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SAS-L archives – July 2009, week 3

Table of contents:

  1. 64-bit on z/OS

  2. =?windows-1252?Q?Re=3A_Using_SAS_to_Read_and_Write_XML_Files_for_the_EP?= =?windows-1252?Q?A=92s_National_Energy_Performance_Rating_System=2DWeb_Services?=

  3. =?windows-1252?Q?Using_SAS_to_Read_and_Write_XML_Files_for_the_EPA=92?= =?windows-1252?Q?s_National_Energy_Performance_Rating_System=2DWeb_Services?=

  4. A Program searching for its Roots

  5. Any method to download a file from the web ?

  6. Any method to get the value of a Widowns system variable?

  7. Automatic Numeric-to-Character Conversion

  8. Basics of pharma studies (EC50)

  9. Best Practice when using permanent files

  10. Best way to accumulate routine data?

  11. CSV output file with VAR Label header line

  12. Can I use data values as variable names automatically?

  13. Clip Library in Enhanced Editor

  14. Cluster Bar Graph

  15. Credit risk - probability of default question

  16. Crosstab

  17. DSN's third qualifier

  18. Data cleansing and part duplication

  19. Deleting SAS Utility Files in Unix

  20. Does anyone know what a SAS file with a .1st extension means?

  21. ERROR: CONGRA Optimization cannot be completed.

  22. Eliminating Trailing Spaces

  23. Enhanced Editor. - Command to go to line N and enter a key-sequence.

  24. Excel

  25. Extracting headerinformation using Perl regular expression

  26. FW: SAS Global Forum 2010 - Call for Papers - NOW OPEN

  27. FW: numbering observations in dataset consecutively

  28. Formatted Input

  29. GChart - Center NOTE

  30. GPLOT with spearman correlation+ODS OUTPUT

  31. HLM with binary outcome

  32. Help with Decile code

  33. Hosmer Lemeshow

  34. How to read in text file every other character is a null

  35. Import Multiple Files

  36. Inserting Line Breaks when Using ODS SAS ZOS

  37. Is 01/01/0001 date is possible?

  38. Is a named literal still necessary when writing a Excel sheet using the libname statement

  39. Journal related to SAS

  40. Lags

  41. MIS Reports

  42. MIS reports

  43. Many thanks

  44. Maximum tolerated dose (MTD) and proc Logistic

  45. Most efficient method to update a data set with 10 million records?

  46. Multiple Databases in a Single ODBC libname

  47. Multivariate Mixed Model?

  48. NESUG 2009 Early Registration Ends 7/22

  49. Need help in SAS access to teradata

  50. Need to know the complete list of SAS Procs.

  51. New Job Title?

  52. Nulls left unquoted by DSD/tilde combo


  54. OT: SketchFlow

  55. One-factor ANOVA and pairwise comparisons (Tukey vs LSD)



  58. PROC LOGISTIC class statement


  60. PROC SORT BY and columns (variables) position


  62. Prefixing comma - based on checkbox checked

  63. Printing all class level combinations in Proc Tabulate

  64. Proc Report-Absolute Column Names

  65. Proc Tabulate: ignoring style specification vjust=T

  66. Proc Transpose help

  67. Proc sort causes a file lock

  68. Query around label

  69. Question about Date (month, year)

  70. Question about Prevelance and 95% CI

  71. Question about genmod output

  72. Question about longitudinal survey data anlaysis

  73. Regression With Nested Data

  74. Row calculation in a dataset

  75. SAS 9.2 Import/Export From/To MS Office 2007

  76. SAS Finally Represented in a Salary Survey!

  77. SAS Library Question

  78. SAS Log

  79. SAS certification necessary?

  80. SAS unit testing experience

  81. SAS/EG connection to SQL Server

  82. SQL Server Query Equivalent of SAS merge

  83. STS and ACC database

  84. Sample Size in GChart Legend

  85. Scan Folders in a Filesystem

  86. SketchFlow

  87. Structural Equation Modelling

  88. Supressing legend for Sgplot?

  89. To license ACCESS or write programs

  90. Treatment of Missing Variables - What Options

  91. Updating master table using a reference table

  92. VI editor commands for SAS programs

  93. WUSS 2009 Annual Conference - Do You Know the Way to San Jose?

  94. WUSS: airport to hotel

  95. What is the value of variable x?

  96. What is your working style in SAS EG?

  97. What is your working style in SAS EG? - or don't you have one?

  98. What r the data types in SAS? in Base SAS , and SAS SQL

  99. Write P-value and median in Kaplan Meier Plot

  100. asterisk-style comment

  101. count time to an event and create event var-resent

  102. count time to an event happen & create an event variable

  103. data stats within column

  104. dataset obs

  105. dataset sum

  106. finding any one substring in a string

  107. hospital fraud project

  108. how to check for similar words in two character string

  109. how to check for similar words in two character string variables

  110. how to evaluate the interaction if using Poisson regression

  111. how to solve this problem!

  112. import excel data with many sheets and blanks for some

  113. import excel data with many sheets and blanks for some variables

  114. issues converting a dataset to tab delimited txt file

  115. long run time

  116. matching observations of two datasets

  117. modify datasets following a condition

  118. need help with date variable format change

  119. numbering observations in dataset consecutively

  120. ods output in proc freq: how to generate multiple ods tables in one clause

  121. option probsig

  122. proc glimmix (formerly: HLM with binary outcome)

  123. proc mixed, decimal place of estimate, lower and upper

  124. proc sql and ARRAYS

  125. propensity score matching and standardized difference

  126. question on uploading csv data

  127. refer to columns by their order number

  128. separating observations in a dataset

  129. suggest: install JMP on NVIDIA Tesla GPU

  130. suggest: logheader

  131. test of proportions

  132. test post

  133. test-please ignore

  134. tip: macro FindType

  135. trend analysis

  136. two-way anova

  137. urgent- please help asap

  138. zero observation dataset
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