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SAS-L archives – March 2012, week 4

Table of contents:

  1. 16th percentile in proc tabulate?

  2. ASE iteration plot

  3. Add Missing Records to Table and Impute Values of all Missing.

  4. Alternating Row Color, SPANROWS, PROC REPORT

  5. Automatic reply: Coding Standards

  6. Automatic reply: Do I need SAS?

  7. Automatic reply: Macro or function indicating existence of a macro?

  8. Automatic reply: SAS-L Digest - 22 Mar 2012 - Special issue (#2012-209)

  9. Automatic reply: SAS-L Digest - 26 Mar 2012 - Special issue (#2012-216)

  10. Back-transforming a truncated poisson parameters in NLMixed

  11. Coding Standards

  12. Comparing Across Rows: PROC SQL

  13. Copying from my Log

  14. Creating a folder in SAS program

  15. Do I need SAS

  16. Do I need SAS?

  17. Extract only numeric values from an alphanumeric column

  18. Forecast - Panel Data
    • Forecast - Panel Data (43 lines)
      From: Ricardo Gonçalves da Silva <ricardo.gsilva@BANCOVOTORANTIM.COM.BR>

  19. Getting Started with SAS/Access and PROC IMPORT

  20. Has anyone noticed the site is down ??

  21. Help with Macro

  22. Help with a Transposition

  23. Help with a Transposition (follow-up)

  24. How to extract data using PROC SQL for unique combination of fields ?

  25. Is it possible to chang work lib with options statement?

  26. LSMEANS Question

  27. Legend background in SGPLOT

  28. Macro Debugging XXXX

  29. Macro or function indicating existence of a macro?

  30. Management Console / Metadata Server

  31. Need Help
    • Need Help (20 lines)
      From: Partha Sinha <pnsinha68@GMAIL.COM>

  32. ODS Graphics Output, ImageName

  33. OT: Friday Humor

  34. Outer join. I need as many records as in one of the datasets

  35. PL/SQL to SAS Date Conversion

  36. Pie chart, how can I force less frequent to showup?

  37. Problem with poisson regression in GLIMMIX

  38. Proc Compare question

  39. RE RE Do I need SAS

  40. RES: Forecast - Panel Data

  41. RES: Time series
    • RES: Time series (41 lines)
      From: Ricardo Gonçalves da Silva <ricardo.gsilva@BANCOVOTORANTIM.COM.BR>
    • RES: Time series (41 lines)
      From: Ricardo Gonçalves da Silva <ricardo.gsilva@BANCOVOTORANTIM.COM.BR>

  42. Recall: Re: Help with a Transposition

  43. Reshape data

  44. SAS Server / EG/ Infomaps etc

  45. SAS on UNIX/LINUX - Programatically assigning Group to data sets

  46. SQL Count peculiarity

  47. Strange problem with dates !

  48. The earliest date for the same claim

  49. Time series
    • Time series (22 lines)
      From: William Shakespeare <shakespeare_1040@HOTMAIL.COM>

  50. Urgently Need Macro Help

  51. Urgently need to apply SQL Server 2005 code syntax into SAS PROC SQL!

  52. User-Defined Format Name as Parameter in SAS Macro

  53. Whats wrong with this filename?

  54. Writing Macro Variables to Certain Symbol Tables XXXX

  55. Zero-Inflated Weibull or Pareto using NLMIXED

  56. compute a new numeric in proc report

  57. job posting

  58. poll: how soon 64-bit only?

  59. proc report

  60. quoting in SYSFUNC vs data step

  61. sum of n matrices in proc IML

  62. tabs vs spaces in SAS
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