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SPSSX-L archives – January 2010

Table of contents:

  1. (Second post) What kind of GLM/ANOVA?

  2. 18 freezing/crashing

  3. <No subject>
    • <No subject> (46 lines)
      From: Bertalan Magyar <>
    • <No subject> (26 lines)
      From: Hui Zhao <>
    • <No subject> (20 lines)
      From: Dr. Guenther R. Vollmer <>

  4. =?us-ascii?Q?Re=3A=20CasesToVars=20adding=20new=20variables=20=28PASW=20v=2E17=29?=

  5. =?us-ascii?Q?Re=3A=20DO=20REPEAT=20and=20shifting=20dataset=20names=20and=20dates?=

  6. =?us-ascii?Q?Re=3A=20Help=20creating=20a=20one=20dichtomos=20variable=20out=20of=2025=20variables?=

  7. =?us-ascii?Q?Re=3A=20SPSS=20won=27t=20start=2E=20Help=20needed=2E?=

  8. =?us-ascii?Q?Re=3A=20stacking=20imputed=20datasets?=

  9. AMOS Query
    • AMOS Query (327 lines)
      From: Kollipara, Kiran <kkollipara@SPSS.COM>


  11. AW: identify missing values and recode

  12. Brian and your dates...

  13. CTABLES Problem

  14. Can anyone help me get a population standard deviation?

  15. CasesToVars adding new variables (PASW v.17)

  16. Categorical Test

  17. Check All That Apply

  18. Cognos Business Intelligence

  19. Computing Variables - Missing Data

  20. Copy/Export Tables in Output Viewer to Word

  21. Counting Values Over Many Variables

  22. Covariance Matrix for Unstandardized Regression Coefficient Estimates

  23. Creating several dummy-coded variables from a single categorical variable

  24. Cronbach alpha for PCA

  25. Crosstabs includes Tables?

  26. Ctables question

  27. DO REPEAT and shifting dataset names and dates

  28. Data file compatibility V17 & V18

  29. Dates: Subtracting number of months from a date

  30. Does v17 run under Windoze 2000?

  31. Downloading V18.1 patch

  32. Early Bird Discounts for Online Statistics Courses end January 14th

  33. Excel to SPSS dates garbled

  34. Excluded variables from regression

  35. Extracting and modifiying string variable

  36. FW: CTABLES Problem

  37. Factor Analysis on dichotomous variables

  38. Fw: Excluded variables from regression

  39. Fw: Re:
    • Fw: Re: (660 lines)
      From: John F Hall <>

  40. Fw: Re: Factor Analysis on dichotomous variables

  41. Fw: running production jobs in windows 7

  42. GEE
    • GEE (89 lines)
      From: Kala <>

  43. Getting stuff into XML output

  44. Help creating a one dichtomos variable out of 25 variables

  45. Help on Custom Table

  46. Help with errors

  47. How to display the 0 before the decimal point.

  48. How to get the earliest date into a new variable

  49. How to get total population from a complex sample

  50. Human Rights Watch Open Meeting Today: It Doesn't Add Up: Human Rights Monitoring and the Numbers

  51. I can't believe there's a limit on datafile size

  52. I can't believe there's a limit on datafile size - bug in input dialogue v 18.1

  53. IRT sample sizes

  54. Increase your Statistics IQ in the New Year through interactive online courses.

  55. Increasing order of polynomials in growth curve

  56. Insufficient memory to process the command

  57. K-means clustering

  58. Key Drivers-Regression vs Random Forest

  59. Kolmogorov-Smirnov

  60. LMATRIX in MIXED procedure

  61. Levels of the repeated effect

  62. Limit on Variables in Regression

  63. Location for import file from syntax

  64. MIXED model CONTRAST syntax help

  65. Method Used in the Development and Validation of a Scale: Was it Logically/Psychometrically Correct?

  66. Mixed design? 2 ways MANOVA? or what? and how...

  67. Mixed model for data that are not normally distributed.

  68. Multilevel (HLM) analysis in MIXED

  69. Multiple response with text variables

  70. Multiple response with text variables SOLVED!

  71. Multivariate Analysis in MIXED

  72. Number of Contact Hours per Time Period

  73. OMS and Custom Tables

  74. Output Results to Excel

  75. Pivot table error report with v18.01

  76. Power and Sample Size Determination--Course to Begin Friday

  77. Print Label and Variable name in Factor

  78. Protected Files

  79. Quad Core Processors

  80. Question about "Any (varlist, value)"

  81. Question about confidence intervals

  82. Question on analysis--many observations per subject

  83. R in SPSS 16 - Graphical output

  84. R won't start from PASW 18.1

  85. REmoval from List

  86. Rasch Model
    • Rasch Model (117 lines)
      From: Salbod, Mr. Stephen <>
    • Re: Rasch Model (121 lines)
      From: Jon K Peck <>

  87. Reading NCPDP formatted data into SPSS

  88. Regression or correlation

  89. Rename variables with the string value in another variable?

  90. Request option for MEANS

  91. Restructuring Cases into Variables

  92. Run pending transformations

  93. SOLVED: Question about "Any (varlist, value)"

  94. SPSS 15 on Windows 7

  95. SPSS 17
    • Re: SPSS 17 (191 lines)
      From: bronnick <bronnick@GMAIL.COM>

  96. SPSS v17.01 logistic regression ignores table variables setting

  97. SPSS won't start. Help needed.

  98. SPSSdxcfg error

  99. Setting Seeds in K-means

  100. Shotgun wedding of repeated measures and between-groups designs

  101. Small Problem: Border Width greyed out

  102. Stats for GLM pairwise comparisons

  103. TPI and CSE scales

  104. TdRunSyntax don't work in SPSS 16

  105. Text import wizard

  106. The advantages of STATA over SPSS

  107. Time series analysis with random intervals for data points

  108. Time-dependent variable handling in SPSS Cox survival?

  109. Total score issue

  110. Twostep Cluster analysis for rating scales

  111. Typicality Probabilities in DISCRIMINANT program in SPSS XXXX

  112. Unable to save file to desktop - no permission(?)

  113. Updated comparison table for SAS-SPSS Add-ons and R Functions

  114. Using a Ram Disk

  115. Using subtitle Command in SBS-Script

  116. Variance formula.

  117. Vista-PAWS18 Question

  118. What kind of GLM/ANOVA?

  119. Windows vs. Linux

  120. [APA] query about online texts

  121. [Cases with n>5]

  122. [R] Updated comparison table for SAS-SPSS Add-ons and R Functions

  123. adjusted means

  124. alternative to time-series analysis

  125. automated reports with SPSS Syntax

  126. comparing datasets without using match or merge file command

  127. concatenate?

  128. contrasts using Mixed

  129. ctables question

  130. dataset activate bug?

  131. different results for mixed and GLM

  132. encryption

  133. getting a Python wx.gauge to work with SPSS

  134. help -advise please

  135. identify missing values and recode

  136. macro and script problems in SPSS 18

  137. max-min
    • max-min (262 lines)
      From: Rodrigo Briceño <>
    • Re: max-min (363 lines)
      From: Mike Palij <>
    • Re: max-min (83 lines)
      From: García-Granero <>
    • Re: max-min (68 lines)
      From: Bruce Weaver <>
    • Re: max-min (79 lines)
      From: Mike Palij <>
    • Re: max-min (36 lines)
      From: Richard Ristow <>
    • Re: max-min (441 lines)
      From: Rodrigo Briceño <>
    • Re: max-min (249 lines)
      From: Jon K Peck <>
    • Re: max-min (414 lines)
      From: Mike Palij <>
    • Re: max-min (446 lines)
      From: Jon K Peck <>

  138. missing values in MIXED and GLM [was Re: different results for mixed and GLM]

  139. mixed models with repeated measurements

  140. n size reference

  141. one-way ANOVA and Levenes test

  142. online SmartPLS SEM workshops in February

  143. put my spss code under version control

  144. question about frequencies in cases separated by grouping variables

  145. regression: multiple Y for each X

  146. running production jobs in windows 7

  147. sel if & any with ne

  148. select cases

  149. specifying the correct path for a MAC

  150. stacking imputed datasets

  151. sytax for no variance in survey item responding

  152. t-test with small n

  153. t-test with summary data

  154. transform variable

  155. use of rpad
    • use of rpad (183 lines)
      From: Parise, Carol A. <>
    • Re: use of rpad (197 lines)
      From: Rick Oliver <>

  156. value counts via aggregate
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