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SAS-L archives – March 2013, week 1

Table of contents:

  1. %put _all_; into a dataset

  2. =?utf-8?B?UmU6IEJZIGdyb3VwIGluIFBEVg==?=


  4. A SAS Function help needed

  5. About yyymmnd. date format ?

  6. Automatic reply: How to proc print the variable names list

  7. Automatic reply: Macro variable not resolving

  8. Automatic reply: SAS-L Digest - 3 Mar 2013 - Special issue (#2013-144)

  9. Automatic reply: SAS-L Digest - 5 Mar 2013 - Special issue (#2013-148)

  10. BY group in PDV

  11. Calculate means of a section on a likert scale

  12. Checking for non-basic ASCII characters

  13. Encoding/transcoding problem


  15. Fieller CI for a ratio of linear combinations

  16. Fwd: A SAS Function help needed

  17. Fwd: Calculate means of a section on a likert scale

  18. Fwd: Using %scan

  19. Help on SAS Graphs

  20. How should i work on date part, Thanks

  21. How to proc print the variable names list

  22. Initialize vectors/arrays by using repetition factors

  23. Is DDE only way to read Excel files into SAS without PC File Server?

  24. Is this renaming and character converting logic is correct?

  25. Macro variable not resolving

  26. Macro: How can I format a macro var date value as 'MONTHNAME YEAR' for a TITLE statement?

  27. Moving from SAS 9.2 to SAS 9.3

  28. NESUG 2013 Call for Presentations is Now Open!

  29. OT: how to cite wikipedia

  30. OpenCDISC Validator - what is it checking?

  31. PROC SQL index errors

  32. Parsing problem

  33. Processing HUGE volumes of data

  34. Request for all SAS-L MVS and SASLROY nominees

  35. SAS Universal ODBC Driver

  36. SAS data was lost during transcoding:

  37. SAS-L as Cc
    • SAS-L as Cc (11 lines)
      From: Jim Groeneveld <jim.1stat@YAHOO.COM>

  38. SEM'n'R: PLS Path Modeling online education

  39. Statistician - Contractor

  40. Timings for processing 10M obs of LAB or AE data

  41. Tips about reading other programmers code?

  42. Using %scan
    • Using %scan (19 lines)
      From: subin alex <alexkutty19@GMAIL.COM>

  43. View contents of Format library

  44. Why this macro is not working?

  45. hash object

  46. access problems?

  47. need sample data for attrition & cross sell

  48. new issue RE: [SAS-L] proc means, by statement, strange warnings about missing by values

  49. test
    • test (10 lines)
      From: F J Kelley <jkelley@UGA.EDU>

  50. test SAS-L as To

  51. test post via web
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