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REXXLIST archives – December 1997

Table of contents:

  1. A "hurrah" for VM/370 & CMS etc.

  2. AREXX users here?

  3. Appending a new dataset to an allocated DD

  4. Buy Property with Zero Down!

  5. Closing an OS/2 Program with Rexx

  6. DrRexx Problems


  8. EPM and "BOTTOM" parameter

  9. External Internal Functions

  10. File I/O under OS/2 Rexx

  11. Help on alarms please

  12. Hold print queue from Rexx

  13. I need somewhere to start

  14. Is this getting posted?

  15. JCI: Winter '97 Survey of Y2K Consultants

  16. Looking for Dave Boll - Anyone using the RXU package?

  17. MAID : REXX GUI for OS/2 an NT!!

  18. Macro and REXX on MVS

  19. Mail Send library
    • Re: Mail Send library (42 lines)
      From: Undetermined origin c/o LISTSERV administrator <owner-LISTSERV@UGA.CC.UGA.EDU>
    • Re: Mail Send library (62 lines)
      From: Undetermined origin c/o LISTSERV administrator <owner-LISTSERV@UGA.CC.UGA.EDU>

  20. NC/ Project Consultant

  21. NetRexx & EHLLAPI

  22. Netscape as GUI for REXX???

  23. New free versions of Object Rexx (for OS/2 and ...)

  24. OS/2 Desktop help

  25. OS/2 Procedures Language 2/REXX Reference

  26. OS/2 and REXXC

  27. OS/2 config.sys modifications with Rexx?

  28. Object REXX and ODBC question

  29. Perl to Rexx converter?

  30. Personal REXX winsendkeys() function

  31. Please Help w/ Personal REXX

  32. RE Orexx and Gui

  33. REGINA REXX/NT Documentation

  34. REXX Editor

  35. REXX GUI for OS/2 an NT!!

  36. REXX GUI for OS/2 and NT!!

  37. REXX GUIs
    • Re: REXX GUIs (44 lines)
      From: Adam Todd Bradley <abradley@POPHOST.NET>
    • Re: REXX GUIs (69 lines)
      From: Adam Todd Bradley <abradley@POPHOST.NET>
    • REXX GUIs (80 lines)
      From: jpedone_no_spam@FLASH.NET
    • Re: REXX GUIs (121 lines)
      From: Jerry McBride <mcbrides@EROLS.COM>

  38. REXX Table dialog display problem

  39. REXX and Windows 95

  40. REXX is the reason (was Re: WarpCenter Problems!)

  41. REXX on WIN95

  42. REXX: Possible to check for key ready/available?

  43. RXSOCK Problem

  44. Reading PROF

  45. Regina Rexx CGI script

  46. Regina for Linux

  47. Rexx ASYNC API for NT?

  48. RexxRegisterFunctionExe

  49. RexxStart Return Code -6

  50. SELECT
    • Re: SELECT (31 lines)
      From: Shmuel (Seymour J.) Metz <nospam@GSG.EDS.COM>

  51. Simultaneous Multiple process

  52. So, You hate demo's too eh?

  53. Socket programming w/OBJREXX or Personal Rexx

  54. String Compares?

  55. System commands in Regina Rexx

  56. TSO/ISPF simulator on a DOS PC

  57. VREXX and SYS3175 Errors

  58. VX-Rexx to Windows 95 ??

  59. VisproRexx, VXREXX, and Object Rexx

  60. Voice Commands and VXREXX

  61. What's new? 6200+ links on Object-Orientation (in English & French)

  62. Where is the mouse?

  63. Why REXX is not my favorite scripting language (was Re:

  64. Why REXX is not my favorite scripting language (was Re: regular expression matching)

  65. Win95 Object REXX question

  66. XL to Text conversion

  67. [VA] event connections

  68. date conversion

  69. detecting orphaned thread

  70. execute rexx scrpts thru telnetpm

  71. how to use PARSE VALUE with double quotes

  72. netveiw commands from vm

  73. opinions: to Deregister funcs or not?

  74. parse in REXX Reference

  75. rexx 'sendmail'

  76. test
    • test (8 lines)
      From: hemlock@SHERRILL.KIVA.NET

  77. test message - ignore

  78. upper case variables
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