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SAS-L archives – August 2011, week 2

Table of contents:

  1. A ReOrdering issue ( need help)

  2. Anyone seen David Cassell?

  3. Architectural approach for high performance transpose

  4. Arrays and FCMP

  5. Assign value of a variable to a label

  6. Automatic reply: SAS-L Digest - 10 Aug 2011 - Special issue (#2011-748)

  7. Automatic reply: SAS-L Digest - 11 Aug 2011 - Special issue (#2011-752)

  8. Automatic reply: SAS-L Digest - 7 Aug 2011 to 8 Aug 2011 (#2011-737)

  9. Automatic reply: [SAS-L] How to get rid of partial words at the end?

  10. Constructing flagged Intervals

  11. Counting
    • Counting (47 lines)
      From: Marc Mooney UMN <moon0078@UMN.EDU>
    • Re: Counting (71 lines)
      From: Nat Wooding <nathani@VERIZON.NET>
    • Re: Counting (96 lines)
      From: Bian, Haikuo <HBian@FLQIO.SDPS.ORG>

  12. Counting Number of Obs with changing

  13. Counting number of previous hospital admissions with certain criteria

  14. Create macro variable from one value or all values in a field

  15. Enterprise 4.2 question

  16. FCMP and hash arrays

  17. File extension problem opening ExcelXP output

  18. Filling in missing Values

  19. Fundamental Stat Question

  20. Help on dropping variables with a lot of missing observations

  21. How to get rid of partial words at the end?

  22. How to transpose the dataset as what I need?

  23. Kronecker product in proc mixed

  24. Need help with interesting matrix manipulation....

  25. OLAP CUBe building issue

  26. OT: Friday Humor

  27. OT: Thursday Theory

  28. Proc plan
    • Proc plan (28 lines)
      From: William Shakespeare <shakespeare_1040@HOTMAIL.COM>

  29. Random assignment

  30. Regression Slope and Y-Intercept

  31. Remove duplicates(keeping the max informaiton from other fields)

  32. Reporting UNIVARIATE results in ExcelXP with stats rowwise

  33. SAS Problems with Excel under Windows 7 64 bit


  35. Thursday Theory

  36. Unique values.

  37. What the HTML is going on?

  38. concatinating non missing variables only!

  39. failing to transpose a set from wide to long using array statement

  40. ods output from proc surveymeans

  41. regression paramaters

  42. searching in the UI: find multiple keywords

  43. transpose help please
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