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SAS-L archives – October 1996, week 2

Table of contents:

  1. "Title" command syntax needed. Help, please!

  2. 'Proper' use of IF-THEN-ELSE (was IF-THEN-ELSEs in a

  3. 'Proper' use of IF-THEN-ELSE (was IF-THEN-ELSEs in a DATA step)

  4. (MVS) How Can I Compute the Size of Database in SAS...

  5. (MVS) How can I compute the size of database in SAS...

  6. <No subject>
    • <No subject> (15 lines)
      From: Elik Jucha <jucha@NETVISION.NET.IL>
    • <No subject> (71 lines)
      From: Ekeho Oh <V1354G@VM.TEMPLE.EDU>
    • <No subject> (15 lines)
      From: Minqi Wang <MWANG@UA1VM.UA.EDU>
    • <No subject> (58 lines)
      From: Robert Abelson <ROBERTA@OTSUKA.OAPI.COM>




  10. Annoying Feature of the Week. SAS Catalogs memory management.

  11. Another SAS-L? --->Chest-SAS

  12. Baby steps for SAS/SHARE - please?

  13. Batch SAS execution in Win 95

  14. Building a new datetime format

  15. Census Bureau's Data Extraction System and SAS

  16. Compositional Data Analysis

  17. Connect spawner.exe and NT Server 3.51?

  18. Correction: Why this DO LOOP was excuted only once?

  19. Could anybody tell me why?

  20. DSM-IV codes
    • DSM-IV codes (18 lines)
      From: Robert Hamer <hamer@NIFLHEIM.RUTGERS.EDU>

  21. De-trending a time-series? Proc X11??


  23. Error Message with wrong format

  24. FAQ Status
    • FAQ Status (30 lines)
      From: TWB2%Rates%FAR@GO50.COMP.PGE.COM

  25. FRIEDMAN-TEST ?????

  26. FSLIST and Editor-80char file drops last 8 char.


  28. FW: Proc Contents - Postion option

  29. FW: What does SAS stand for

  30. FW: What does SAS stand for?

  31. Font for SAS
    • Font for SAS (27 lines)
      From: Eric Hardy <EricH@ALGENE.COM>

  32. Formatted values in output data set - Minqi Wang

  33. GUI Interaction Problems on NT???

  34. Generating gif's on SAS/MVS

  35. Getting system time accurate to within a 100th of a second

  36. Graphic Stream Files

  37. Great article about SAS in Oct. 12 Forbes at (WAS) What does SAS stand for?

  38. Help needed--anyone have SAS on CMS?

  39. Help: AF Problem

  40. Help: extracting the last 3 digits of a variable

  41. How to allow step to run regardless of errors

  42. Identifying bad Merge records

  43. Incrementing symbols in PROC GPLOT

  44. Input of comma delimited ascii data

  45. Input of comma delimited ascii data - Reply

  46. It works! NT4->IIS2->SAS->CGI

  47. JMP vs Insight?

  48. Laboratory data: Bonner Modell

  49. MISSING statement for more than one character length??

  50. Macros embedded within SCL

  51. Man-Whitney test ??

  52. Moving between SAS and Excel

  53. Multiple SAS Job Opportunities in Phila Area

  54. Multiple Variable Select (was 'Proper' use of IF-THEN-ELSE )

  55. NY State, GE R&D, Data Analysts, Research Programmers

  56. Need roommate for SESUG in Atlanta

  57. No Subject
    • No Subject (7 lines)
      From: Andrew Tomlinson <Andrew.Tomlinson@SANDOZ.COM>

  58. No help for the needy? Stopping AF

  59. Nonnegative Coefficients in PROC REG?

  60. Normal probability plot by SAS/GRAPH

  61. OCX on our site

  62. ODBC Driver for Importing SAS into MapInfo?

  63. OS/2 Lan-Manager How to get userid in a SAS Session

  64. Open quotes/comments/macros/parens in Display manager


  66. PROC GCHART labels
    • PROC GCHART labels (31 lines)
      From: Maria M. Corrada <mcorrada@WELCHLINK.WELCH.JHU.EDU>
    • PROC GCHART labels (48 lines)
      From: Maria M. Corrada <mcorrada@WELCHLINK.WELCH.JHU.EDU>
    • Re: PROC GCHART labels (49 lines)

  67. ProSAS-L Revisited

  68. Proc Contents - Postion option

  69. Proc DBLoad

  70. R&D Positions - Information Resources, Inc - Chicago

  71. R6.11 on NTW 3.51 Printing Problems

  72. Re : Why this DO LOOP was only excuted only once?

  73. Re : help with elegant delete statement

  74. Removing Temporary Formats

  75. Retrieve Printer settings to macro variables?

  76. SAS Code Generator

  77. SAS Macros(s) Library (FAQ)

  78. SAS Programmer/Analysts needed-$35-$58K-(Recruiter)

  79. SAS Tips, SAS-L FAQ(draft), other SAS-related items

  80. SAS and maufacturing

  81. SAS database browser

  82. SAS dataset transformation problem

  83. SAS programming and biostatistics positions available

  84. SAS-CGI -> macro runs partially

  85. SAS-L CD and Copyright

  86. SAS-L FAQ
    • SAS-L FAQ (127 lines)
      From: TWB2%Rates%FAR@GO50.COMP.PGE.COM

  87. SAS-L on CD-ROM

  88. SAS-L on CD-ROM: copyright issues

  89. SAS/AF: How do I maximize my stand-alone application at start-up?

  90. SAS/CONNECT need sample for TSO

  91. SAS/GRAPH Tip: printing with HP LaserJet 5L

  92. SAS/SHARE data access speed shocking please HELP!!!

  93. SASIdea: SAS "Newsletter"

  94. SCL Variables in Submit Blocks

    • SUBSCRIBE (11 lines)
      From: Sang Hua <shua@EPSILON.COM>


  97. SUMMARY: MISSING statement for more than one character length??

  98. SUMMARY: PCL Oddities, UNIX Printers, Etc.

  99. Sas Programmers needed

  100. Senior Systems Analyst - Marriott International - Washington, D.C.

  101. September 1996 Datamation pg 51-52 good words on SAS

  102. Solution to "Why this DO LOOP was excuted only once?"

  103. Stopping on-going process in AF

  104. Supressing Log in UNIX Batch Job?

  105. Symposium on Statistical Methods - Registration Info

  106. Test of > chance homogeneity of grouping?

  107. Thanks for comma delimiters; need TABULATE help.

  108. Thanks making postcript files

  109. Thanks to "Could anybody tell me why"

  110. The Big Payoff(??)

  111. Thought this might be of interest

  112. Tim Browning
    • Tim Browning (12 lines)
      From: Ted Blank <tblank@VNET.IBM.COM>

  113. To modify a font in SAS/GRAPH

  114. Trilogy Consulting Corporation - Free Presentation

  115. UK SAS User Group Web Page

  116. UNIX Return Codes

  117. UNIX Return Codes - Reply

  118. Unbalanced Quotes Errors

  119. Undergraduate CS programs using SAS

  120. Undergraduate CS programs using SAS (fwd)

  121. Unique SAS Jobs in Northern Virginia

  122. Use of

  123. VIEWS: The UK SAS User Group

  124. Ver 6.11, Procs need "END" on the command line?

  125. WANTED: Information leading to SAS employment in New Zealand

  126. Wanted: State space procedure

  127. Wanted:Part time SAS work in DC

  128. What does SAS stand for?

  129. What does SAS stand for? -Reply

  130. What option to pretty up CGI output?

  131. Why this DO LOOP was only excuted only once?

  132. Wonky SAS Problem solved

  133. a test. skip it.

  134. changing character data to numeric

  135. correction on 'evaluation of ligistic regression model'

  136. evaluation of ligistic regression model

  137. help with elegant delete statement

  138. how to find the macro library

  139. hypothesis testing in PROC LOGISTIC

  140. install on WARP v4?

  141. mainframe sas - cgi

  142. making postcript files

  143. proc npar1way

  144. random effects proportional hazards

  145. regression w/ nonlinear constraints

  146. sas memory error

  147. space between two variables

  148. suppressing print of class values

  149. sybase data fields too long for access

  150. unix utility to extract pages from SAS output needed

  151. utlfmat Macro to build formats from SAS datasets

  152. utlftpg Remote access to SAS transport datasets

  153. utlopts/utlnopts Dubug and Production Options
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