digits from Numeric variable

  43. How to remove the negitive sign infornt of value

  44. Is it possible to calculate DRIVING distance in SAS

  45. Is it possible to update the calling macro's symbol table

  46. Is it possible to update the calling macro's symbol table from within the called macro

  47. Is there a limit on the max number of macro variables in a

  48. Is there a limit on the max number of macro variables in a macro?

  49. Lag Function and more

  50. Libname error

  51. Logic involved in outputting students from an enrollment file using complex criteria

  52. Luxury Living

  53. Missing values

  54. Model selection with Proc Genmod

  55. NJ SAS Users Group Meeting -This Friday!

  56. Need help
    • Need help (22 lines)
      From: nicky <smrranganath@GMAIL.COM>

  57. ODS PDF-Remove/Modify Blue Box on Hyperlinks

  58. ODS PDF: Histogram from PROC univariate is not centered

  59. OT: Go away IE6, you're not our friend anymore

  60. Once Secret Web Site, Now Exposed, Let's It All Hang Out!

  61. Once Secret Web Site, Now Exposed, Lets It All Hang Out!

  62. PROC FREQ for combinatorics

  63. PROC MI for categorical variable imputations

  64. Pair mean test for binary variables with unequal sample sizes

  65. Problem that Data Step Statements doesn't work after a Macro execution

  66. Proc ARIMA hangs when computing inverse autocorrelation function

  67. Proc Tabulate: How to right justify or center statistics and row labels?

  68. Proc sql select :into and macro variables

  69. Proc surveyselect

  70. Read/write access to a Socket

  71. Reading from a URL where the page redirects

  72. SAS Enterprise Miner

  73. SAS Enterprise Miner Roper - University of Illinois

  74. SAS Generated and Analysed Objective 2009 Iranian Presidential Poll--Respondents To Be Invited Via Twitter

  75. SAS Macro Problem

  76. SAS Macro problem

  77. SAS differential equations fitting problem

  78. SAS help needed

  79. SAS on Macbook Pro via Bootcamp

  80. SAS/GIS Questions (V9.1.3 SP4)

  81. SAS/GIS Questions (V9.1.3 SP4) Answered

  82. SQL - except

  83. SQL - except --- Thanks You!!!!

  84. SYS macro that returns the filename

  85. Sample Size by Simulation

  86. Set two datasets & new variable

  87. Somewhere between only stopping the execution of that data step and completely closing your sas session.

  88. Somewhere between stopping just the data step and closing the entire SAS session. An example.

  89. Split Dataset

  90. THREADS and multi-core processors

  91. Transpose vs. DO LOOP?

  92. Ttest
    • Re: Ttest (86 lines)
      From: Arthur Tabachneck <art297@NETSCAPE.NET>
    • Ttest (31 lines)
      From: SAS Illiterate <sasgeek009@GMAIL.COM>


  94. Updates-Modified records,Insertion-New records

  95. Using PROC SQL and the ORDER BY statement part II

  96. Using PROC SQL and the ORDER BY statement.

  97. Variables of same name in double

  98. Variables of same name in double solved

  99. View Photos of sexy Singles

  100. Where Clause Problem

  101. Why is this an error?

  102. Windows carriage return

  103. about Graph

  104. any experience to access SSH account within SAS?

  105. bootstrap confidence intervals

  106. case control study with with a dependent variable that is contineous

  107. cheap wholesale nike airmax shoes, shox shoes ,dunk shoes in http//

  108. code for categorical predictor variables

  109. data manipulation question

  110. datasets sum
    • Re: datasets sum (80 lines)
      From: zainab hassan <zainabfaizhassan@GMAIL.COM>
    • Re: datasets sum (49 lines)
      From: Gerhard Hellriegel <gerhard.hellriegel@T-ONLINE.DE>
    • Re: datasets sum (61 lines)
      From: Richard A. DeVenezia <rdevenezia@WILDBLUE.NET>
    • datasets sum (24 lines)
      From: zainab hassan <zainabfaizhassan@GMAIL.COM>

  111. date format dd-MMM-yyyy

  112. delete repeat

  113. explanation for why macro gives 30 and not 10

  114. exporting a huge dataset into multiple excel sheets each of

  115. exporting a huge dataset into multiple excel sheets each of 65000 rows

  116. finding maximum value across part of observations

  117. format
    • Re: format (32 lines)
      From: shiva <shiva.saidala@GMAIL.COM>
    • Re: format (61 lines)
      From: Gerhard Hellriegel <gerhard.hellriegel@T-ONLINE.DE>
    • format (41 lines)
      From: Bobs <fabianezte@GMAIL.COM>

  118. funny video

  119. getting parameter std errors out of proc reg

  120. help
    • help (33 lines)
      From: naats <monagd@GMAIL.COM>

  121. how to generate correlated random variables with given

  122. how to generate correlated random variables with given correlation matrix

  123. how to obtain time and censor variable for model selection with cox proportional hazard model, given true survival time distribution is known (for example exponential)

  124. is there any function in SAS 8.2,

  125. is there any function in SAS 8.2, which counts number of words or specified charecters in a string

  126. juicy handbags on sale

  127. performance measures for sub-populations

  128. please help me do in a simple way instead of using several data steps

  129. proc NLP
    • proc NLP (76 lines)
      From: <dc353@HOTMAIL.COM>

  130. proc nlp
    • proc nlp (68 lines)
      From: <dc353@HOTMAIL.COM>

  131. submit SAS job on Unix from TextPad on PC

  132. summarization of a pgm sas

  133. surveylogistic fails to converge

  134. transpose help

  135. use of macro to generate sas code

  136. use of macros with proc nlp

  137. variable
    • Re: variable (25 lines)
      From: shiva <shiva.saidala@GMAIL.COM>
    • Re: variable (49 lines)
      From: Joe Matise <snoopy369@GMAIL.COM>
    • variable (28 lines)
      From: Bobs <fabianezte@GMAIL.COM>
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