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SAS-L archives – October 1997, week 1

Table of contents:

  1. $.02 on employment: No SITUATION WANTED ads, Please

  2. -- sas debugger

  3. <No subject>
    • <No subject> (23 lines)
      From: Bircan Erbas <b.erbas@PHCM.UNIMELB.EDU.AU>
    • <No subject> (24 lines)
      From: Jeroen Liefhebber <datastep@PI.NET>

  4. A question on PROBIT


  6. About vars referencing in array statement

  7. Abusing SAS Macros

  8. Abusing SAS Macros -- Datastep vs SQL

  9. Analyzing web hits?

  10. Any Efficient Way?

  11. Changing Windows Fonts

  12. Clipboard contents to macro var

  13. Comments on SAS Performance in NT and UNIX?

  14. Compressed printouts possible?

  15. Computing Tolerance Limits

  16. Confidence interval for difference between two proportions

  17. Converting Graphics to jpeg/gif

  18. Converting Unix datasets to PC datasets and thanks.

  19. Corrections to Applied Statistics and the SAS Programming language

  20. Data values in proc gplot

  21. Dataset Option "index=" - Wrong Syntax shown in the SAS documentation

  22. Deleting Obs
    • Deleting Obs (24 lines)
      From: Tim Victor <Tim.VICTOR@SB.COM>
    • Re: Deleting Obs (64 lines)
      From: Wolf F. Lesener <wflesener@RZ.HU-BERLIN.DE>
    • Re: Deleting Obs (62 lines)
      From: Andrew James Llwellyn Cary <ajlcary@CARYCONSULTING.COM>

  23. Descriptions of macros

  24. Effects of weighting...

  25. Emulating multi-threading in AF?

  26. FSVIEW instead of VIEWTABLE

  27. FW: Some answers on: SAS dataset called CON?

  28. FWD> Re: Abusing SAS M

  29. FYI: CALL EXECUTE article

  30. Frame/Graph formats

  31. Function VARNAME

  32. GPLOT and Symbol statement question

  33. Heads-down coding

  34. Help!
    • Help! (29 lines)
      From: Dave Cameron <dcameron@INFO1.HARPER.CC.IL.US>

  35. Help! Unsubscribing

  36. Help: linking SAS and ArcView

  37. Home Page Theme SAS, Need Help

  38. How to ger a list of variables in a DS which are missing/same value for all obs.?

  39. How to ger a list of variables in a DS which are...

  40. How to get current userid in Windows NT/95?

  41. Interfacing SAS and C languages

  42. Internal Real Data at PC

  43. Internal Real Data at PC - Thanks for hints

  44. Invitation to join a discussion on Philippine Elections

  45. Job Announcement

  46. Job Openings
    • Job Openings (31 lines)
      From: Bacon, Donna A, CFCMD <dabacon@ATT.COM>

  47. Job Opportunity in New Brunswick, NJ

  48. Job opening, Stamford, CT

  49. Ljapunov and Jacknife

  50. Looking for job
    • Looking for job (30 lines)
      From: Mohammad Uddin <uddin@STATLAB1.CS.MISSOURI.EDU>

  51. MACRO: SAS table ---> LaTeX file

  52. MDDB Information

  53. MODIFY needs a health warning

  54. MVS: Passing JCL symbolic parameters to SAS

  55. Macro and SQL(?) Question

  56. Mainframe SAS * Excel

  57. Maxim Group Opportunities

  58. Memory upgrade worth the $$$ ?

  59. Merge and interleave simultaneously?

  60. More on resolving Macro variables

  61. Moving from SAS-PC --> SASWin

  62. Multiple linear regression without PROC REG

  63. Mystery in 1:M Data Merging

  64. NESUG '97 - 4 Days To Go !

  65. NT 6.12 reading packed decimal from AS/400

  66. Need opinion on Statistical Packages

  67. New Jersey SAS UG meeting, Tue 9/23 6p

  68. New SAS Web Site (pile of *$%$*&#)

  69. New SAS Web Site (sigh!)

  70. New SAS Web Site (smile!)

  71. Non-Windoz SAS and DCOM/ActiveX

  72. PNWSUG Eary Reg. Deadline Oct. 10


  74. PROC GLM mulivariate analysis!!!

  75. Pc-Cillin97 emergency

  76. Piecewise Linear Question

  77. Polychoric correlation matrix

  78. Proc EASY or LIGHTEN

  79. Proc GLM multivariate analysis(without repeted measures)

  80. Q: a quotation ?

  81. REF: Re: Mainframe SAS & Excel

  82. Regression analysis with multiple completed data sets

  83. Reporting from SAS (Proc Gprint)

  84. Rockville MD Job w Medical Claims Data

  85. Running SAS on an NT Server from a remote session.


  87. SAS Analyst - Virginia

  88. SAS Consultancy - An amendment

  89. SAS Consulting Opportunity

  90. SAS Frame + Mainframe Question.

  91. SAS Jobs & Hot List

  92. SAS Problem with Merging two files

  93. SAS TO WORD97 as Source Doc. for Mail Merge: Delimiters ??

  94. SAS Views
    • SAS Views (40 lines)
      From: Nessle-Buck, Wren <WNBuck@ITR-INC.COM>
    • Re: SAS Views (80 lines)
      From: Bernard Tremblay <bernard@CAPITALE.QC.CA>

  95. SAS Views - more questions

  96. SAS dataset called CON?

  97. SAS dataset called CON? or how about NUL

  98. SAS documentation methods/standards

  99. SAS position in SW Virginia

  100. SAS translation of SPSS or SIMSTAT syntax

  101. SAS+Web programmer, Job wanted

  102. SAS, NT, RAID

  103. SAS/C Software

  104. SAS/Warehouse Administrator 1.2 Installation Problems

  105. SASTIP: optimising SQL

  106. SASTIP: optimising SQL - lighten up

  107. SASTip: One solution to Unknown Exception errors

  108. SASTip: Templates are useful

  109. SQL, Datasteps, Macros, (was Abusing SAS Macros)

  110. SYSPARM with PC SAS

  111. Software for hazard rate model with random effects.

  112. Some answers on: SAS dataset called CON?

  113. Structured sample

  114. Thanks for your help. Re: How to get list of variables which have same value in all Observations.

  115. Thanks!
    • Thanks! (13 lines)

  116. Transposing SQL

  117. Two New SAS Jobs added to NOTSUG Web Page

  118. USE MACROS: Polychoric correlation matrix

  119. [Q] Ranking subsets.

  120. batch run on NT4/NT5 server


  122. call display(a.a.a.a,x,y,z)

  123. changing Windows font?

  124. charecter to numeric conversion

  125. conditional or non-conditional logistic regression ?

  126. data exchange between two data tables.

  127. executing a sas-program from another one

  128. footnotes with data _null_ reports (6.1

  129. formats
    • formats (19 lines)
      From: Mike Rayle <mrayle@POP.WRIGHT.EDU>
    • Re: formats (37 lines)
      From: Tim Berryhill 3rd time <TWB2%Rates%FAR@BANGATE.PGE.COM>

  130. getting information from two datasets

  131. getting macro date values into uploaded mainframe code

  132. indicator variable matrix generation

  133. looking for junior position in sas

  134. mean AND median: final version

  135. mean AND median: the best one!

  136. merge by two key fields

  137. modeling software

  138. monte carlo simulation

  139. patch missing ID

  140. phreg file size limits

  141. possible SAS-oriented web site

  142. proc arima
    • proc arima (31 lines)
      From: Bircan Erbas <b.erbas@PHCM.UNIMELB.EDU.AU>
    • Re: proc arima (9 lines)
      From: Robert Upson <rupson@LEO.VSLA.EDU>

  143. rearanging var names in data set to appear alphabeticaly in VIEWTABLE????

  144. resolving Macro variables

  145. select data

  146. tab delimited file

  147. test
    • test (7 lines)
      From: Ken Seiden <kseiden@CLASSIC.MSN.COM>

  148. test-ignore
    • test-ignore (14 lines)
      From: Tim Williams <tim.williams@DAL.CA>

  149. viewtable configuration?

  150. wrong character set after importing dbf
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