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REXXLIST archives – November 1997

Table of contents:

  1. A "hurrah" for VM/370 & CMS etc.

  2. A Rexx Listener....

  3. ANNOUNCE: ORexx/SQL Object Framework

  4. APPC for REXX on AIX

  5. Alternate function for "COMPARE" in OS/2 Classic Rexx ?

  6. An Old Rexx hand is stumped by DIRECTORY()

  7. Anyone wanna play REXX?

  8. Beep does not work (ObjRexx under W95)

  9. Converting VxREXX to Object REXX for Windows NT

  10. Creating floating point values to & from text

  11. Creating shortcuts in NT

  12. DHCP Server
    • Re: DHCP Server (47 lines)
      From: Shmuel (Seymour J.) Metz <nospam@GSG.EDS.COM>

  13. Dialing a pager

  14. Eliminating RxSock startup message

  15. External Internal Functions

  16. FTP Code Assistance

  17. Getvalue function (object Rexx)


  19. HELP With REXX!! - EJQBKG0.MSG (0/1)

  20. HELP With REXX!! - EJQBKG0.MSG (1/1)

  21. HOW TO send Email with REXX or ??? <-

  22. HOW TO send Email with REXX???

  23. Help needed with OS/2 REXX

  24. Hi - Need info

  25. How to automate the FTP process using name and password

  26. How to pass a string
    • Re: How to pass a string (62 lines)
      From: Undetermined origin c/o LISTSERV administrator <owner-LISTSERV@UGA.CC.UGA.EDU>

  27. IRXJCL / IKJEFT01 & HMIGRATE return codes

  28. Is there a rexx tutor

  29. Is this getting posted?

  30. Just found: RexxTutorial on Sockets/WWW-programming (including VM)

  31. Learning Rexx
    • Learning Rexx (16 lines)
      From: Raul A. Jager W. <abc@PAR.NET.PY>

  32. Limitations of the REXX language in OS/2

  33. Lost Dboxmgr2.dll Where can I find it?

  34. MAPI and ( ORexx or Netrexx or Regina )

  35. Making DLLs REXXable

  36. Monitoring another program in OS/2

  37. Msg to REXX-FAQ maintainer(s)

    • NO SUBJECT (26 lines)
      From: Miles Willmek <schos@SK.SYMPATICO.CA>

  39. NO SUBJECT (should be: Problem with W32 Regina)

  40. Netrexx as OO language was regular expression matching

  41. Netrexx as a OO language was Re: regular expression matching

  42. New free versions of Object Rexx (for OS/2 and ...)

  43. Newbie needs a little help

  44. No Binaries Please (was: Re: Standard convention for naming variables, functions ?)

  45. OS/2 Procedures Language 2/REXX Reference

  46. OS/2 Rexx parameter passing & receivind

  47. ObjRexx under W95: How access .DLL's

  48. ObjRexx, NT, and external functions

  49. Object REXX is now available for Linux

  50. Piping and data queues (was the 'unfavorite script language..')

  51. Public domain artifical intellegence

  52. Q: How to detect ObjRexx vs normal Rexx

  53. Q: including Rexx Functions?

  54. Quercus Personal REXX question

  55. REXX GUI for OS/2 an NT!!

  56. REXX GUI for OS/2 an NT!! - RePost

  57. REXX GUI for OS/2 and NT!!

  58. REXX Table dialog display problem

  59. REXX and Windows 95

  60. REXX editor for windows 95

  61. REXX mailing list

  62. REXX/Regina and Digital

  63. Readable Sources

  64. Regina'95; WHERE???

  65. Regina: How to detect EOF?

  66. Retrieving file info with Rexx

  67. Return code from ADDRESS

  68. Rexx Debugger

  69. Rexx and SAS ?!?

  70. Rexx and SQLAnywhere Database

  71. Rexx compatibility issues

  72. Running a REXX CMD from CONFIG.SYS

  73. Running a REXX command from CONFIG.SYS

  74. RxExecPgm arg string secret?

  75. Simultaneous Multiple process

  76. Sockets for NT

  77. Solved: W95 RxMessageBox

  78. Sort program

  79. Sperm Donors-$1000/week

  80. Spreadsheet Object for Vispro Rexx

  81. Standard convention for naming variables, functions ?

  82. Starting winos2 prog from detached rexx script

  83. The OPTION instruction

  84. Tools written in REXX to generate CICS COBOL and JCL

  85. Trying to write REXX external function in COBOL

  86. Using SysCreateObjects with Printers

  87. VIO window font size and position with REXX ?

  88. VX-REX \ DB2: creating a flat file?

  89. VX-REXX / WARP 4 problems

  90. W95 Rexx aware apps?

  91. W95 RxMessageBox problem

  92. WPS classes in OREXX OS/2

  93. WPS classes in Object Rexx OS/2

  94. What's in OREXX for Windows95

  95. Where MAID?

  96. Why REXX is not my favorite scripting language

  97. Why REXX is not my favorite scripting language (Pipes)

  98. Why REXX is not my favorite scripting language (was Re:

  99. Why REXX is not my favorite scripting language (was Re: regular ex

  100. Why REXX is not my favorite scripting language (was Re: regular expression matching)

  101. WingSoft and NetRexx

  102. Writing nothing With EXECIO under MVS

  103. [OS/2] Is there a way to remove an EA from a file - SOLVED

  104. [OS/2] Is there a way to remove an EA from a file?

  105. [Reposted due to Enlow UCE cancel]: Re: Start an Object

  106. assigning new numbers to same variables?

  107. help please !! - allocated files

  108. how to use PARSE VALUE with double quotes

  109. ppp/slattach over Rexx reading from file??

  110. quesiton about functions..

  111. regular expression matching

  112. request for RXU utility example

  113. rexx on Linux ?

  114. split screen verification

  115. upper case variables
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