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SAS-L archives – October 1997, week 4

Table of contents:

  1. <No subject>

  2. ANSWER: Sort order for variable names under VMS

  3. Analyzing web hits?

  4. Any Good Book on Common Mistakes to avoid in SAS Code

  5. Axis Statment problem when using SAS/Graph and .cgm files

  6. Biostatistics Opening

  7. CALL() - Calling External COBOL Modules

  8. Calling MAPI32.DLL Routines from Win95 SAS 6.12

  9. Can SAS read from .PDF files

  10. Changing SCL code colour - Change all instances from one colour to another

  11. Changing a SAS char. variable to a numeric variable keeping the varname ??

  12. Changing a SAS char. variable to a numeric variable keeping the varname ?? - [0/1]

  13. Changing a SAS char. variable to a numeric variable keeping the varname ?? - [1/1]

  14. Comments on SASWare Ballot

  15. Concept: If File Exists

  16. Connecting with an NT server using the spawner program

  17. Consulting Opportunity in Whippany, NJ

  18. Converting SPSS datato SAS-HELP!!!

  19. Creating SAS System variables on start up

  20. Creating a master KEEP=

  21. Enhancing Report Output

  22. Extended Table: How to find out first row No. currently displayed and total No. in Extended table?

  23. FW: Re[2]: SAS macro question

  24. Flatfile Update

  25. Generating trinomial variate?

  26. Good SAS Coding Practices

  27. Good SAS Coding Practices?

  28. HOTLIST of SAS Jobs

  29. Help file

  30. Help: Flatfile update, without reading the data into SAS

  31. How do I copy non-SAS files without screen flash?

  32. How to get the mean error?

  33. How to set up SASAUTOS

  34. I'm losing data when I go from SPSS to SAS

  35. Ignore - Humor

  36. Inconsistency in SAS data step

  37. Job Posting-UT Austin Statistical Services

  38. Jonckheere-Test

  39. Jonckheere-Test - Thanks

  40. Just Testing - Please Ignore

  41. MODULEN/ARG definition for CONST BYTE *

  42. Macro variable in external SQL

  43. Merge question

  44. NULL printer device/config for testing?

  45. OLE-automation under MS-Word for Windows 7.0

  46. PC SAS reference

  47. PROGRAM (fwd)

  48. PhilaSUG Meeting 11/13/1997

  49. Poisson regression with autocorrelated errors

  50. Preliminary eigenvalues in EFA on SAS

  51. Preview of a template in SAS under Unix

  52. Printing with 6.12 and PROC MIXED

  53. Proc Format oddity

  54. Proportion criterion in Proc Factor

  55. Q: Sort order for variable names under VMS

  56. Q: about External File Viewer

  57. Q:DB2+DDCS+AIX+SAS612

  58. Quoted-Printable Encoding

  59. ROC reference

  60. Re[2]: Generating trinomial variate?

  61. Reading Raw Data

  62. Reading in few hundred raw data files + capturing their filenames as a variable-- a glitch I ran across along with belated thanks

  63. Running SAS on NT Server

  64. SAS Designer Implementor Urgently Wanted

  65. SAS Error Message

  66. SAS PC and ACCESS 95

  67. SAS SHARE/SHARE*NET and ODBC drivers for VAX/VMS

  68. SAS SQL experiences wanted

  69. SAS Tip: SYSERR automatic macrovariable -- where it works

  70. SAS macro for MH incidence rate ratio

  71. SAS macro for PCAIV

  72. SAS macro question

  73. SAS openings

  74. SAS output to Excel

  75. SAS user group

  76. SAS v6.12 Performance on NT 5.51 vs NT 4.0


  78. SAS/Connect win32s - TSO using 3270

  79. SAS/IntrNet - writing to _WEBOUT

  80. SAS/Stata Cross Reference

  81. SASBug? Inaccurate memory resource reporting from Proc SQL - Solaris/v6.12


  83. SASTIP: optimising SQL

  84. SASTip: that may increase Windows NT performance.

  85. SCSUG '97 - 11/9-11 - Register Today

  86. SOLUTION!! (was: Re: I'm losing data when I go from SPSS to SAS)

  87. SQLNet NT to Unix Question

  88. SUG groups ?

  89. SYSPARM with PC SAS

  90. Statistician position, Milwaukee

  91. US-CT-SAS Support Specialist-970581-PVI Enterprises

  92. VAX Alpha to Win 95 SAS dataset transfer ?

  93. Web Browsers and the SAS Community

  94. When New Version in terms of TS-Level ??

  95. When New Version?

  96. Work at Home

  97. [Q] testing randomness of grouping in a sequence of alternatives

  98. a macro question

  99. ascii output on PC sas?

  100. call symput within a stored program

  101. compile macro from data set

  102. creating a raw dataset from a SAS dataset

  103. discrete-time question

  104. find equal records

  105. how to improve the efficiency of this code?

  106. merge question

  107. merging data

  108. missing data values and infile commands

  109. non-linear regression

  110. proc freq & strings

  111. reading data every second or third line

  112. repeat a proc mixed

  113. retain equivalent

  114. sas positions

  115. test

  116. test post please ignore

  117. tobit and heteroskedasticity

  118. transporting data: MVS/TSO -> PC

  119. trend analysis

  120. two datasets finding data
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