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SAS-L archives – January 1996, week 5

Table of contents:

  1. CDF calculation with SAS?

  2. Counting the Months?

  3. Counting the Months? -Reply

  4. Distance Matrix
    • Distance Matrix (9 lines)
      From: Andrea L. Jenkins <SNRANDRA@MIZZOU1.MISSOURI.EDU>

  5. Filename Macro Variable

  6. Help! There has to be a better way!

  7. Hint me Please.

  8. How to debug SAS program?

  9. How to input time data without a colon between hours and minutes?

  10. Job opening
    • Job opening (26 lines)
      From: Victor Lo <victor_lo@CCMAIL.MERCERMC.COM>

  11. KERMIT xport OS/2 to VMS

  12. Macro library damaged

  13. Multiple output destinations

  14. Name of AF/FRAME widget documentation

  15. Permanent SAS Positions in a Bank

  16. Philadelphia Area SAS Opportunities Update, **New Listings**

  17. Positions for Statistician and SAS Programmer

  18. Proc Report
    • Proc Report (30 lines)
      From: Paul Robertson <pfr@ALLP.COM>

  19. Regression to the mean article

  20. SAS datetime values

  21. SAS/GRAPH line styles - suggestions?

  22. SAS/IML <-> SAS/BASE -- updating datasets

  23. SASTip: Landscape Graphics

  24. SASTip: Repeated formats in Frame

  25. SMR in SAS reply

  26. SPLUS-L?
    • SPLUS-L? (10 lines)
      From: wei wang <wei_wang@SMTPMAIL.GECMC.GE.COM>
    • Re: SPLUS-L? (49 lines)
      From: Don Cram <doncram@LELAND.STANFORD.EDU>

  27. Sensible Intervals ( Was: Counting the Months? )

  28. Shoot! wrong email address!

  29. Testing weighted results

  30. US-NJ: Research Asst/Programmer

  31. US-NJ: SAS Programmers Needed

  32. US.NY.NYC. SAS P/A 1YR+ contract (KENDA Systems)

  33. Unexpected answers to survey questions

  34. Web Pages and SAS

  35. Where's the FAQ?

  36. [Q] Bivariate Normal Distribution in SAS/IML

  37. [Q] Date Values

  38. [Q] Scope of variables in SAS/IML

  39. convertion of a SPSS export file into a SAS file without loosing the value labels ?

  40. interrater correspondence

  41. logging SAS runs in a Novell/SASWin environment
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