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SAS-L archives – October 2009, week 1

  1. =?us-ascii?Q?RE:_ERROR:_Connect:_=01_Error_in_Libname_statement?=

  2. A big flat file is not fitting into a disk. How to work with

  3. An utility macro about dates.

  4. Appropriate model for intra-class correlation coefficient

  5. Appropriate model for intra-class correlation coefficient calculation ?

  6. Assigning the value of one variable to another

  7. Bare Bones Excel Tagset?

  8. Best way to rearrange dyadic data

  9. Better way to merge these datasets??


  11. Calculations across multiple observations

  12. Can I specify 2 decimal digits in proc corr?

  13. Can't overwrite Excel spreadsheet using PROC EXPORT

  14. Chance to Make SAS-L History: Did You Know That...

  15. Clinical Trials Reporting (scoring a questionnaire)

  16. Clinical Trials Reporting.

  17. Code to Simulate Data that Approximate Hurdle Model

  18. Conditionally exit SAS script

  19. Convert month variable from character to numeric using 9.1

  20. Creating a "flexible" merge

  21. Date format

  22. Date functions

  23. Date time conversion

  24. Doing arithmetical operations on observations that meet certain

  25. Doing arithmetical operations on observations that meet certain conditions for records w/ multiple observations to a unique identifier...

  26. Dynamic column ordering

  27. ERROR: Con nect:  Er ror in Lib name state ment

  28. ERROR: Connect: Error in Libname statement

  29. ERROR: Insufficient page size to print frequency table.

  30. Email does not work: Email: The connection has timed out

  31. Extracting Variables from very Large SAS Dataset - Use Proc

  32. Extracting Variables from very Large SAS Dataset - Use Proc Dataset?

  33. File specification and "file" statement"

  34. Fwd: From Kevin Holston and other Atlanta JMP User Group group

  35. Gchart formatting help

  36. Help in Segmentation

  37. Help with RBCD and SAS code

  38. Help with the sum of combinations

  39. How to Macroise??

  40. How to add a column with order(1,2,3...) like obs in print?

  41. How to catch the misspelled names?

  42. How to create ODS output in RTF with a logo in the top text of the front page

  43. How to export the data to required folder(catlog)

  44. How to find repeating patterns -Urgent

  45. How to pickup percentage value

  46. How to show legend of plot2(Right axis)?

  47. I want to drop a specific variable with a specific value

  48. Is there any way to check the filesize(e.g. kb or mb) in SAS?

  49. Job Opening at Harvard's Joint Center for Housing Studies

  50. LServ subscription help

  51. Logistic log likelihood with offset

  52. Looking for VAX/VMS SAS version 5.x/6.x


  54. Macro parameter does not resolve to its value

  55. Matrix operations on proc reg output

  56. Merging Very Large Datasets

  57. Model Comparison using AIC

  58. Model definition for assessing bioavailability

  59. Move File with Sas pgm

  60. Need Help with Excel headers

  61. November 5 Michigan SAS Users Group Meeting

  62. ODS
    • ODS (17 lines)
      From: Njabsburg <njabulo.thomo@GMAIL.COM>
    • Re: ODS (28 lines)

  63. ODS tagsets.excelxp: Is it possible not to display column

  64. ODS tagsets.excelxp: Is it possible not to display column names and to switch off text wrapping for all cells of a column?

  65. ODS tagsets.excelxp: What is possible and what not?

  66. OLS estimates on clusterred data

  67. OT: The Sighting in Connecticut :)

  68. OT:is there place to download sas datasets ??

  69. Online Statistics Courses in October

  70. Open SAS Display Manager in JAVA GUI based application

  71. Option NOTE2ERR

  72. Output statement problem in array

  73. PK/PD sample data

  74. PRINT top 3 obs for each group

  75. PROC IMPORT Bug in 9.2 TS2M0

  76. PROC SPDO and error return codes

  77. PROC SQL Error

  78. Pausing the execution of "Submit Continue" Statements.

  79. Performance issue updating large Oracle table

  80. PhilaSUG Fall 2009 Meeting Announcement - October 30, 2009

  81. Poisson
    • Re: Poisson (37 lines)
      From: Shawn Haskell <shawn.haskell@STATE.VT.US>

  82. Populating variables

  83. Problems with User Defined Numeric Informat

  84. Proc GLM and Categorical variables

  85. Proc Report --- unwanted blank rows

  86. ROC plots - cut-off points

  87. Rand () function in SAS

  88. Random Effects Hurdle Model - Simulation Cont'd

  89. SAS 9.2 Reinstall

  90. SAS Proc Qlim question

  91. SAS-L Digest - 7 Oct 2009 - Special issue (#2009-1467)

  92. SQL Server 2008 Add Column Miracle

  93. Single-quoting a string

  94. Special Date Informat

  95. Structured language SAS program.

  96. Tab delimited

  97. The difference between IF and WHERE

  98. To find the repeating or same set of products in the orders

  99. Unable to Repair Large Data Set

  100. Urgent - Unable to rectify the error

  101. Values missmatching plz help me

  102. What do you recommend to read to get a good understanding of

  103. What's wrong with this ftp code?

  104. Why ODS OUTPUT can't get through the very first time?

  105. Write protecting a file

  106. a question in PROC GENMOD

  107. adjusting dates

  108. any good sas graph books

  109. calculations across observations

  110. contingency table test question

  111. extract portion from string

  112. how can solve this senario?

  113. how to convert a num. item to char in proc sql?

  114. how to create

  115. install 9.2 on vista home edition

  116. obtaining weekly intervals

  117. output estimates from Proc GLIMMIX

  118. pedigree simulation

  119. predicted probabilities in logistic model

  120. proc crosstab

  121. related to macro..............

  122. simulation data

  123. stratified sign-rank test

  124. system option GENERIC/NOGENERIC

  125. test
    • test (12 lines)
      From: Tom White <tw2@MAIL.COM>

  126. zip code to household income
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