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SAS-L archives – February 1997, week 4

Table of contents:

  1. 'The transport file is damaged' message

  2. (MVS) Storage Allocation

  3. (MVS) mainframe users

  4. 1997 MWSUG Conference Update

  5. <No subject>
    • <No subject> (25 lines)
      From: Carlos Tadeu Dos Santos Dias <TADEU@TAMBAQUI.ESALQ.USP.BR>
    • <No subject> (108 lines)
      From: Sig Hermansen <hermans1@WESTATPO.WESTAT.COM>
    • <No subject> (46 lines)
      From: Monica Y. Chi 206-865-3762 <monica@REDWOOD.RT.CS.BOEING.COM>

  6. A BETTER SAS, part 1

  7. A Better SAS, part 1

  8. A Better SAS, part 2....Please!!

  9. AIX users: anyone else have this happen?

  10. Ad for Sas Windows Programmers

  11. Aggregate Data

  12. Anyone hear of B&J International job opportunities

  13. Array or No Array

  14. Array or No Array?

  15. Array or No Array? (without Array)

  16. Assistance with comparing VB with SAS/Fr

  17. CIMPORTing V5 file into V6

  18. Change Print Font+Orient. from within Code

  19. Data Step Function To Test Macro Var

  20. Detecting An Empty SAS Dataset

  21. EPS Printing
    • EPS Printing (32 lines)
      From: John Herbert <herbertj@BRE.CO.UK>

  22. FRAME/SCL-Preview Window

  23. FW: Internet Mail Virus HOAX

  24. FW: Internet Mail Virus.

  25. FW: Internet Mail Virus. (HOAX! MYTH!)

  26. FW: SAS Postscript Drivers


  28. FW: need idea in data extraction process

  29. Filename Statement - FTP Acess and Firewalls

  30. Help: Power Analysis

  31. Internet Mail Virus.

  32. Is there something like wild card in SAS?

  33. JOB Sr. SAS Analyst, Indianapolis IN

  34. JOBS
    • JOBS (33 lines)
      From: Rando Associates <Jobs@RANDO.COM>

  35. Job Opening
    • Job Opening (88 lines)
      From: Monica Chi <monica@REDWOOD.RT.CS.BOEING.COM>

  36. Job posting
    • Job posting (44 lines)
      From: Gillis, Lisa <lgg7@TRW.EM.CDC.GOV>

  37. LOOPS
    • LOOPS (29 lines)
      From: Jean-Claude RAY <ray@DROIT-ECO.U-NANCY.FR>
    • Re: LOOPS (58 lines)
      From: Brian Waterman <waterman@SLU.EDU>

  38. Learn to Make $$$FAST CASH$$$ With Honest Work

  39. Losing Duplicates Inconsistently (PROC SORT)

  40. Losing Duplicates Inconsistently (PROC SORT) -Reply

  41. MVS tape to multiple SAS data sets ?

  42. MVS to UNIX Conversion

  43. Macintosh printing

  44. Mailing out from a Windows NT SAS sessio

  45. Mailing out from a Windows NT SAS session

  46. Mainframe systems

  47. Market Research position in Florida

  48. Measures of Assoc. (help)

  49. Merging two tables with duplicates in each

  50. NESUG '97 Call for Papers and Participation

  51. NOTESDB Access Method

  52. NT4.0/SAS6.12/Dual Processors

  53. Need Help with FIP codes

  54. Needed: Someone with SAS experience and a background in economics

  55. New Website - SAS Support for you (Jobs) !

  56. Not proc freq/ proc summary, but proc transpose???

  57. Notes and SAS
    • Notes and SAS (18 lines)
      From: Martin Sjvholm <sjoholm@ALGONET.SE>

  58. Opportunity in Germany: Statistician/SAS (in German)



  61. Postal ZIP Bar Codes

  62. Printing problem with SAS 6.11

  63. Proc Mixed
    • Proc Mixed (199 lines)
      From: Gary Elliott <ALCONFTW!RNDMAIL2!elliotg@ALCONATT.ATTMAIL.COM>

  64. Proc Report: Widows and Orphans

  65. Proc Tabulate Question

  66. Proc Transpose and Missing Values

  67. Proc Transpose and Missing Values (A)

  68. Q: comparing a number of data sets

  69. Replacing a Character

  70. SAS Future's Forum

  71. SAS Institute's Scable Performance Data Server - How good is it?

  72. SAS Postscript Drivers

  73. SAS Programmer / Analyst needed. Tele Danmark A/S - in Danish !


  75. SAS Share?

  76. SAS and Oracle : problem with date format

  77. SAS positions (nationwide)

  78. SAS programs stopping & asking for information

  79. SAS training courses 1997 in Germany

  80. SAS-PC for Windows interface with Paradox

  81. SQL problem

  82. SUGI 22 Coder's Corner--Call for Questions!


  84. Sas Development Programmers

  85. Seeking SAS Programmer/Statistician (NJ)

  86. Senior SAS Programmer Needed

  87. Show REAL numbers with proc Tabulate?

  88. Storage Allocation (MVS)

  89. TAB key usage in SCL

  90. Text Editor for WIN95/NT

  91. Thanks
    • Thanks (17 lines)
      From: Dvora Zomer <epid04@POST.TAU.AC.IL>

  92. Thanks for Help Re: Losing Duplicates Inconsistently (PROC SORT)

  93. Thanks for the Help on arrays

  94. Thanks on the Wild Card Question

  95. To build a contingency table with SAS

  96. Transporting a SAS data set from PC/Windows3.1 to VM/CMS

  97. UNIX and SAS Log

  98. US-IL-Chicago - Programmer Analysts, Biostatisticians, Statisticians, SAS, Windows NT


  100. Upgrade 6.08 to 6.09

  101. Variance Inflation Factors, Condition Indices

  102. Warnings suppression in Proc Freq

  103. What does this NOTE: mean?

  104. axis labels in 3-d graphs

  105. cancor procedure

  106. contingency table for MCA

  107. data extraction out of Tandem/Enscribe

  108. disappear ANOVA, DM clear 'log'

  109. finding max diagonal sum

  110. format problem in af

  111. how to check the availability of a file

  112. how to convert excel files to sas unix files

  113. latex style for SUGI papers?

  114. matched case / control code

  115. mds
    • Re: mds (37 lines)
      From: Ken Hardy <khardy@FROSTY.IRSS.UNC.EDU>
    • Re: mds (48 lines)
      From: Anthony Dymond <dymond@CCNET.COM>

  116. menu
    • menu (27 lines)
      From: Carlos Tadeu Dos Santos Dias <tadeu@TAMBAQUI.ESALQ.USP.BR>

  117. multinormal integral

  118. need idea in data extraction process

  119. proc freq, proc summary and formats?

  120. procedure output on same page

  121. reading data from Xerox 4635 printer
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