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SAS-L archives – June 2010, week 3

Table of contents:

  1. <No subject>
    • <No subject> (25 lines)
      From: Laughing Beggar <laughing_beggar@HOTMAIL.COM>

  2. A Macro programming question

  3. Automatic reply: SAS-L Digest - 21 Jun 2010 - Special issue (#2010-731)

  4. Batch Processing in SAS Windows 7

  5. Bivariate logistic (with missing response values)

  6. Bivariate probit with missing data

  7. Capitalize values in multiple variables in a SAS dataset

  8. Chance to Make SAS-L History: Did You Know That...

  9. Checking a string for valid numeric value

  10. Converting SPSS ctables to SAS

  11. Data Step & macro array

  12. Decreasing Dataset Dimensionality

  13. GPLOT left nav link labeling

  14. Hazard Ratios for Survival Analysis

  15. Help with data gathering

  16. How to read SAS version 6 dataset XX.ssd01 data in SAS 9?

  17. Interesting problem with SAS and Unix

  18. Interpretation of Odds Ratio from proc Glimmix

  19. Latent Growth Curve Model - MIXED

  20. Loop over FREQ
    • Loop over FREQ (107 lines)
      From: Ricardo Gonçalves da Silva <rgs.rsilva@BANCOVOTORANTIM.COM.BR>


  22. NLMIXED convergence issues XXXX

  23. ODS mix landscape and portrait output

  24. OT: Coding Error

  25. PROC Compare
    • PROC Compare (68 lines)
      From: SAS Swamy <sasswamy@GMAIL.COM>
    • Re: PROC Compare (91 lines)
      From: Fehd, Ronald J. (CDC/OSELS/NCPHI) <rjf2@CDC.GOV>

  26. PROC FREQ/Tabulate/report

  27. PROC NLMIXED: finite gaussian mixture distribution of latent exogenous variables in a structural equation model

  28. Popularity of R, SAS, SPSS, Stata...

  29. Proc Export to MS Access error message

  30. Proper reliability ICC model

  31. Regarding log error

  32. Reminiscing SAS on Mainframe

  33. Report Layout
    • Report Layout (104 lines)
      From: SUBSCRIBE SAS-L Joe H. Smith <peesari.mahesh@GMAIL.COM>

  34. SAS-L: Directory of SASHELP datasets?

  35. SQL equivalent of LAST. processing How to drop unwanted columns

  36. Sorry: title is "Counting mothers from babies"

  37. Using INTNX to return "same" time value increment

  38. Using probit/logit analysis to estimate Willingness to Pay

  39. WARNING: Apparent symbolic reference P not resolved.

  40. Weight statement PROC GLM

  41. data manipulation?

  42. may be try
    • may be try (13 lines)
      From: SUBSCRIBE SAS-L JingJu11 S <jingju11@HOTMAIL.COM>

  43. merge two tables

  44. multiple images for gplot in browser

  45. ot: sas 9.2 on ubuntu 9.10

  46. parsing Excel data with SAS based on cell coloring

  47. proc gchart warning message

  48. proc loess - out of memory

  49. request references: SQL list processing
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