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SAS-L archives – February 1998, week 2

Table of contents:

  1. 'Select distint' vs 'Proc summary'

  2. 3d graphics ? don't think so..?


  4. Algorithm for making nice axis definition?

  5. Algorithm for nice axis tickmark spacing please?

  6. Algorithms for Computing Frequencies

  7. Announcement: PhilaSUG Winter Meeting February 25, 1998

  8. Benchmarking SAS with SQL/Server

  9. Best Way to Port MS-ACCESS97 File to SAS?

  10. Biostatistics Internships

  11. Books on SCL
    • Books on SCL (36 lines)
      From: Martijn Visser <visser@RULS20.FSW.LEIDENUNIV.NL>
    • Re: Books on SCL (18 lines)
      From: Paul Kairis <kairis@HOME.COM>

  12. CANOCO
    • CANOCO (28 lines)
      From: Steve Bousquin <suobs@VERINET.COM>


  14. Checking columns value in macro language ( no call execute )

  15. Clustering or factor analysis?

  16. Concordance statistic for a Cox model?

  17. Conditional inclusion of '/*' and '*/' ?

  18. Confidence Intervals

  19. Confidence Intervals Following Group Sequential Tests

  20. Confidence Intervals for means

  21. Confidence Intervals for means - correction

  22. Cross-tabs
    • Cross-tabs (24 lines)
      From: Melanie Barish <MelliJ@AOL.COM>
    • Re: Cross-tabs (71 lines)
      From: WHITLOI1 <whitloi1@WESTAT.COM>
    • Re: Cross-tabs (97 lines)
      From: Howard Kaplan <howard.kaplan@UTORONTO.CA>

  23. Discrete time hazard model

  24. Excel VB call to run SAS?

  25. FW: How to sum only after exceeding a threshold?

  26. FW: SAS Programmer Position in Seattle, Washington

  27. Fatal: Unable to Initialize the Work Library

  28. Fleming's Multiple Testing Procedure for Phase II...

  29. Get XX Adult Password Free!

  30. HELP!!! FOpen function pops up open the MS-DS window


  32. Hausman Test of Exogeneity

  33. Heirarchical Polychotomous Logistics Regression

  34. Help! FOPEN pops open MS-DOS window

  35. Help!! Excel

  36. Help, I really need this!

  37. Help: how to create a transport dataset containing only 2 ou

  38. Help: how to create a transport dataset containing only 2 out of 10 datasets

  39. How to sum only after exceeding a threshold?

  40. How to use Proc Mixed to construct multilevel linear models

  41. Killing zombie SAS/CONNECT sessions on Win NT Server

  42. LIFEREG procedure & Scale Parameter

  43. License Issue: Creating an application from SAS

  44. Logistic Models: Predicted Probabilites

  45. MWSUG '98 Call for Volunteers

  46. Macro to concatenate a list of variables

  47. Macro to create static drill-down HTML pages?

  48. Maxim Group Opportunity

  49. Maximum of Characters

  50. Meeting Announcement - Florida Gulf Coast SAS Users Group

  51. Min values of a dataset

  52. Miner price announced

  53. NESUG'98 Call for Papers and Participation!

  54. NJSUG Feb 20 Meeting - Final Notice

  55. Need Help with SAS/Connect Problem

  56. Need help with infile and input statements...

  57. Newbie macro question

    • ODBC QUESTION (21 lines)
      From: Daniel Ginsberg <dginsber@OS.DHHS.GOV>

  59. OLE Automation and Microsoft COM

  60. OUTPUTwon't generate file

  61. PNWSUG'98 Call for Papers: What's New

  62. PROC FORMAT? or any other idea

  63. PROC GGRAF and 3D - Am I missing something?

  64. Pkunzip to SAS

  65. Please advise on SAS career or SAS+Oracle career

  66. Pooled concomitant time series in MIXED?

  67. Printer settings in OS2

  68. Proc Format CNTLIN=; Missing values.

  69. Proc Model Help
    • Proc Model Help (18 lines)
      From: Atalanta Ghosh <ghosh_atalanta@LIILY.COM>

  70. Processing Empty datasets

  71. Question about ANCOVA in SAS

  72. Read multiple external files

  73. Read multiple external files (fwd)

  74. Reading Flat File on UNIX

  75. Reading SPSS file - var length

  76. Reformatting &sysdate

  77. Resetting Macro Variables

  78. Running multiple SAS 6.12 in Windows 95/NT

  79. SAS Clinical Positions Suburban Phila.

  80. SAS Format equivalent to COBOL Picture

  81. SAS Interview Questions

  82. SAS Opening!

  83. SAS Opportunities Available

  84. SAS Position in San Ramon CA

  85. SAS Positions Suburban Phila.

  86. SAS Positions in San Antonio, TX

  87. SAS Program Analyst positions

  88. SAS Programmer - Austin, TX

  89. SAS Programmer Needed

  90. SAS Version 7 info

  91. SAS as back_end and MS Access as fr

  92. SAS call FORTRAN?

  93. SAS interface to TPL/PCL?

  94. SAS interview questions

  95. SAS to MS-Access (*.mdb)

  96. SESUG '98 CFP
    • SESUG '98 CFP (245 lines)
      From: F.Joseph Kelley <JKELLEY@UGA.CC.UGA.EDU>


  98. SOLVED: Watch log while Batch job runs? (Win NT)

  99. SONGMAIL -- Unique Valentine's Day Gift Idea

  100. Sas/connect TCPPORT

  101. Seeking data sets

  102. Stop
    • Re: Stop (30 lines)
      From: Schechter Robert RS <robert.schecter@PHWILM.ZENECA.COM>
    • Re: Stop (66 lines)
      From: Lund, Pete <Peter.Lund@CFC.WA.GOV>

  103. Sv: Clustering or factor analysis?

  104. Thank you
    • Thank you (58 lines)
      From: Lynn Howard <lhoward@DYNAX.COM>
    • Re: Thank you (38 lines)
      From: Ray Pass <raypass@WORLDNET.ATT.NET>

  105. Thanks For all response to Remote Batch Submit Question

  106. Using data from IBM AS/400 and SAS on Windows95/NT

  107. Using macro variables in sql pass through facility

  108. WUSS '98 Call for Papers

  109. What am I doing wrong???

  110. Windows: CGI & SAS HTTP Forms Server

  111. Writing to two different output files

  112. bar-charts with standard deviation lines ???

  113. binary recursive partitioning

  114. cleanwork.c for Windows NT Server?

  115. cluster analysis help

  116. contour plots
    • contour plots (14 lines)
      From: Bert Ventresca <Bert.Ventresca@CCIW.CA>
    • Re: contour plots (52 lines)
      From: Wolf F. Lesener <wflesener@RZ.HU-BERLIN.DE>

  117. documentation for display manager commands?

  118. don't bother to read, this is just a test

  119. help corr
    • help corr (14 lines)
      From: miundlh@VMS.HUJI.AC.IL
    • Re: help corr (48 lines)
      From: Carina Ortseifen <Carina.Ortseifen@URZ.UNI-HEIDELBERG.DE>

  120. how to capture value of BY variable(s)

  121. legends in proc gplot

  122. macro for comma-delimited file -author?

  123. remerge in SAS SQL but not Oracle SQL?

  124. sas input
    • sas input (49 lines)
      From: Wei Wu <WEIWU@ECON.WAYNE.EDU>
    • Re: sas input (70 lines)
      From: Tim Berryhill 3rd time <TWB2%Rates%FAR@BANGATE.PGE.COM>
    • Re: sas input (18 lines)

  125. sequential file

  126. subscribe
    • subscribe (29 lines)
      From: Steve Bousquin <suobs@VERINET.COM>
    • subscribe (10 lines)
      From: Amrita Singh <Amritasas@AOL.COM>

  127. sysget(username) - help

  128. test: 4get it

  129. test: trying to post

  130. zero cell counts and proc catmod
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