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SAS-L archives – February 2010, week 4

Table of contents:

  1. 'Sasers' set to stun

  2. 1)if and if-else 2)if and where 3)keep=option and keep statement4)input function and input statement 5)scan and substr6)if and if then do7)informat and format i had good knowledge about those difference with examples.

  3. 256 character command limit

  4. A question about attrn function(NOBS, NLOBS,NLOBSF)

  5. Another way to fill between two lines using annotate ( like

  6. Another way to fill between two lines using annotate ( like bill.mckirgan@GMAIL.COM's data)

  7. Basic Bootstrap Macro

  8. Can't view results in html once check "View results when they are generated"

  9. Cannot Allocate a SAS Library in Interactive SAS(TSO)

  10. Char() vs substr() (was Re: How to - Hex IP address to dotted decimal)

  11. Chow test with categorical vars

  12. Combine 20 data sets, same variables with different length

  13. Concordance logistic regression SAS

  14. Converting a timestamp to a SAS time

  15. Cumulative incidence estimate - Your input needed

  16. DDE not responding in SAS

  17. Data step Do loop to change the value of Macro Variable

  18. Distribution

  19. Drop down to R and use Zelig Statistical Package for General Linear Models(with Mixed models)

  20. Drop down to SCL and R in your datastep

  21. DropDownComboBox in UNIX - display problem

  22. ERROR: Connect: External table is not in the expected format. (when using a .xlsx file)

  23. FLOW option in proc report - unexpected

  24. FPC Sample Size Power?

  25. Factor analysis for positively skewed data

  26. Format in SAS

  27. GEE model for difference over time?

  28. Has anyone noticed a Proc Document glitch with gsegs?

  29. How Do I code a Preference Experiment

  30. How does put function work

  31. How to - Hex IP address to dotted decimal

  32. How to Find the nearest multiple of 10

  33. How to Import ENC2 File Format?

  34. How to convert Excel data to sas

  35. How to get the last non-missing variable value

  36. How to rearrange order of variables?

  37. How to remove BOTH duplicates in sort

  38. How to run a loop through all of variables

  39. How to search for special strings?

  40. How to specify the ESTIMATE statement in PROC MIXED

  41. How to transpose a table


  43. Import Error

  44. In what SAS version was xxx introduced??

  45. In-House SAS/JMP/Interest User Group?

  46. Issue with filename pipe and SAS shortcut.

  47. Jonckheere test

  48. LST produced instead of RTF

  49. Macro Program to mimic "lines"

  50. Macro Variable - Data _null_ statement - Help

  51. Macro execution

  52. Macro for reading txt files

  53. Macro variable and do loop

  54. Math Stat Position - Metro DC NOT SAS

  55. Multicollinearity problem

  56. No way to import a password-protected Excel worksheet?

  57. Number of Instructions Used by Datastep

  58. OT: Re: LST produced instead of RTF

  59. OT: Three SAS Consultants

  60. Oracle Clinical: table RXC_DCI_BOOK_PAGES

  61. Ordinal data

  62. Ordinal logistic regression

  63. Ouput only select regression coefficients with "proc syslin"?

  64. PROC EXPORT in SAS/Server

  65. PROC SURVEYSELECT exclude from sampling, include in data

  66. Permuted Block Randomization with PROC PLAN

  67. Picking a value from one variable based on values in another variable

  68. Price Info
    • Price Info (19 lines)
      From: Adelina Gschwandtner <adelina.gschwandtner@UNIVIE.AC.AT>
    • Re: Price Info (30 lines)
      From: Craig Johnson <cjohns38@GMAIL.COM>
    • Re: Price Info (10 lines)
      From: Norman Weston <nweston@AMGEN.COM>

  69. Problem in SORT

  70. Problem with the "contents" option in tagsets.excelxp

  71. Proc Template

  72. Proc import with mutiple datatype for one column

  73. Re Spectral Analysis

  74. Reading an XML parsed file

  75. Retain Carriage Return in ACCESS memofield

  76. Robust standard errors in Zero inflated Poisson and Zero inflated negative binomial regression

  77. SAS Graph: Getting sub-percents on a stacked bar graph

  78. SAS SQL subquery efficiency

  79. SAS connect issues after SAS version upgrade to 9.2 on the server

  80. SAS insight creates junk variable (_OBSTAT_)

  81. SAS(r) Training Seminars in Downtown Philadelphia, March 2010

  82. SAS-L BOF award voting deadline is THIS SUNDAY


  84. STATEMENT AND SYNTAX for robust standard errors in Zero inflated model

    • SURVEYREG (20 lines)
      From: Rick Francis <rnfrancis@UTEP.EDU>

  86. Scope of Macro Functions

  87. Setting from or reply to using elm email on unix

  88. Sleazy trick making cats operate like bath catx and catt

  89. Spectral Analysis
    • Spectral Analysis (14 lines)
      From: Stanley A. Gorodenski <stan_gorodenski@ASUALUMNI.ORG>

  90. Sum of 25.47 and -25.47 is not equal to zero

  91. Switch Variable Columns

  92. Syntax and approach for unequaly spaced ordered independent variable (Proc Phreg )

  93. Taking the log of variable with Positive, Zero and Negative Values

  94. Testing Trends when Equal Variances are not Assumed

  95. This happened to me when windows tried an auto update. I'm using 9.1.3 so it's "experimental". Any simple workarounds?

  96. Three Old Men

  97. Unstacking Data

  98. Using PROC SQL for creating macro variables

  99. Wald chi-square

  100. access Sharepoint from SAS/Base 9.1

  101. an efficiency issue in proc sql

  102. anyway to use %include() inside a pass-through query?

  103. code challenge: call execute of macro w/complexity

  104. create one dataset out of multiple access tables

  105. creating a filename with concatenated date & time values

  106. dsread - Windows command-line utility for SAS7BDAT files

  107. dupflag in merge

  108. event: Atlanta, SAS certification

  109. graph: fill area between series lines

  110. how to prevent SAS macro from interpreting "&"

  111. laptop recommendation

  112. last column of *.prn file missing

  113. least squares estimation - highly correlated covariates

  114. manipulating data in an obs

  115. ods pdf speed performance issues

  116. online SmartPLS path modeling workshops March 19-20 and April 2-3

  117. online covariance-based SEM workshop using R statistical software

  118. proc report and generate frequencies based on a number of variables

  119. reading dates from sql server 2008 as dates

  120. select first obs for string

  121. source vs. nosource system option

  122. standard error of coefficients in logistic regression

  123. summary in SAS

  124. tricky sum

  125. update a column based on a column in another table

  126. using INTNX and TABULATE in SAS

  127. using proc export/dbms=xls and excel lost date format
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