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SAS-L archives – October 2010, week 3

Table of contents:

  1. Analyzing Windows Search Screen Results

  2. Any SAS codes to receive email?

  3. Attempting to contact a SAS/L participant

  4. Autoref in GCHART

  5. Batch submission in Windows 7


  7. Comparing Datasets and Finding Differences

  8. Conditional Formatting

  9. Condor and SAS

  10. DDE Save As Problem

  11. Double back-slash in libname

  12. Exporting publication quality graph

  13. Exporting to Stata user-defined formats

  14. GCHART (Sorry, forgot the code in previous message

  15. GCHART questions: unwanted truncation and alphabetization of bar labels

  16. Graph Legend

  17. Hash or No-Hash solution to my problem?

  18. How to create a jackknife macro

  19. How to rename variable names containing invalid sas characters and

  20. How to rename variable names containing invalid sas characters and

  21. Macro quoting help

  22. Macro quoting?

  23. Mapped Drive Problems

  24. Max number of Libraries?

  25. Need Help Creating a Matrix

  26. Newton-Raphson in SAS?

  27. OT: Chance to Make SAS-L History: Did You Know That...

  28. Online Interacive Courses for Fall

  29. PROC GPLOT question: Why is the legend not matchin up with the data?

  30. PROC SQL Update Question

  31. PROC for MLE Estimation

  32. Paula E. Jayne: Correct your OOO configuration

  33. Paula Jayne email rejection

  34. Proc mixed : Testing the equality of equal residual variances

  35. Publication Quality Graphics

  36. Question: Data Step/SQL subtraction problem

  37. RELR

  38. RES: Newton-Raphson in SAS?

  39. Reading DB2 tables with SAS

  40. SAS Institute, Jim Goodnight on World Statistics Day

  41. SAS Server

  42. SAS on mainframes

  43. SAS vs Oracle Efficiency Question

  44. Saving the sub-means

  45. Transaction level processing with rolling window of time

  46. Uninstalling 9.2.3 what could we infer from this note?

  47. Variable Labels in a Proc Freq?

  48. Y-axis label far away from Y-axis scale

  49. a little macro help, quoting?

  50. differentiating the files

  51. getting an %superq evaluation to work in a macro fired by another macro

  52. output excel

  53. proc arima

  54. proc princomp (PCA)

  55. reading NA as missing values without errors

  56. reading data from txt file, data files

  57. reference to the next observation

  58. repeated measures

  59. sas, student's t, confidence interval

  60. sgplot/vbar how to put statistics outside the bar?

  61. test post

  62. time_series question: Please advise

  63. weird error
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