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SAS-L archives – March 2012, week 5

Table of contents:

  1. 3rd Party Transport Files

  2. ANCOVA vs. longitudinal

  3. Bitwise function in SAS

  4. Coding Standards

  5. Column to row problem

  6. Comparing Across Rows: PROC SQL

  7. Extracting a word that matches a patter in a macro var XXXX

  8. Friday Humor: warning message

  9. Help with a Transposition

  10. How to use the eyboard-entry in %INCLUDE statemet

  11. I've added a lot of utility macros

  12. Improving bootstrap performance of sas code

  13. Macro Variable and Macro Quoting Fns XXXX

  14. Multiprocessing using MP Connect

  15. OT: ods statistical graphics and art

    • PROC PHREG (16 lines)
      From: John Mike <sasslick@GMAIL.COM>
    • Re: PROC PHREG (37 lines)
      From: Peter Flom <peterflomconsulting@MINDSPRING.COM>
    • Re: PROC PHREG (27 lines)
      From: Data _null_; <iebupdte@GMAIL.COM>

  17. Reading LAB data efficiently using SAS

  18. SAS on UNIX/LINUX - Programatically assigning Group to data sets

  19. SQL for deriving treatment emergent adverse events

  20. Split Char causes header to be in multiple cells in Excel

  21. View Results as They Are Generated but Don't Open Excel Files

  22. Zero-Inflated Weibull or Pareto using NLMIXED

  23. tabs vs spaces in SAS
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