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SAS-L archives – August 2011, week 3

Table of contents:

  1. 9.3 another change in relation with the hotfixes

  2. An issue with precision?

  3. Any efficient choice in SAS/ACCESS for SQL Server 2008

  4. Automatic reply: SAS-L Digest - 16 Aug 2011 to 17 Aug 2011 (#2011-767)

  5. Automatic reply: SAS-L Digest - 17 Aug 2011 to 18 Aug 2011 - Special issue (#2011-770)

  6. Automatic reply: SAS-L Digest - 18 Aug 2011 to 19 Aug 2011 (#2011-772)

  7. Automatische Antwort: Does oversampling affect pearson correlation?

  8. Better logging control when both MPRINT and %include are used

  9. CALL EXECUTE help?

  10. CLUSTER analysis help

  11. Comparing PDF files

  12. Convert values to variable names

  13. Counting Number of Obs with changing

  14. Determining input-output of SAS programs

  15. Does oversampling affect pearson correlation?

  16. FW: IBM bails on Blue Waters.

  17. FW: import xlsx via libname

  18. Flaging groups of records with serial numbers

  19. Groupings --- Is this correct?

  20. How to get rid of partial words at the end?

  21. How to stop a program from executing and not run the next step without ending SAS?

  22. If statement

  23. Is there a way to create variable containing the pdv?

  24. Kronecker product in proc mixed

  25. Line Breaks in odsout

  26. Logistic Regression low response rate actions

  27. Need Fancy Graphics Demo Code to Impress the Boss

  28. Need Help Re-Writting this with PROC SQL

  29. ONLINE COURSE: Fundamentals of Using R

  30. Old-Style Macros

  31. Proc plan
    • Re: Proc plan (45 lines)
      From: William Shakespeare <shakespeare_1040@HOTMAIL.COM>
    • Re: Proc plan (44 lines)
      From: Steve Denham <stevedrd@YAHOO.COM>
    • Re: Proc plan (125 lines)
      From: William Shakespeare <shakespeare_1040@HOTMAIL.COM>
    • Re: Proc plan (149 lines)
      From: William Shakespeare <shakespeare_1040@HOTMAIL.COM>
    • Re: Proc plan (97 lines)
      From: Steve Denham <stevedrd@YAHOO.COM>
    • Re: Proc plan (226 lines)
      From: William Shakespeare <shakespeare_1040@HOTMAIL.COM>

  32. RE time series analysis with 2 observation per time point?

  33. Recall: outer join mishap

  34. Remove duplicates(keeping the max informaiton from other fields)

  35. RnD call execute with nrstr

  36. SAS Programmer jobs in Washingon DC Area(all levels)

  37. SAS-L Digest - 19 Aug 2011 - Special issue (#2011-774) (Out of Office)

  38. SAS/AF Treeview Control Save Method

  39. SAS/Access, proc import, excel, and "file in use"

  40. SGF 2012 Call for Papers is now open

  41. Setting macro variables in a legacy system

  42. Summarizing Filtered data By Hashing

  43. Syntax for rotating canonical coefficients

  44. Time series data analysis - help required.

  45. Timing of lag() function

  46. Translating SAS in SAS-callable SUDAAN

  47. Unique values.

  48. Upgrading from 9.1 to 9.2 and SAS/IntrNet

  49. Web Application Question

  50. What is this NOTE indicating ??

  51. Why did my Proc Lifereg predicted all zero survival probabilities

  52. Why does method not work on some systems?

  53. how Pad SSNO with 0

  54. how to insert blank break line after each grouping value?

  55. import xlsx via libname

  56. logistic regression predictor type power estimates

  57. nested random effects-proc glimmix

  58. ods tagsets.rtf: how to remove the empty cells below the title and above the footnote.

  59. outer join mishap

  60. proc import question

  61. process windows file structure

  62. split does not work with ods tagsets.rtf

  63. testing for multicollinearity in proc panel

  64. time series analysis with 2 observation per time point?

  65. user-defined link function in GLIMMIX
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