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SAS-L archives – January 2010, week 3

Table of contents:

  1. "unable to write to template store"

  2. 'IN' in macros

  3. 'In' in macros

  4. A time sensitive request for ALL SAS-L posters

  5. Accessing servers that are password protected in Windows XP

  6. Atrributing Event Data to a Given ID

  7. Can Proc Import define data column numbers?

  8. Capture MAC address into SAS

  9. Change default in Viewtable?

  10. Compiled Secure Macro on Unix SAS 9.2

  11. Concatenating Times

  12. Concatenating variable across observations

  13. Concatentating SAS datasets

  14. Conjoint analysis of chemotherapy induced nausea and vomiting using the Contingent Valuation Method

  15. Creating Matrix Array

  16. Creating a new dataset-beg/end dates

  17. Customizing emails format

  18. DO While in Macro

  19. Distribute the contents of a variable in others

  20. Error in reading compressed file

  21. Error or Abort on invalid data

  22. Evaluate character macro variable

  23. Find the position of max/min value in an unsorted array

  24. Frialty Model Woes using PROC NLMIXED

  25. Fwd: PREPORT - Date / Week

  26. Generating Response Data using *Actual* Data

  27. Hash Question

  28. Help required in transpose

  29. How is this proc contents possible

  30. How to Generate Random Stock Price Paths?

  31. How to normalize the data layout?

  32. How to open excel file in Sas using _null_?

  33. How to organize Excel data for longitudinal analysis?

  34. How you can save fuel and the environment

  35. IN - Option
    • IN - Option (24 lines)
      From: SAS Swamy <sasswamy@GMAIL.COM>
    • Re: IN - Option (49 lines)
      From: Gerhard Hellriegel <gerhard.hellriegel@T-ONLINE.DE>
    • Re: IN - Option (61 lines)
      From: saslearn chicago <sasswamy@GMAIL.COM>

  36. Importing CSV, first row has column names

  37. Internet log files

  38. Introduntion
    • Re: Introduntion (60 lines)
      From: Sierra Information Services <sfbay0001@AOL.COM>

  39. Lag function-quarterly data

  40. Looking for SAS Practice Exams and Braindumps

  41. Macro SCAN and COUNTW equivalent?

  42. Macro-variable

  43. Moving Character from date

  44. Nomograms using annotate?

  45. Notes produced from proc mixed

  46. ODS Html Style Graph with SGPLOT in Excel Sheet

  47. PREPORT - Date / Week

  48. Power and Sample Size Determination--Course to Begin Friday

  49. Problem in reading a password protected Excel File: Could not decrypt file

  50. Problem when using the SAS/GRAPH Procedures: SGPLOT and SGPANEL

  51. Proc ARIMA - by groups

  52. Proc Gplot Unsupported device

  53. Question regarding PROC SURVEYLOGISTIC

  54. RAND_GENV for randomization tests (variant of RAND_GEN macro))

  55. Read big-endian binary encoded files

  56. Reading in pre-fixed file layout

  57. Regarding Reading from a macro variable.

  58. SAS 9.2 is compatible with Windows 7

  59. SAS Calculates the number of days between 31DEC9999 and 01JAN1960 differently than other systems

  60. SAS I/O error

  61. SAS Training

  62. SAS and MS SharePoint?

  63. SAS and ODBC dates

  64. SASware ballot #18 Proc Transpose preserving variable attributes

  65. SUM by Time Stamp

  66. Sampling Problem

  67. Sequential IDs for multiple obs per subject: Any ideas ? No dice yet!

  68. Statistics used to validate a model

  69. Subsetting data based on date range

  70. Summary: Question regarding PROC SURVEYLOGISTIC

  71. Unable to read Unicode file into SAS file - able to do after using 'convert into DOS'. Please help

  72. Use a physical file in SAS/SQL

  73. Using C DLL from SAS

  74. Using GTL and PROC TEMPLATE to customize graphs XXXX

  75. Weird naming convention with newfile=bygroup ?

  76. Which process lock a table on Win environment

  77. Why I cann't use %local like this?

  78. Writing Temporary DB2 Tables From SAS Enterprise Guide

  79. assign a unique random integer to each unique id

  80. assign a unique random integer to each unique id - thank you

  81. comparing values

  82. computing expected revenues with moving window

  83. confidence intervals with PROC PHREG

  84. counting links between banks and borrowers

  85. getting the treatment codes

  86. how solve this senario?

  87. how to execute SAS macro in a scheduled manner

  88. how to transpose two varaibles in datastep by using arrays?

  89. keep text together

  90. model comparison

  91. model diagnostic a must?

  92. multilevel modeling

  93. multiple comparisons criteria

  94. normal score back transformation

  95. not enough memory

  96. problem with automatic categorization of variables

  97. proc append to combine multiple tables on Unix

  98. proc mixed: multicolinearity

  99. question about "original purpose" of macros

  100. read and merge lots of txt files, macro?

  101. real p values from ttest

  102. result
    • result (25 lines)
      From: Val Krem <valkrem@YAHOO.COM>
    • Re: result (71 lines)
      From: Gary Klein <kleingary@YAHOO.COM>

  103. rollup
    • rollup (47 lines)
      From: William Shakespeare <shakespeare_1040@HOTMAIL.COM>
    • Re: rollup (71 lines)
      From: Joe Matise <snoopy369@GMAIL.COM>
    • Re: rollup (105 lines)
      From: Daniel Fernández <fdezdan@GMAIL.COM>
    • Re: rollup (22 lines)
      From: yingtao <yingtaoliu@GMAIL.COM>
    • Re: rollup (33 lines)
      From: Daniel Fernández <fdezdan@GMAIL.COM>

  104. sas read .lnk file

  105. sql help / edit values for same item on different rows

  106. why filesize is different?
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