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SAS-L archives – September 2009, week 1

Table of contents:

  1. <No subject>
    • <No subject> (36 lines)
      From: Kenneth M. Lin <kenmlin@AOL.COM>

  2. A Question on Linear Regression

  3. Adaptive randomized trials

  4. Checking to see how many times a macro has been called

  5. Circular Trading Logic

  6. Circular Trading Logic Urgent

  7. Coding repeated observations in regression: /r. /n ?

  8. Copy Files via FTP (2 Hosts)

  9. Count function

  10. Date difference

  11. Delete SAS Temporary Folders... 9.2 Running really slow

  12. Dynamic field mapping

  13. Estimating population

  14. FSEdit Computational/Repeated Fields Question

  15. FW: How to use list of variables inside Catx function ??

  16. Fastest Steps for Simulating: Anderson-Darling Goodness of Fit test for Non-typical distn

  17. For Proc report, how to make split='~' work in PDF?

  18. Fwd: Percentage + Proc Sql

  19. Gchart help please

  20. Geometric mean of observatons by category

  21. Guys, stop living with that big ugly gut and flabby abs and put muscle on...

  22. Heckman sample selection bias

  23. Help me find an ancient SAS distribution

  24. Help with Gchart

  25. How to do it?

  26. How to save the catalog as a specific name in a specifi location

  27. How to use list of variables inside Catx function ??

  28. Include Rho in Output Dataset

  29. Integrity checking

  30. Is there a function called "indext" in SAS 9.1.3?

  31. Is there a function to convert A->1, B->2...

  32. Keeping trailing zeros in SAS Results viewer,

  33. Keeping trailing zeros in SAS Results viewer, SAS system viewer and SAS universal viewer.

  34. Label in PROC EXPORT

  35. Libname User

  36. MDMeasureStatSelector.gif

  37. Mark Kral is out of the office.

  38. Merging Multiple Data Sets from a Single library

  39. Missing in proc tabulate

  40. Moving Sum in Dataset

  41. NJ SAS Users Group Meeting - Friday, September 11th

  42. Need help with loop coding to generate a series of subsets

  43. Neural Network classification problems

  44. Newton-Raphson w. Ridging

  45. ODS RTF
    • ODS RTF (26 lines)
      From: luki <luki.smith@YAHOO.COM>
    • Re: ODS RTF (37 lines)
      From: Nancy Brucken <brucken@PROVIDE.NET>
    • Re: ODS RTF (29 lines)
      From: IndiMatrix <chunming.li313@GMAIL.COM>

  46. OLEDB Bulkload

  47. OT Friday Is Sas-L becoming a

  48. OT Statistician humor (it IS Friday)

  49. OT: SAS & NVIVO
    • OT: SAS & NVIVO (22 lines)
      From: Randy Herbison <RandyHerbison@WESTAT.COM>

  50. PLOT2 warning

  51. Pass Through from SAS to SQL Server

  52. Percentage + Proc Sql

  53. Programming counts

  54. Quickly find out a field with different values for the same

  55. Reading a PDF File

  56. Removing hex/other car before/after import

  57. Running R routines from SAS using javaobj (Java Objects)

  58. SAS Code/Macro for mapping copy books to actual data

  59. SAS Singapore User Forum 2009

  60. SQL: How to Get Median and Percentiles

  61. Simple TRANSPOSE or DATA step problem

  62. Simulate t variables (gttir)

  63. Spanrows option in SAS 9.1.3

  64. Standard deviation comparison from different samples

  65. Table Driven Waterfall

  66. Toronto Area SAS Society (TASS) September Meeting

  67. Transpose + by + IDlabel

  68. Trouble using DDE to read text from a Word file into SAS

  69. Variables with Two Word Names

  70. Weighted Counts in PROC REPORT

  71. Which airport is the closest to Cary (SAS head office). Thanks!

  72. Zero inflated gamma distribution

  73. apriori algorithm

  74. apriori algorithm - Market Basket Analysis

  75. calculate no of months

  76. cannot find Arccos function in SAS 8.0

  77. chain lookup

  78. collinearity diagnostic and ridge regression by Proc Mixed

  79. conditionally (re-)format SAS date into new age variable

  80. csv/excel 2007/datetime informats

  81. data _null_

  82. data number

  83. datepart function

  84. drop many variables

  85. extracting data

  86. fill PDF FORMS from SAS

  87. glimmix and risk analysis

  88. how to compute orthonormal transformation

  89. how to export the label to excel? Thanks a lot!!

  90. how to extracting partial string using SAS version 8.02

  91. how to get rid of the frame in gif

  92. how to write if stmt for this senario

  93. hypothesis testing in threedimensional frequency table

  94. please help

  95. regarding csv files

  96. repeated measure data for credit default dataset

  97. retaining values

  98. sas 9.2.2 menu file item append

  99. weird thing about PROC SQL when full joining multiple tables

  100. whats wrong?
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