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SAS-L archives – October 2009, week 3

Table of contents:

  1. %qscan a string but mask the delimiter

  2. 2 bars in proc gbarline

  3. 2 way random effects ANOVA

  4. 9.2 with SAS/Access for MySQL

  5. A Confusion about how to filling out empty cells with duplicates. - If you can please take a look at it though it is friday afternoon.

  6. A Retain Statement OR Data manupulation question - If you can help me out it would be very nice

  7. A SAS Knowledge Exchange

  8. A question
    • Re: A question (21 lines)
      From: montura <monturainc@GMAIL.COM>
    • Re: A question (24 lines)
      From: Tom Abernathy <tom.abernathy@GMAIL.COM>
    • A question (8 lines)
      From: Stanley Luo <shanminglo@GMAIL.COM>

  9. A typical problem --

  10. Adding dates in row

  11. Adding in missing date values

  12. Agency list vs nested set model (SQL)

  13. Any way to direct proc sql output to log instead of list

  14. file Dm"pgm;zoom;"; doesnot wrk in SAS 9.2

  15. Bootstrap to find outliers

  16. Calculation gap in months

  17. Call symput

  18. Call symput (correction)

  19. Chance to Make SAS-L History: Did You Know That...

  20. Combining two csv files

  21. Comparing and copying values between observations

  22. Copy and paste data from Excel

  23. Counting /Merging Data

  24. Customize toolbar to add redo command

  25. Determine value of ODS escape character

  26. EGuide 4.2 automation

  27. Error in SAS

  28. Excel Read-In Oddity

  29. Export to *.txt without formats

  30. Freq output percent format

  31. Fw: sid.txt file

  32. GCHART
    • Re: GCHART (17 lines)
      From: Billy Thompson <bill.thompson@BROOKS.AF.MIL>
    • Re: GCHART (59 lines)
      From: Mike Zdeb <msz03@ALBANY.EDU>
    • GCHART (23 lines)
      From: Billy Thompson <bill.thompson@BROOKS.AF.MIL>

  33. GLIMMIX with categorical data

  34. GPLOT - vref value "out of range".

  35. GPLOT, reference line and LEGEND

  36. Generating line of variable names

  37. Get meta data of XPT file without converting to SAS dataset first?

  38. Getting a list of files in a folder: not so easy

  39. Getting all The Visits for all each subjects

  40. Getting all The Visits for each one of the subjects

  41. Good morning my love

  42. Gplot vertical dotted lines?

  43. Graph size- vsize trouble

  44. HELP: BOM Schedule

  45. Help sharing columns in any sas reporting function

  46. Help using notepad in SAS

  47. Help with Transposing my Clinical Dataset

  48. Hexidecimal Conversion

  49. Hi I need very urgent

  50. How can I capture an issue with a libname statment?

  51. How to change char Date values into DATE9. format

  52. How to report last obs only??????????

  53. How to suppress the proc ttest output?

  54. How to write just 10 records from a dataset with proc report

  55. Infile and JAVA web page

  56. Infile problem

  57. Kolmogorov or Shapiro?

  58. Lament: character variable length limitation

  59. Logistic regression output question

  60. Looking for a better way to do a query that takes so long I haven't completed it yet

  61. Loop calculus equivalent to Lag function

  62. Matlab matrix-calculation to SAS

  63. Need help with KEEP statement

  64. Need information about MI Reporting

  65. Need volunteer to test this code in non-Windows environment

  66. Netezza - hide password

  67. News on R "s largest corporate partner REVolution Computing and SPSS CEO:

  68. Now totally OT Re: Lament: character variable length limitation

  69. ODBC to MS SQL Server 2005 (?)

  70. ODS HTML output not displayed correctly in Outlook

  71. ODS PROC FREQ Question

  72. OT: Excel 2010
    • OT: Excel 2010 (30 lines)
      From: Fehd, Ronald J. (CDC/CCHIS/NCPHI) <rjf2@CDC.GOV>

  73. OT: Thursday Theory

  74. Obtaining box-cox power via univariate procs

  75. Options work =

  76. PROC FCMP VARARGS Weirdness

  77. PROC FREQ question or maybe TABULATE?

  78. PROC LOGISTIC Error - All observations have the same response

  79. PROC NLP
    • PROC NLP (76 lines)
      From: Stanley Luo <shanminglo@GMAIL.COM>



  82. Patient visit follow up

  83. Problem with Inobs

  84. Problems with ODBC DSN

  85. Proc Import Excel 2007 with SAS 9.2

  86. Proc Import Excel with SAS 9.1.3 SP4 on LINUX or HP-UX

  87. Proc Report Help

  88. Proc Transpose, Proc Tabulate, Proc Report?

  89. Proc sql subquery

  90. Proc transreg

  91. Proper SAS format for a difference in time XXXX

  92. Pulling Data from Txt File.

  93. Reading Excel datetime variable into SAS

  94. Reading OHLC Price

  95. Reading infile of varying lines per record

  96. Replace . by 0

  97. Robustifying batch Excel import

  98. Running the model

  99. SAS Advanced Certification.

  100. SAS CONNECT/SAS Display Manager or BASE SAS

  101. SAS Code to Identify Remote User Name

  102. SAS Global Forum 2010 - Call for Papers - for THIS WEEK ONLY

  103. SAS JMP/BI/ETS Consultant (Washington, DC; $85/hr)

  104. SAS Training Seminars in Washington, DC: December 2009

  105. SAS recipe for end-to-end workflow?

  106. SAS won't import all my data set

  107. SAS/Connect - Disable Data Transfer Services and Remote Library Services

  108. SQL updating a table with a stored procedure

  109. STRATA in Proc Logistic

  110. Simulate poisson with max value?

  111. Slow Launch Time for 9.2 on Windows XP SP3

  112. Summary of the differences of Base SAS 9.1.3 and SAS 9.2

  113. Update Metadata of tables to reflect the changes done to them in the database

  114. Usage of sum function

  115. Weekend Challenge - Keyboard Macros

  116. What is/are the model/models derived from the Marginal homogeneity test ?

  117. Which SAS product am I running?

  118. Why does this not work?

  119. aic model
    • aic model (32 lines)
      From: tarpon <tarponquest@GMAIL.COM>

  120. calculating an exact standardized mortality ratio (SMR)

  121. can has hash manys?

  122. creating charts using fusion charts..............

  123. data manipulation extraction

  124. date time calculation

  125. format
    • Re: format (27 lines)
      From: inason <iharun17@GOOGLEMAIL.COM>
    • format (58 lines)
      From: jen <jennha.hanson@GMAIL.COM>

  126. format modifier

  127. generate zero truncated count data

  128. help with a regular expression

  129. how can I generate a y2 axis that equals y1

  130. how can you solve this scenario for date values

  131. how can you solve this senario for date values

  132. how to analyze censored data within longitudinal framework

  133. how to delete every 100 th observation

  134. how to do this kind of tricky selection?

  135. how to simulate clinical trial data which has lognormal

  136. job: Atlanta, GA: Asst Professor Position at KSU

  137. likelihood
    • Re: likelihood (212 lines)
      From: Dale McLerran <stringplayer_2@YAHOO.COM>
    • likelihood (74 lines)
      From: Bobs <fabianezte@GMAIL.COM>

  138. list variables name

  139. logistics model.

  140. multiple to 1 per individual

  141. nlin
    • nlin (74 lines)
      From: Bobs <fabianezte@GMAIL.COM>

  142. nlmixed help
    • nlmixed help (41 lines)
      From: Nilesh Timilsina <ntimilsina@GMAIL.COM>

  143. nlmixed questions

  144. positioning of the ATTRIB statement

  145. proc gplot output to .rtf become smaller than SAS output window, why?

  146. proc sql- set operation

  147. reading excel datetime with AM PM

  148. running total

  149. sas Installation

  150. selecting only char n num variables

  151. sid.txt file

  152. simple macro question

  153. test pls ignore

  154. update: migrating AF applications from v9.1 to v9.2

  155. xlsx file into SAS - please help!
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