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SAS-L archives – May 2010, week 3

Table of contents:

  1. "BackTesting" Vintage analysis

  2. %sysfunc and macro variable

  3. 0 vars, 0 obs

  4. 1 GB data sets=very messy!!!

  5. Alternative for "goto" in do loop

  6. AnalyticBridge competition: investigate the spectacular stock market collapse of May 6, 2010

  7. Appending Macro Variables

  8. Average the Dups

  9. Call Missing - what does it do to a character variable length?

  10. Ceil/round question

  11. Concatenating 2 numerics

  12. DATA STEP problem with oddly entered longitudinal data

  13. Data Structure Using Proc Transpose

  14. Data input glitch

  15. Data step index lookup of multiple values from multiple files

  16. Dataset plus or minus 12 month of admission

  17. Dividing a dataset

  18. Do Loop Help

  19. FONT issue
    • Re: FONT issue (37 lines)
      From: Richard A. DeVenezia <rdevenezia@GMAIL.COM>

  20. Finding the variables with all missing values

  21. Friday Humor

  22. Fuzzy matching - finding the best result set

  23. Fw: 0 vars, 0 obs

  24. Fw: Data Structure Using Proc Transpose

  25. Getting variable label value in DATA STEP?

  26. Help producing a figure of an overlaid pdf and cdf graph

  27. How to delete observations with all variables missing?

  28. How to silence "unsupported ... ACTIVEX ... PDF" warning?

  29. Loop for years and quarters

  30. MANISH KUMAR wants to stay in touch on LinkedIn

  31. My SAS EG log file keeps growing and growing

  32. Need Help on Array or Macro

  33. Need a shell script to run the SAS Jobs

  34. Need a way to let people run SAS jobs but not edit SAS code

  35. Need help building lists of comma-joined variables

  36. Need help escaping macros

  37. OT: Friday Humor
    • OT: Friday Humor (13 lines)
      From: Fehd, Ronald J. (CDC/OSELS/NCPHI) <rjf2@CDC.GOV>
    • OT: Friday Humor (16 lines)
      From: Fehd, Ronald J. (CDC/OSELS/NCPHI) <rjf2@CDC.GOV>

  38. OT: Man responsible for the generation of a lot of data dies

  39. OT: is doing the SAS alliance application worthwhile?

  40. PROC Model: Increasing Iter for convergence

  41. PROC PRINTTO redirection

  42. PROC SOAP defect - FYI

  43. Predictive Cluster Analyses using Nearest Neighbor

  44. Predictive Modeling In The News

  45. Proc Import on SAS EG

  46. Q: PROC SQL's INSERT missing data to remote database

  47. Question on KEYS (F9)

  48. Read formats into Dataset

  49. Rejected posting message from LISTSERV.VT.EDU

  50. Remote submit macro-generated code

  51. Research Job Opportunity - Applied SAS - Sacramento, CA

  52. Retain statement code wont work for variable name containing an underscore?

  53. Running SAS programs using Gnu Emacs + ESS on Windows 7

  54. SAS Enterprise Guide

  55. SAS Enterprise: Suppress ODS output for some procs but not others

  56. SAS code to validate email Id

  57. SAS, oAuth, and Twitter

  58. SGPlot Procedure - Legend :-(

  59. SGPlot like GPlot

  60. SaviCellsPro from SGF

  61. Searching Google Groups

  62. Second Reminder New SAS e-Guide: Quick Results with Proc SQL

  63. Simple ANOVA, R different from SAS?

  64. Son of Alternative for "goto" in DO Loop

  65. Stored processes and ODS

  66. Submitting SAS jobs from Java with

  67. Tools to visualize dataset dependencies?

  68. Toronto Area SAS Society (TASS) June Meeting

  69. Turn color off or specified color in TITLE statement

    • UNSUBSCRIBE (24 lines)
      From: Reed, Derek <derek.reed@SINCLAIR.EDU>

  71. URGENT: SAS Enterprise Graph Output GPATH

  72. Using indexes with views

  73. Vtype in PROC SQL

  74. Zero-Inflated Gamma = Hurdle Gamma?

  75. aggregate grouping across columns

  76. capture output fro npar1way

  77. contract research organization jobs

  78. getting two-, three-, four- consecutive words

  79. how to write a repeated measures statement for two blocks of time series

  80. how to write the model statements in proc mixed for a repeated measures

  81. keep duplicates

  82. logistic model outcome

  83. logistic regression predicted probability stnd error?

  84. macro not resolving

  85. maximum nesting of subqueries
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