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SAS-L archives – January 1997, week 5

  1. (PC 6.11) out of memory on SAS drives during SORT

  2. ...bilingual spss/sas - thanks

  3. <No subject>
    • <No subject> (10 lines)
    • <No subject> (91 lines)
      From: Sig Hermansen <hermans1@WESTATPO.WESTAT.COM>
    • <No subject> (25 lines)
      From: TWB2%Rates%FAR@GO50.COMP.PGE.COM

  4. Basic SAS question - asymmetric factorial design

  5. CGM graphics and size

  6. Calendar of 1997 Software Conferences & Expositions

  7. Calibration models using PROC CALIS

  8. Contract Work
    • Contract Work (21 lines)
      From: Tim Rogers <trogers@NOVAREALTY.COM>

  9. Distribution of ratio of Gaussians

  10. Editor Glitch PC-SAS 6.0

  11. Filenames and pathnames in DATA Step.

  12. Followup: Multiple FILENAME PIPE in single dataset -- 6.11 HPUX /UNIX bug

  13. Generate a random variable from the Student's t distribution

  14. Hierarchical Models in SAS (FWD)

  15. How to delete a bunch of observations?

  16. How to reverse the CALL label and CALL vname routines?

  17. Intraclass-correlation

  18. KDE2D procedure?

  19. Lists Global
    • Lists Global (7 lines)
      From: Demetrios N. Matsakis <dnm@ORION.USNO.NAVY.MIL>

  20. Looking for bilingual SPSS/SAS users

  21. Multiple FILENAME PIPE in a single dataset -- 6.11 HPUX

  22. Open letter to SAS Inst.: We want a REAL user interface!


  24. PROC SQL question

  25. Performance of SAS 6.09E

  26. Proc Sort Variable in the Title?

  27. Question on Fisher's exact and system resources

  28. REF: PROC SQL question

  29. ROCFIT and CORROC2

  30. Re 2 : How to delete a bunch of observations

  31. Reading varying length portion of SAS variable

  32. Reading varying length portion of a SAS variable

  33. Release 6.12 -- No BASE Changes & Enhancements hardcopy documentation

  34. SAS & PR/MVS
    • SAS & PR/MVS (22 lines)
      From: Steven Stevens <sstevens@PLATINUM.COM>

  35. SAS - Unix losing updates on data sets and catalogs

  36. SAS 612: Direct lookup of on-line WinHelp Doc.

  37. SAS Applications Factory

  38. SAS Consulting Jobs/NE, Mid-West, Phila./Smith Hanley

  39. SAS Contractor for Milan, Italy

  40. SAS Softies

  41. SAS consulting Jobs/West Coast, Chicago, Atlanta, NYC

  42. Second Job/Part Time Job

  43. Slugging away at an approximate match-merge

  44. Strange SAS System Viewer Output

  45. Summing across variables in an array

  46. Test for valid numeric expression or constant?

  47. Thanks for All

  48. UNIX options for INFILE statement when reading instream data using CARDS

  49. [Fwd: PROC GPLOT - Overlaying Plots]

  50. auto formatting of SAS output

  51. cgi2sas advice needed

  52. exchange macro var with connect

  53. exchange macro var with connect ?

  54. getting date of file update/creation

  55. how to delete observations

  56. importing time datatype from MS-Access

  57. macro problem

  58. maximizing function in SAS

  59. one-way chi square

  60. out of memory on SAS drives during SORT


  62. variable length date fields, thanks

  63. variable length dates, Part II?

  64. work directory on VMS

  65. work library on VMS
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