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SAS-L archives – June 2010, week 2

Table of contents:

  1. =?windows-1252?Q?PROC_Report_=96_2_Sets?=

  2. =?windows-1252?Q?Re=3A_Report_=96_Alignment_=28_LINE_=29?=

  3. =?windows-1252?Q?Report_=96_Alignment_=28_LINE_=29?=

  4. Analyzing Large Data Sets, Sample Size Determination. Early Bird Discounts End June 19th

  5. Automatic reply: SAS-L Digest - 10 Jun 2010 - Special issue (#2010-709)

  6. Calculation of pseudo r square and AUROC using survey logistic statement

  7. Capitalize values in multiple variables in a SAS dataset

  8. Chance to Make SAS-L History: Did You Know That...

  9. DSNCATLGD Function

  10. Data Step Update of MS Access Table: Is it possible?

  11. Define urban/rural by zip code

  12. Documentation for ODS GRAPHICS options?

  13. Drop a renamed variable using the drop statement

  14. Errors in log to output file

  15. Export to Excel by years

  16. Extracting and reformatting data

  17. Filling in Missing Observations

  18. Help - how to create/use sha1 hash in SAS

  19. Help me use a macro and avoid all this copy-paste

  20. Help with Graphs ( Proc Gplot)

  21. How do I disable sort when creating a new dataset from another?

  22. How do I get specific abend or return code from SAS under UNIX

  23. How to calculate the Confidence interval for ICC for a three level model with only random effect ?

  24. How to capture return code in sas9.2 batch mode on windows?

  25. ISO8601 date conversion macro

  26. Inconsistent Failure to Detect Committed Deletes

  27. Inserting a table in an ODS REGION?

  28. Job Posting, Associate Director of Statistics

  29. Join SQL table with a SAS dataset?

  30. Last Reminder: Two Live, Interactive, Online June SEM Workshops

  31. Last quarter

  32. Loop

  33. Models in hedge funds


  35. Nonzero min value

  36. ODBC, Excel, and headers

  37. OT: Thursday Theory

  38. Optimizing Multiple Objectives ---GA procedure

  39. PROC Report – 2 Sets

  40. PROC SORT/ No disk space available for the write operation

  41. Proc Export to Microsoft Access Database: Poor Performance

  42. Proc Genmod running for 17 hours

  43. Proper reliability ICC model

  44. Question about SAS macro variables and PROC PMENU

  45. Repeated I/O errors

  46. Root finding in SAS

  47. SAS Programmer San Francisco

  48. SAS oddities and spiders from Mars

  49. SAS output gives 0 and dots

  50. SAS-L: Directory of SASHELP datasets?

  51. SG Graph Box Plot Question

  52. Skill Sets needed to be considered a SAS programmer

  53. Solve non-linear equation

  54. Stacked Bar Graph Value labels

  55. Using sysdate9. in where statement

  56. Using the CONTRAST Statement in PROC MIXED for 3 fixed effects

  57. Windows 7 and SAS


  59. bootstrapping for overfit models?

  60. calculating confidence intervals for interaction terms

  61. call routine vs analogous function - when is one better than the other?

  62. how to solve this senario?

  63. proc gchart warning message

  64. proc loess - out of memory

  65. proc means and pennies...

  66. request references: SQL list processing

  67. tabulate question

  68. when to do separate analysis for gender
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