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SPSSX-L archives – January 2011

Table of contents:

  1. 2011 DATIC summer workshops to be offered on HLM, SEM, and Dyadic Analysis

  2. <No subject>

  3. =?us-ascii?Q?Re=3A=20The=20document=20is=20already=20in=20use=20by=20another=20user=20or=20process=2E?=

  4. AHEX32 as ID in Aggregate

  5. AMOS error message

  6. AW: Summation

  7. Adding All Files in A Directory: Shortcut?

  8. Announcement: CCASA April 8 Workshop on Regression Modeling with Many Correlated Predictors

  9. Approximating Age

  10. Area Under the Curve

  11. Automatic reply: Chisquare and gamma coefficient

  12. Automatic reply: MRSETS & Means

  13. Automatic reply: SPSSX-L Digest - 19 Jan 2011 to 20 Jan 2011 (#2011-20)

  14. Automatic reply: SPSSX-L Digest - 23 Jan 2011 to 24 Jan 2011 (#2011-24)

  15. Automatic reply: SPSSX-L Digest - 27 Jan 2011 to 28 Jan 2011 (#2011-28)

  16. Automatic reply: SPSSX-L Digest - 9 Jan 2011 to 10 Jan 2011 (#2011-10)

  17. Automatic reply: Suggestions needed for data collection

  18. Automatic reply: Textbook request

  19. Automatic reply: generate data with fixed range and known correlation

  20. Automatic reply: linearity of logit - extremely high Exp(B)

  21. Automatic reply: logistic regression: number of cases per category

  22. Bonferroni correction and number of comparisons

  23. Bootstrap error message

  24. Boundaries of RECODE ranges

  25. C Source Code and PMML


  27. Calculating Scale Scores with missing data

  28. Calculating Scale Scores with missing data (2)

  29. Categorizing study participants based on their scores on summated scales (non-SPSS question).

  30. Chi square or U Test

  31. Chisquare and gamma coefficient

  32. Choosing type of regression

  33. Combination of AGGREGATE and CASESTOVARS?

  34. Comparing two records

  35. Conditional logistic regression

  36. Conditional logistic regression for agreement study

  37. Contrasts Using TEST Subcommand in MIXED for 3-Way Interaction Model

  38. Difficulty of interpretating the loading greater than 1 on PCA with Promax rotation

  39. Don't see the server 2008 directories from the client workstation when start SPSS application at the client machine

  40. Epidemiology study data calculator

  41. Flag Records in one file that meet criteria in another

  42. Flag Records in one file that meet criteria in records in another file

  43. Fomateo de tablas y Graficos

  44. Found Merge Help file, used only for CTABLES?

  45. Fwd: Two positions at the Federal Judicial Center

  46. GPL to specify line style and color

  47. Help with test-retest

  48. How do I calculates the noncentrality parameter from the noncentral t-distribution.

  49. How do I flag bad (times series) models?

  50. How do I get Beta in GENLIN?

  51. How many items in a scale before facctor analysis can be used.

  52. How to get rid of 45MB extra in a datafile

  53. How to identify blocks of consecutive cases in SPSS?

  54. How to obtain interrater reliability in SPSS

  55. I need help

  56. Importing .POR files

  57. Improbable t test df values from MI -- resolved in v19 MVA?

  58. Introduction to R and R Commander for a variety of research statistical analyses

  59. Linear contrasts for a 2x3 mixed design

  60. List and Value Labels

  61. MRSETS & Means


  63. Macro Question: Conditionally Saving Outfiles

  64. Merging data or table lookup problem

  65. Mixed model within subjects

  66. Modern Modeling Methods Conference - May 24th-26th, 2011

  67. Multinomial Logit Hessian Matrix Error

  68. New column in heading in variable view 19.0

  69. Note in the AMOS output

  70. Number of days in hospital by calendar month across multiple years?

  71. Open and Save Syntax Commands

  72. Paired t-test?

  73. Problem Connecting to Oracle Database Through SPSS Server

  74. Python Functions Arguments

  75. Python IDE applications for Mac [slightly off-topic]

  76. ROC-curves

  77. Reliability analyses of IQ tests

  78. Restructure problem

  79. Restructure problem - almost sorted

  80. Restructured data, variable names

  81. SPSS 16.0.0 error: Two step cluster: Options

  82. SPSS Community Website Progress

  83. SPSS Version 19 Question

  84. SPSS and GHOST

  85. SPSS and large data sets?

  86. SPSS correlate of SAS "Type I-corrected critical value?

  87. Select if not permanent?

  88. Select if not permanent? (2)

  89. Slow SPSS 16/PASW 18 Windows XP

  90. Sorting a column within MATRIX .. END MATRIX

  91. Strange forecast / prediction with TSMODEL

  92. Substr

  93. Suggestions needed for data collection

  94. Summation

  95. SyntaxCreator

  96. Textbook request

  97. The document is already in use by another user or process.

  98. Three-Way Anova Post Hoc Comparisons

  99. Trouble with system-missing values

  100. Uninstalled ver. 19.0 but it does not reset the previous version default paths, etc. Why is this?

  101. Where is help file for merge tables?

  102. Why do I get crazy results if I detect outliers?

  103. Win 7 and SPSS 15

  104. Windows 7 and SPSS

  105. changing default chart fill

  106. compute / recode variables

  107. creating new variables- should they be initialized to 0?

  108. deleting in the Viewer [was Re: SPSS Version 19 Question]

  109. edit>options>chart>use template, trashes SPSS 19 Re: [SPSSX-L] changing default chart fill

  110. extremely large Exp(B)

  111. file still in use

  112. forcing a line in a scatterplot that shows what a given correlation would be

  113. generate data with fixed range and known correlation

  114. ggraph contral scale

  115. linearity of logit - extremely high Exp(B)

  116. link to smartviewer

  117. logistic regression: number of cases per category

  118. match groups?

  119. pasw "Could not start Java virtual machine. Chart will not be drawn."

  120. position of the LAST occurrence of needle in haystack

  121. post hoc comparison of proportions

  122. problem with casewise list and classification plot in logistic regression

  123. problem with logistic regression - linearity to the logit

  124. recode help

  125. reliabilities

  126. sign out

  127. spss 19 Help system

  128. spss 19 and sas

  129. spss 19 genlinmixed

  130. statistical test for 2x8 table with small expected values

  131. undersatnding multinomial logit models

  132. using python extensions

  133. v 19 help

  134. v 19 opens 2 copies of file?

  135. validity

  136. which test for trend?
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