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SAS-L archives – February 2012, week 3

Table of contents:

  1. <No subject>
    • <No subject> (12 lines)
      From: M Jazzlover <jazzlover@HOTMAIL.COM>

  2. AW: GENMOD- User Defined Distribution

  3. Assign Labels to Variables When Referencing Them by Array Elements

  4. Automatic reply: Manually creating cum freqs and percents XXXX

  5. Automatic reply: SAS-L Digest - 18 Feb 2012 to 19 Feb 2012 (#2012-116)

  6. CSV file delimited with quotes and commas

  7. Can this method be used to programatically make libname permanent

  8. Counts in SAS using SQL

  9. Customising SAS 9.3 installer

  10. Default fonts and stuff when using proc export to Excel

  11. Disabling quoting of special characters in title of RTF tagsets

  12. Double inequality and macros

  13. ERROR: Undetermined I/O failure - using ExcelXP Tagsets

  14. ExcelXP Tagset - Title printing below output

  15. FW: Re: Can htmSQL generate CSV content?

  16. Fonts not working in SAS 9.2 (proc gplot)

  17. Fwd: Manually creating cum freqs and percents XXXX

  18. GENMOD- User Defined Distribution

  19. How to add gride lines at summary break using proc report

  20. How to do grid lines in the summary breaks using proc report.

  21. Invoking SAS using PowerShell

  22. Manually creating cum freqs and percents XXXX

  23. NESUG 2012 Call for Papers is Now Open!

  24. Naive Bayesian Classifier

  25. Non-inferiority Study

  26. ODS PHTML - Change font of table create by SQL query ?

  27. OT, Windows file permission

  28. Please tell me if any modification to run proc report.

  29. Pro gmap: display values of response variable on the map

  30. Proc format question

  31. Proc tabulate to include categories with no data

  32. RESOLVED: Re: Counts in SAS using SQL

  33. Remove spaces between records in PDF report


  35. SAS and the Mac

  36. Sample Unix SAS catalogs needed

  37. Sampling question

  38. Sas macros codes for data mining,

  39. Spring Online Interactive Courses in Statistics. Earlybird, academic, and government discounts

  40. This should be simple but for some reason it isn't!


  42. Weird PROC MIXED Results...

  43. altlog with timestamp

  44. combine two variables into one

  45. dataset creation

  46. how to (simply) update Base SAS 9.3?

  47. how to add digit of a no in sas

  48. how to convert multiple columns to one column

  49. random no generator with probability
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