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SAS-L archives – March 2012, week 3

Table of contents:

  1. A (fascinating) Merge After Multiple Imputation Question

  2. Alternating Row Color, SPANROWS, PROC REPORT

  3. Automatic reply: SAS-L Digest - 14 Mar 2012 to 15 Mar 2012 - Special issue (#2012-180)

  4. Binomial outcome for longitudinal data: with PROC NLMIXED or PROC GLIMMIX

  5. COMPARE procedure: any way to get xtab freqs on var value differences?

  6. Certfication Exams
    • Certfication Exams (18 lines)
      From: Schmid, Dennis (CDC/OSELS/SEPDPO) (CTR) <wfu4@CDC.GOV>

  7. Clearing Logs in the Enterprise Guide

  8. Corrupted CPORT files

  9. Counting Visits-Consecutive days Counts as One

  10. Creating Sudoku

  11. Creating a folder in SAS program

  12. Cross-validation stats for PROC LOGISTIC XXXX

  13. Difference in handling unsupported datatype, Oracle libname engine and pass through

  14. Estimating mixture copula in SAS

  15. Example of generating Linear Interpolation

  16. FW: PharmaSUG Announces FDA Keynote Speakers

  17. Forced to use SAS Enterprise Guide

  18. Getting Started with SAS/Access and PROC IMPORT

  19. How to add border for respective graph and detail report.

  20. It might be useful

  21. Logistic regression and FDR

  22. Macro or function indicating existence of a macro?

  23. Missing frequency in proc report

  24. Need help graphing drug timelines


  26. OT, what is the (+) in Oracle sql code?

  27. OT: Friday Humor

  28. OT: Friday humor

  29. Output tables for PROC FREQ XXXX

  30. PROC PANEL Forecast
    • PROC PANEL Forecast (42 lines)
      From: Ricardo Gonçalves da Silva <ricardo.gsilva@BANCOVOTORANTIM.COM.BR>

  31. PROC REPORT: Merged Cells and Breaking on BY Groups


  33. Population mixed model

  34. Programatically determine the number of the last currently used footnote

  35. Programmatically matching parentheses. How?

  36. Pulling Data via ODBC help

  37. Reading micro sign with excel libname, converts to "m"

  38. Remove Variable Name from Legend in SAS/GRAPH Map

  39. Report Help Required

  40. Research Statistician position - Minneapolis

  41. SAS BI tool experiences

  42. SAS Before SAS Institute

  43. SAS v WPS - some more information

  44. SAS93
    • SAS93 (16 lines)
      From: Ron Wells <Ron.Wells@SLFS.COM>

  45. Scheduling Optimisation Help

  46. Self-imposed SAS Log window problem I cannot solve

  47. Self-imposed SAS Log window problem I cannot solve--SOLVED

  48. Sr Position - Census Bureau - Suitland MD

  49. The Khan Academy

  50. Title Height in GMAP

  51. Unix Superscrips

  52. Using Outlook as an automated rich email service for SAS

  53. Western Users of SAS Software (WUSS) Conference

  54. What are SAS Transport Files Good For?

  55. Whats wrong with this filename?

  56. Why is the following result dependent upon NOPRINT

  57. document 9767764

  58. many logistic regression

  59. proc mixed question

  60. read XLSX files?

  61. reminder: SGF early registration discount ends Monday, the 19th

  62. running a sas macro

  63. sas 9.3 windows 7 and the x command

  64. sas-resources

  65. user_var variables from audit trial
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