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SAS-L archives – March 1997, week 2

Table of contents:

  1. (no subject given)

  2. <No subject>
    • <No subject> (48 lines)
      From: David Heck <david.heck@PRUDENTIAL.COM>
    • <No subject> (34 lines)
      From: TWB2%Rates%FAR@GO50.COMP.PGE.COM
    • <No subject> (48 lines)
      From: Clarence Wm. Jackson <cljacks@BIGTEX.CI.DALLAS.TX.US>

  3. AF Module Flow???

  4. ANOTHER SOLUTION to Proc Report Question

  5. AUTOSPLIT in the AF editor on SAS 6.12 for Windows

  6. AW: Extended ASCII Characters in SAS/GRAPH

  7. Additional information on proc tabulate request

  8. Alloc. MVS dataset OLD if there; else NEW?

  9. Alloc. MVS dataset OLD if there; else NEW? -Reply

  10. Another item for an expanded FAQ (was: Reading Excel files into...)

  11. Array or Matrix (IML) Problem???

  12. Assistance with comparing VB with SAS/Fr

  13. Australia SAS Consultancies

  14. Biostatistician Positions in Tampa, FL

  15. Can I merge using formats

  16. Common Variable

  17. Compiled Macro

  18. Compiling SAS data steps and macros

  19. Confidence-level

  20. Contract Jobs/Smith Hanley Consulting

  21. Converting numeric to character

  22. Creating an ID number

  23. DDE and opening Excel files

  24. Data handling with MERGE and COMPARE

  25. Default Values
    • Default Values (26 lines)
      From: Ernst van Graan <GNFMEVG@FRM.UOVS.AC.ZA>
    • Default Values (54 lines)
      From: Mark Terjeson <MTERJESON@DSHS.WA.GOV>

  26. Determining On Which Machine a CONNECT Job Runs

  27. Does SAS + Warp 4 have a 2gb file size limit?

  28. Extended ASCII Characters in SAS/GRAPH

  29. FAQ topics

  30. FAQ topics (was: Specify order of variables)

  31. FIRST.x Variables


  33. FW: FAQ topics (was: Specify order of variables)

  34. FW: Macro Quotes

  35. FW: Macro Quoting Summarization

  36. FW: SAS Formats / Reading in a Large CSV file

  37. FW: Tutorial on WWW: Introduction to SAS

  38. FW: convert charater variable about date/time into SAS date

  39. FW: output a csv file ?

  40. Filename Statement - FTP Acess and Firewalls

  41. Format for "12:32 a.m."?

  42. Function to return last day of the month in question

  43. Fwd: The definition of FIRST.x variables

  44. GANTT Help
    • GANTT Help (32 lines)
      From: Dave Janik <david.j.janik@AST.LMCO.COM>

  45. Group Freq
    • Group Freq (42 lines)
      From: Paul Carreno <PCARRENO@ACSERV.AD.COWAN.EDU.AU>
    • Re: Group Freq (62 lines)
      From: TWB2%Rates%FAR@GO50.COMP.PGE.COM

  46. HELP : SAS question HELP Please HELP

  47. Help With Dyadic Data Structure

  48. Here is the URL for a Tutorial on WWW: Introduction to SAS

  49. Hinton-Jordan Learning Methods Tutorial, May 1997

  50. How Hungry Is PROC UNIVARIATE?

  51. How to Add Cities to non-U.S. map

  52. How to Get SAS-L in Digest Format (Was Re: SAS-L Digest - 3 Mar 1997 to 4 Mar 1997)

  53. How to calculate sum

  54. I'm no expert, but....

  55. Indexing problem when using SQL views of SAS datasets

  56. Indicator variables (dummies, bernouille ...)

  57. Informix 6.0 Access

  58. Installing SAS When SETINIT Expired

  59. Inter-rater (inter-coder) reliability

  60. JOB-SAS Analyst, Indy, IN

  61. Kappa statistics

  62. Looking for SAS expert URGENTELY IN ITALY

  63. MIstake sorry Re: Fwd Definition of FIRST.x variables

  64. MODULEC/MODULEN and calls to my MSVC C++ under NT

  65. MVS to UNIX Conversion

  66. Macro Loop Help - Reading Datasets

  67. Macro Quote question

  68. Macro Quotes

  69. Marco assistance

  70. Modeling Services for Hire

  71. Multiple Recipients of List SAS-L

  72. My proc tabulate->wpwin table-like macro 4U

  73. NESUG '97 Call for Papers and Participation

  74. Need Help in creating a Dyadic Data Structure

  75. Nesting formats (are you there, Phil Mason?)

  76. New positions in the Pharmaceutical industry

  77. Odds ratio homogeneity

  78. Opportunistic Infections macro

  79. Oracle comments and SAS Pass Thru SQL

  80. P.S.: URL of Tutorial on WWW: Introduction to SAS

  81. PHREG residual interpretation

  82. PHREG time dependent covariates



  85. PUT statement

  86. Permanent positions - Blue Cross Blue Shields of North Carolina

  87. Please verify the system's date

  88. Plotting char var in user-defined sort seq/Macro var and vref option

  89. Position anouncement

  90. Position in Washington, D.C.

  91. Position in Washington, DC

  92. Pre-SUGI Data Mining - KDD Discussion

  93. Problems With Loan Calculations

  94. Proc Report Help Needed

  95. Proc Tabulate / Non-Display of Cells

  96. Proc for System Info?

  97. Q-Factor Analysis

  98. Q:Why does SAS close down during a run?

  99. Question about using FREQ/Agree for Kappa Statistics

  100. Question regarding ODBC

  101. REF: Default Values

  102. Re Compressed/Indexed datasets

  103. Re-Order Variables in Dataset

  104. Re. Embedded Spaces in a String Var

  105. Reading Excel files into...

  106. Reading Large CSV, macro list processing

  107. Recommendation For Good Unix List

  108. SAS - Does it stand for something?

  109. SAS 6.11 install issues

  110. SAS 6.12 Fatal Bugs

  111. SAS Connect - Entering in password problem

  112. SAS Consultancies in Australia

  113. SAS Expert Programmer/Analysts Needed

  114. SAS Formats / Reading in a Large CSV file


  116. SAS Job w/Associates in Irving TX 1997-03-07

  117. SAS Neural Nets?

  118. SAS Programmer Position

  119. SAS Programmer/Analyst opportunities-Recruiter)

  120. SAS Programmer/Research Associate II needed--UCSF

  121. SAS Re-Install Questions

  122. SAS SAS SAS hot longterm ocntracts in Mpls, MN.!!

  123. SAS Share?

  124. SAS Survival manuals

  125. SAS code wanted

  126. SAS performance on Windows NT 4.0 (chug chug chug)

  127. SAS performance: Windows NT 4.0 v. Windows 95

  128. SAS to MS ACCESS 2.0

  129. SAS-L Digest - 12 Mar 1997 - Special issue

  130. SAS/INSIGHT question- markers and colors

  131. SESU97: Call for Information Visualization Papers and Posters

  132. SESUG '97 Applications Development CFP !!!!

  133. SESUG Coder's Corner - Call for Papers

  134. SOLUTION to Proc Report Question


  136. SUM Problem
    • SUM Problem (50 lines)
      From: Gerlach, John <GERLAJ01@IMSINT.COM>

  137. Saber Menus
    • Saber Menus (15 lines)
      From: Wanda Thomas (SSD) <wthomas@CENSUS.GOV>
    • Re: Saber Menus (27 lines)
      From: Steve Doliov <doliov@WCO.COM>

  138. Set theory

  139. Soccer fest info

  140. Soln: Macro Assistance

  141. Specify order of variables

  142. Speed of SAS on Large Files

  143. Stack error in Kernel SAS 6.11/SAS6.12 under Win'95

  144. THANKS: Alloc. MVS dataset OLD if there; else NEW?

  145. Tab Delimited Files as alternative to csv

  146. Tapes in SAS
    • Tapes in SAS (60 lines)
      From: Veronica Ruiz de Castilla Brinson <veronica@NEWAGE1.STANFORD.EDU>
    • Re: Tapes in SAS (83 lines)
      From: Lund Peter <Peter.Lund@OFM.WA.GOV>
    • Re: Tapes in SAS (78 lines)
      From: Undetermined origin c/o LISTSERV maintainer <owner-LISTSERV@AKH-WIEN.AC.AT>
    • Re: Tapes in SAS (103 lines)
      From: Don Stanley <don_stanley@IBM.NET>

  147. Text Editor for WIN95/NT

  148. The definition of FIRST.x variables

  149. The real FAQs
    • The real FAQs (105 lines)
      From: Karsten Self <kmself@PMSQUARED.COM>

  150. Tobit model via PROC LIFEREG

  151. Tricky data manipulation

  152. Tutorial on WWW: Introduction to SAS

  153. We have taken the Hassles out of the net

  154. Web-based SAS-L FAQ has been updated!!

  155. What is this `bug' ?

  156. Why sas does not go after moved to another drive ?

  157. Win API
    • Win API (32 lines)
      From: Ernst van Graan <GNFMEVG@FRM.UOVS.AC.ZA>

  158. Wisc-Ill SAS User Group 3/13/97

  159. Workshops: Multiple Comparisons - Applications and Case Studies

  160. [Q] SAS Functions

  161. bartlett test

  162. convert charater variable about date/time into SAS date

  163. convert charater(sic) variable about date/time into SAS date

  164. creating dyadic observations

  165. detecting an empty sas dataset

  166. first payment default

  167. for i in dataset do...

  168. formats or dataset
    • formats or dataset (26 lines)
      From: Brian O. Mullin <mullinb{DHWTOWERS/TOWERS2/mullinb}@DHW.STATE.ID.US>

  169. formats or dataset for ICD-9 codes

  170. formatting dates like ccyymmdd

  171. improved sunrise-sunset calendar program

  172. macro looping with irregular intervals

  173. macro quotes

  174. mvs newsgroup
    • mvs newsgroup (10 lines)
      From: patrick conry <patconry@CASTLES.COM>

  175. output a csv file ?

  176. paternalism and deception

  177. predicted probabilities for proc logistic

  178. put those var labels?

  179. question about param. estimates

  180. request of information

  181. s-m-plots in SAS
    • s-m-plots in SAS (12 lines)
      From: Ziegler Andreas Dr. <ziegler@MAILER.UNI-MARBURG.DE>

  182. salary range for statisticians?

  183. sas-l digests
    • sas-l digests (7 lines)
      From: Jessica Yuan <JESSICAY@OTSUKA.OAPI.COM>

  184. separate character variable

  185. sorry
    • sorry (50 lines)
      From: Leonardo Auslender <leodavinci@WORLDNET.ATT.NET>

  186. symbolic constant in data ?

  187. the definition of first.x variables
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