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SAS-L archives – September 2009, week 5

Table of contents:

  1. "OR" joined alternative to WHERE ALSO statement XXXX

  2. 2009 Southern Mensurationist Meeting In San Antonio

  3. =?windows-1252?Q?SGF_2010=3A_Geek=92s_Guide_to_Seattle?=

  4. A big flat file is not fitting into a disk. How to work with it?

  5. Ann Arbor, MI, Permanent Position of SAS Health Data Analyst

  6. Announcing: Predictive Analytics World, Oct. 20-21 in Washington DC

  7. AusDM Analytic Challenge

  8. Clinical Trials Reporting (N=nn)

  9. Clinical Trials Reporting.

  10. Conditionally exit SAS script

  11. Count a string variable

  12. Creating a "flexible" merge

  13. Cross-Summing problem

  14. Cross-Summing problem. Data hash error msg

  15. Dataset is exact match

  16. Extracting number from string

  17. Favorite key definitions

  18. Fwd: Calculating averages within 1, 2, 3 miles from each point

  19. Fwd: From Kevin Holston and other Atlanta JMP User Group group members on LinkedIn

  20. Gchart formatting help

  21. Good morning sweetie

  22. Help with the sum of combinations

  23. How to size a SAS server

  24. How to use arrays for this output

  25. Lets keep these subjects 'on topic'

  26. Macrotrouble - ERROR: Required operator not found in expression

  27. McNemar's for 1 to 3 matched pairs

  28. McNemar's test

  29. Merging ODS output data sets

  30. Model Comparison using AIC

  31. Move File with Sas pgm

  32. Need help setting cell background color using ODS tagsets.ExcelXP

  33. New Blog With SAS Hints, Tips and Experience

  34. Number Conversion into Millions & Calculation based on # of

  35. Number Conversion into Millions & Calculation based on # of days in a month

  36. ODS output for Normality Test

  37. PHTML / HTMLCSS tagset modification

  38. Parallel Processing: Questions

  39. Poisson
    • Poisson (27 lines)
      From: Reed, Derek <derek.reed@SINCLAIR.EDU>
    • Re: Poisson (45 lines)
      From: Peter Flom <peterflomconsulting@MINDSPRING.COM>
    • Re: Poisson (46 lines)
      From: Wensui Liu <liuwensui@GMAIL.COM>
    • Re: Poisson (50 lines)
      From: Shawn Haskell <shawn.haskell@STATE.VT.US>
    • Re: Poisson (65 lines)
      From: Wensui Liu <liuwensui@GMAIL.COM>
    • Re: Poisson (28 lines)
      From: Peter Flom <peterflomconsulting@MINDSPRING.COM>

  40. Power Analysis for 2-way ANOVA

  41. Proc Export Oddity

  42. Proc Import and Set input formats

  43. Proc Surveyselect

  44. Proc means with and without decimal

  45. Program Manager/ CRM manager -- Richmond VA

  46. RAND function in SAS

  47. SAS Renewal

  48. SAS Subset
    • Re: SAS Subset (79 lines)
      From: Dominic Mitchell <mitchell.d@VIDEOTRON.CA>
    • Re: SAS Subset (87 lines)
      From: Daniel Fernández <fdezdan@GMAIL.COM>
    • Re: SAS Subset (66 lines)
      From: Amar Mundankar <amarmundankar@GMAIL.COM>

  49. SAS from spreadsheet

  50. SAS v9.3 ship date

  51. Special Date Informat

  52. Statistical test

  53. The difference between IF and WHERE

  54. What do you recommend to read to get a good understanding of SAS?

  55. Write protecting a file

  56. creating individual records from range

  57. how to control decimal digits in proc corr?

  58. install 9.2 on vista home edition

  59. one-tailed test GENMOD

  60. proc corr can do like this var1 *(var2 var3 var4...) ?

  61. proc inbreed

  62. results viewer

  63. two datasets in one 'create table' step

  64. where can I download SAS 9.0 from the official website
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