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SAS-L archives – June 1997, week 4

Table of contents:

  1. 'Lagging' to the prior record

  2. (2) CICS/MVS SAS
    • Re: (2) CICS/MVS SAS (50 lines)

  3. (MVS) Reading VSAM file

  4. -Young hot teenage girls fucking and sucking *fucksuck.jpg

  5. .Filthy Teenage Girls teenfil.jpg

  6. /* Considered Harmful

  7. 6.09E Performance

  8. <none>
    • <none> (52 lines)
      From: Brian O. Mullin <mullinb{DHWTOWERS/TOWERS2/mullinb}@DHW.STATE.ID.US>
    • Re: <none> (67 lines)
      From: Jiang Lu <c680312@SHOWME.MISSOURI.EDU>

  9. Access for DB2
    • Access for DB2 (121 lines)
      From: Mayfield, Don (dmay) <dmay@CHEVRON.COM>

  10. Advance Table of Contents: Social Science Computer Review


  12. Betr: SAS 6.12 - Windows 95 vs. Windows NT

  13. Border or Frame for Graphics

  14. Build a variable list for a KEEP instruction

  15. CATALOGER: View, Compare and Document SAS Catalogs and SAS Data Sets


  17. Connect+Access problems

  18. Contacting Hostmaster

  19. Creating a distance-matrix out of mixed orig. data

  20. Datasource for CompuStat Univerial Character Format(CSAUC and CS48QUC)

  21. Deleting a excel file - Help needed

  22. Discount Prescription Card

  23. ERROR: Module SASEV602 not found

  24. Embedded end of file characters in external ASCII files

  25. Extended inline comment Considered Harmful (was: RE: Follow up to Views Meeting (Job Security!))

  26. FORMCHARs for PROC TABULATE with HP laserjet printers

  27. FW: How to add new var to existing data set? (sounds easy)

  28. FW: data step bug

  29. Failure Time Short Course

  30. Floating point precision MVS vs. UNIX

  31. Follow up to Views Meeting (Job Security!)

  32. Follow-ups (e.g, simple effects) for interactions, PROC GLM and/or PROC MIXED

  33. Form Feed char on MVS

  34. Fw: Removal_Request

  35. Getting a List of Distinct Values from an Array

  36. Graph Printing on a PC

  37. Help with PIPE with PKZIP and WINDOWS

  38. Hot Teen caught Undressing teenund.jpg

  39. How can I specify such a path diagram into PROC CALIS ?

  40. How to add new var to existing data set? (sounds easy)

  41. How to execute submit block in AF application

  42. How to get PS file had been modefied by "Edit graph"

  43. Is there a lowercase function???

  44. Job Opportunity in the Northern Chicago Suburbs

  45. Keyed Access
    • Keyed Access (68 lines)
      From: Tim Berryhill 3rd time <TWB2%Rates%FAR@BANGATE.PGE.COM>

  46. Lantastic Internet Gateway and SAS 6.11 for Win95

  47. Logist Regression and Dummy Categorical Vars: HELP

  48. MAPS in SAS
    • MAPS in SAS (19 lines)
      From: Toland_G <Toland_G@BLS.GOV>
    • Re: MAPS in SAS (24 lines)
      From: Kevin C Thompson <kthompsn@COMP.UARK.EDU>

  49. Macro question

  50. Macro variable for LINESIZE?

  51. Mantel-Haenszel RR

  52. Max number of numeric elements in an array

  53. Model Testing
    • Model Testing (22 lines)
      From: Musial Jerry <musialj@BSCC.BLS.COM>

  54. More on High Quality Report Options

  55. NT vs. Mac
    • NT vs. Mac (110 lines)
      From: Aaron Dukes <adukes@MAIL.ITANDI.NET>
    • Re: NT vs. Mac (28 lines)
      From: Mick Matousek <mick@GAR.EXEGESIS.COM>

  56. Need Help!!

  57. Need help with merging data sets

  58. Newton-Raphson

  59. Number of Occurrences of a Character in a String

  60. OLE Automation with SAS 6.12

  61. PGMR Jobs - pharma/contract research organization

  62. Proc Tabulate / Justification / HTML

  63. Q: forcing page break in the log or lst file ?

  64. Question: How to use multiple headers in Proc Transpose?

  65. Question: how to Print Data Form?

  66. Random
    • Random (21 lines)
      From: miqy@CONCENTRIC.NET
    • Re: Random (36 lines)
      From: Tim Berryhill 3rd time <TWB2%Rates%FAR@BANGATE.PGE.COM>
    • Re: Random (43 lines)
      From: Joe Clarke <josephclarke@TINET.IE>
    • Re: Random (58 lines)
      From: Rene Laurencot <RLaurencot@COMPUSERVE.COM>
    • Re: Random (61 lines)
      From: Roland <RolandRB@NOSPAM_NETCOMUK.CO.UK>

  67. Re; High Quality Report Options

  68. Removal_Request

  69. SAP/R3
    • SAP/R3 (22 lines)
      From: Lak <lak@EURONET.NL>

  70. SAS & DDE Client/Server

  71. SAS 2 MS WORD

  72. SAS 6.12 - Windows 95 vs. Windows NT

  73. SAS Access
    • Re: SAS Access (49 lines)
      From: Larry Bertolini <Larry.Bertolini@OSU.EDU>

  74. SAS Connect/SAS AF question

  75. SAS Help
    • SAS Help (63 lines)

  76. SAS JOB
    • SAS JOB (29 lines)
      From: Amanda Beaver <amanda.beaver@CTG.COM>

  77. SAS P/A needed

  78. SAS Proceedings - Acquiring Single Article

  79. SAS Rates
    • SAS Rates (38 lines)
      From: Xlr82sas <xlr82sas@AOL.COM>
    • Re: SAS Rates (39 lines)
      From: Undetermined origin c/o LISTSERV administrator <owner-LISTSERV@VTVM1.CC.VT.EDU>
    • Re: SAS Rates (54 lines)
      From: Aaron Moynahan <amoynahan@EPSILON.COM>

  80. SAS Simulation

  81. SAS Simulation (fwd)

  82. SAS consulting rates relative to other progarmming diciplines

  83. SAS is cumbersome when data in multitudes of text fil

  84. SAS is cumbersome when data in multitudes of text files

  85. SAS positions (nationwide)

  86. SAS text editor and the Home key, need help (3rd try)

  87. SAS to Lotus Notes

  88. SAS to SPSS
    • SAS to SPSS (22 lines)
      From: Boyd Newlin <Newlin@SCHEV.EDU>

  89. SAS vs. DataDesk; NT vs. Mac

  90. SAS-L FAQ - No Recent Changes

  91. SASTRAP: NOBS option on VIEW engines

  92. SASTip: Building selection lists

  93. SASTip: Kilo/Mega format

  94. SASTip: SAS Observations online

  95. SASTrap: Default numeric format

  96. SCL protection

  97. SCL protection (and submitting from clipboard)

  98. SCL protection?

  99. SCL-Frame Dialog window question?

  100. SCL-function SEARCH

  101. SPSS to SAS

  102. SQL: When shouldn't you use it? (Summary)

  103. SUGA '97 - "Come Together"

  104. San Francisco Bay Area SAS Barbecue: July 13, 1997

  105. Singular Matrix Problem

  106. Solaris SAS Abends and Host Printing (was Tivoli)

  107. Solaris SAS Abends and Tivoli

  108. Statistician Wanted -- Orange County, California

  109. Summary: Search and replace with SAS text editor and the Home key

  110. Tablebase
    • Tablebase (8 lines)

  111. Test email
    • Test email (11 lines)

  112. Tobit ?
    • Tobit ? (10 lines)
      From: David Michael Wright <david@CATS.UCSC.EDU>
    • Re: Tobit ? (26 lines)
      From: Raymond V. Liedka <liedka@UNM.EDU>

  113. Transporting an edited graph

  114. Upgrade from VAX 6.08 to Alpha 6.12

  115. Upgrading my PC to work with SAS

  116. Using MS Internet Explorer as Front End on Local PC???

  117. Using SAS/ACCESS

  118. Using dde to read MS Access into SAS

  119. VIEWS Meeting: Summary


  121. Wanted SAS Contract in the USA

  122. Web to SAS on MVS

  123. Web-ROM
    • Web-ROM (52 lines)
      From: Aaron <ddpo@INTERGATE.BC.CA>

  124. What is " Structure Equation Model" ?

  125. bitmap / gif files for SAS/AF >> SCL

  126. compressing a macro variable?

  127. converting formats to Oracle tables

  128. create sas data from MS Access database

  129. create sas data from MS Access database -Reply

  130. data accumul ques - thank you

  131. data step bug: Results of Experiments

  132. diallel analysis
    • diallel analysis (105 lines)
      From: Jose E. Corrente <jecorren@CARPA.CIAGRI.USP.BR>

  133. eliminating the SAS banner from output?

  134. fill-in (lag?)

  135. how to communicate with

  136. increasing speed on SAS/intrnet

  137. keep problem

  138. lagging solution obtained; quest #2

  139. looking for David Riba

  140. new SAS job listing at NOTSUG

  141. obs header is damaged

  142. permutations/combinations

  143. proc logistic

  144. record into triangular matrix

  145. sas/access for DB2
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