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SAS-L archives – April 1997, week 2

Table of contents:

  1. 2 line labels in a SAS/AF data table?

  2. 6.12 HPUX/X configuration problems

  3. 6.12 on Windows 3.1 - how to set window size of SAS?

  4. <No subject>

  5. AD
    • AD (33 lines)

  6. AF Frame List Box Object

  7. An odd problem

  8. Andrew James Llewellyn Cary

  9. Announcing Clincial Trials Training Class

  10. April Research Triangle SAS Users Group

  11. April Research Triangle SAS Users Group -- CORRECTION

  12. Automatic macro variable

  13. Betabinomial

  14. CLASS and BY Resources

  15. Client/Server Batch Macro

  16. Closing SAS tables from within an AF application

  17. Counting # of weeks in program using arrays?

  18. DDE for Exce files with version7

  19. DDE to Save an EXCEL file

  20. Deleting multi-key duplicates from a dataset

  21. Do not SORT before a SUMMARY (Was: (Re: Summation b

  22. Do not SORT before a SUMMARY (Was: (Re: Summation by month (

  23. Do not SORT before a SUMMARY (Was: (Re: Summation by month (A ))

  24. Do not SORT before a SUMMARY (Was: (Re: Summation by month (A))

  25. EIS/Multi-Dim Performance under 6.12

  26. East Coast Population analysis meeting

  27. Eta Statistic

  28. Executing a macro with arguments form a SAS dataset 'TOP Macro' syscall sysfunc

  29. Expression Builder with formatted values

  30. FSEDIT and Locking with RDB

  31. FW: Automatic macro variable

  32. FW: Client/Server Batch Macro

  33. FW: Do not SORT before a SUMMARY (Was: (Re: Summation by month (A))

  34. FW: FW: PROC PRINTTO problem

  35. FW: Multiple trans per OBS

  36. FW: Must be FAQ: Finding the size of a d

  37. FW: PROC PRINTTO problem

  38. FW: Text conversion to lowercase

  39. FW: accessing GOPTIONS

  40. FW: formatting macro variables in a title

  41. Frame object instance variable value

  42. GA-SAS programmers

  43. General MDDB reply

  44. Help on submit and more

  45. Help on submit. Hold down shift ke

  46. Help with SAS/ACCESS

  47. Help: SPSS, SAS, and SUDAAN and std err bias w/ complex samples

  48. Hinton -- Jordan Learning Methods course : spaces still available

  49. How come Orlando-II functionality not included in ACO offer???

  50. How to control the aspect ratio of x-y axes in proc gpl

  51. How to control the aspect ratio of x-y axes in proc gplot?

  52. How to format geographical positions?

  53. I withdraw Re: Do not SORT before a SUMMARY (Was: (Re: Summation by

  54. IML
    • IML (13 lines)

  55. Identify next observation problem

  56. Immediate Opportunity - MJG

  57. Job Announcement

  58. Job Opening - SAS Programmer

  59. Jobs, Jobs, Jobs!

  60. Leap Year Criteria.

  61. Learning SAS

  62. List of catalog entries to a SCL list

  63. MDDB and Data Warehousing

  64. MVS: Rephrasing > 5 limit Question

  65. MVS: Sending >5 Jobs to Queue At Once

  66. Macro Variable and PROC IML Variable

  67. Macro question

  68. Mapping Questions

  69. Modeling time-dependencies

  70. More SAS Jobs at

  71. Multiple trans per OBS

  72. Must be FAQ: Finding the size of a dataset


  74. NT or Unix for 100MB files

  75. New Verson of Source Code Manager for SAS/AF

  76. Oregon SAS contract position

  77. PC SAS and Random Number Generation



  80. PROC MDDB ? I've got documentation but no PROC (v 6.12)

  81. PROC PRINTTO problem

  82. Pearson residual analysis for regression logistic

  83. Proc probit problem

  84. Puerto Rico outline map?

  85. Q: Is Change Control Possible for SAS Jobs?

  86. Quality Partner experience/qualifications

  87. Quality Partner, Qualifications/Experienc

  88. Re formatting macrovariables in a title

  89. Reading Cards With More than 80 Characters on Batch MVS

  90. Resource thief? (SAS Error message)

  91. Rotating data in a SAS data set

  92. Round-off Errors (was: sorry for my mistake, but...)

  93. S.A.S. Program

  94. SAS 6.12 cport to 6.09 cimport

  95. SAS Computab

  96. SAS Connect via LU6.2 SNA gateway to Win32s?

  97. SAS Consulting/Pharm/Phila Area/Central NJ

  98. SAS Editor

  99. SAS Format Library Upload

  100. SAS Formats

  101. SAS Informats

  102. SAS Job w/Associates in Irving TX 1997/04/10

  103. SAS Programming for Clinical Trials Seminar

  104. SAS System viewer - problems with big files?

  105. SAS Tip: Using WHERE clauses on SQL Views

  106. SAS V6.11 Install Problem

  107. SAS and JMP

  108. SAS in Orlando

  109. SAS output conversion to WORD document ? (with DDE)

  110. SAS-L Digest - 10 Apr 1997 - Special issue

  111. SAS/Access to Microsoft Access Documentation

  112. SAS/Connect SIGNON Box

  113. SAS/EIS- there are some problems

  114. SAS/IntrNet

  115. SAS/Intrnet

  116. SAS/Pharm/Permanent/Phila Suburbs/Central NJ

  117. SAS/Share - SQL views & Indexes

  118. SPSS -> SAS Problem

  119. SUBMIT vs. IKJEFT01 TSO in Batch

  120. SUGI 23

  121. SUGI22 -- futures forum ...

  122. Shelves collapsed and scared my dogs, so 41 SAS manuals must go!!

  123. Simple Simulation?

  124. Simulations

  125. Simulations, robustness and new techniques with SAS

  126. Sorting views

  127. Summation by month

  128. Summation by month (PROC SQL)

  129. Tab delimied file

  130. Tabulate to Word

  131. Temporary arrays to SAS variables

  132. Text conversion to lowercase

  133. Thanks for the Macro Title Stuff

  134. Thanks, one more question

  135. Thanks: 6.12 on Windows 3.1 - how to set window size of SAS?

  136. The '?' command

  137. The International Ca$h Club (I.C.C.)

  138. The fastest way to do a Best Match in SA

  139. The fastest way to do a Best Match in SAS.

  140. US-TX-Dallas - Junior SAS Programmers Needed

  141. US-TX-Houston - PC SAS Programmers Needed


  143. Using DDE to Read EXCEL data

  144. Using SAS With ORACLE Tables

  145. Using binary Unix SAS files on NT 4.0?

  146. WYSIWYG printing

  147. What is SAS Transport file?

  148. What's the purpose of SAS/CONNECT?

  149. Where Oh Where?!

  150. Who ordered the G?

  151. Year 2000 questions

  152. [JOBS]Dallas, TX SAS Programmer Needed, 40-50K CTH

  153. [Q] Why Type I SS by default?

  154. accessing GOPTIONS

  155. basic programming question

  156. basic programming question -- again

  157. colors in GIF driver

  158. convert old sas data to new sytemn?

  159. convert old sas data to new sytemn? -Forwarded

  160. coupons,contests,$ and more

  161. date format

  162. formatting macro variables in a title

  163. heeeeeeeeeelp

  164. how to find multi-level association rules

  165. how to identify next observations

  166. leap year in 2000

  167. learning SAS, UNIX, ORACLE

  168. library not available

  169. macro problem

  170. need to convert SAS data(VMS) to SUN. Do you run SAS on VMS?

  171. nested logit model

  172. output file for MANOVA in GLM

  173. page number location using proc report

  174. proc cimport

  175. proc mddb

  176. rounding error or anything else?

  177. run macro for each record

  178. save beta and significance level

  179. simple simulation

  180. sorry for my mistake, but...

  181. sorting before proc summary - one more thought

  182. test

  183. testing for 'biasness' by parameter estimates

  184. viewtable in SAS612
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