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SAS-L archives – March 2010, week 4

Table of contents:

  1. A Help needed on How to use datastep instead of Proc SQL for give code - Thank you so much for helping me

  2. AMO - Do not output modified registered tables.

  3. An unsuccessful attempt to parse the SAS logfile for a WARNING-message

  4. Base 36 (?) conversion

  5. Can SAS create custom webpage reports based on NT login

  6. Can i merge

  7. Centering a variable

  8. Chance to Make SAS-L History: Did You Know That...

  9. Changing formats on Transpose dataset

  10. Collinearity issue (was: Centering a variable)

  11. Compute After - Proc report

  12. Converting Variables into Observations <--Vertically

  13. Could anyone help me to figure out what the meaning of this code?

  14. Create new variable by quater

  15. DI studio add index to dataset

  16. Date Conversion

  17. Dealing with decimals when Importing CSV Data

  18. Debugging I/O errors

  19. Deleting files older then a certain age from a folder

  20. Display values and value labels in SAS output

  21. Dividing a table in to smaller tables

  22. Excel autoformatting of time field

  23. Fitting sinusoidal lines to data

  24. GLIMMIX warning

  25. Google analytics read into SAS

  26. HELP: Somers' D

  27. Hi
    • Hi (9 lines)

  28. How to calculate difference with longitudinal data format

  29. How to calculate the difference by ID and days in longitudinal data format

  30. How to condense multiple observations

  31. How to convert dataset into format values?

  32. How to debug a SAS program?

  33. How to estimate Weibull distribution parameter

  34. How to merge with duplicate observation on both sides

  35. How to print the results only to ODS files but not to the output window

  36. How to run a loop?

  37. Import from Excel

  38. Interaction Between Categorical and Continuous Variables

  39. Latent regression analysis

  40. Linking variables to formats

  41. Log File with Color in Server

  42. MDB files compare

  43. Mainframe expertise needed

  44. Masking special characters in text string

  45. Model selection in Proc Mixed

  46. More questions : Do-Loop in IML

  47. Multilevel Analysis SAS code..HELP needed

  48. National characters and export to SPSS

  49. Numerical Integration & Legendre

  50. ODS HTML column width

  51. ODS HTML column width and TEMPLATE

  52. OT: for Edward Tufte Devotees

  53. Optimum PC setup for SASsing

  54. PLEASE HELP...........problem in Merge ...

  55. PROC COMPARE checking unique records irrespective of position


  57. PROC SQL: Concatenating values of several columns into several macro variables

  58. PhD Quant Position Opening

  59. Policy on Job LIstings

  60. Proc Freq tables multiple observations

  61. Proc IML: how to delete a row in a matrix depending on values in the first column?

  62. REMINDER: NJ SAS Users Group Meeting, Friday March 26th @ Rutgers

  63. ReRe Why is Good in SAS 9.1.3 bad in SAS 9.2? Same op sys&computer

  64. Reading Data

  65. Reading XML files

  66. Reading a directory and selecting only desired filenames

  67. Running PL/SQL through PROC DBLOAD

  68. SAS 9.2 on windows 7

  69. SAS Global Forum 2010 - Authors Reception and Book Drawing Mixer

  70. SAS Programmer Opening(s), Boston

  71. SAS optmization

  72. SGF 2010 Proceedings Available

  73. SUGI is to SGF as BOF is to ???

  74. Scatterplot matrix from ODS in PROC CORR

  75. Sort Large Dataset

  76. Spring Schedule of Online Interactive Courses

  77. Survey Procs - Strata

  78. Tip: Getting your calendar right for SGF

  79. Translating an Access Query to SAS

  80. Unable to sort dataset with 6.7 Million records. ERROR: Utility file write failed. Probable disk full condition.

  81. Web Report Studio Using OLAP Year over Year calculation

  82. What is the right statistical procedure?

  83. Which Statistical test to use?

  84. Why is Good SAS 9.1.3 bad in SAS 9.2?

  85. Why won't SAS fix PROC EXPORT

  86. Win/DOS wild card filenames to Perl regular expression.

  87. Year to date calculation in OLAP cube

  88. Zipcode Range

  89. _SetKEY : clear active key

  90. add flag variable when set multiple data together?

  91. aggregate remaining obs /records SQL

  92. comparing time series question

  93. converting character datetime(ISO) to numeric datetime20.

  94. converting raw SQL to PROC SQL

  95. create second random variable with 0 correlation

  96. deployment of SAS v9.2.2 using SCCM

  97. df for confidence interval with a random effect (maybe Satterthwaite)

  98. excelxp tagset and data type in xml

  99. extracting

  100. finding the mode

  101. generate SAMPLE correlations

  102. getting unique ID observations

  103. how to create a libname in macro?

  104. how to draw vertical lines in graphs using annotate ?

  105. how to filter observations

  106. how to obtain level2 and level3 residual separately in a three level Mixed model

  107. macro variable trouble

  108. path analysis with categorical variables

  109. proc logistic and noprint option

  110. proc nlp and epicure

  111. putting data in the right format

  112. unistats powerpoint show

  113. univariate default tables

  114. v-fold cross validation in Clustering

  115. why....
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