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SAS-L archives – February 1998, week 4

Table of contents:

  1. !!FREE Commercial Websites!!

  2. "forwarding" mail to SAS-L

  3. %syslput - re-visited

  4. (MVS) Re: Non-SAS question; TSO time-outs

  5. (MVS) Re: Problems with unwelcome emails!

  6. (MVS): Re(2): how to send to sleep an MVS SAS Job?

  7. (Processing Times) efficient method of data summarization.

  8. <No subject>
    • <No subject> (15 lines)
      From: Sharon Alexander <HCC.ALES@HCCSJ.NF.CA>
    • <No subject> (44 lines)
      From: Mike Davenport <Mike.Davenport@RICHMOND.PPDI.COM>
    • <No subject> (61 lines)
      From: Undetermined origin c/o LISTSERV administrator <owner-LISTSERV@VTVM1.CC.VT.EDU>

  9. <None>
    • <None> (13 lines)
      From: Arjen Raateland <raateland@VYH.FI>

  10. A statistics (and SAS) question

  11. Ad Hoc Programming Position - Jacksonville, FL

  12. Annual setinit via email

  13. Binghamton University Computing Job


  15. Call For Papers: MAPLETECH Special Issue on Industrial Mathematics and Industrial Applications of Maple

  16. Categorical Data Analysis and CATMOD

  17. Challenging macro problem

  18. Comma Delimited Form?

  19. Concantenating MSACCESS tables using DDE

  20. Contract SAS Programmer

  21. Creating an EIS viewer

  22. DBMS/HTML from the developer of DBMS/COPY is in production

  23. Data warehouse and SAS Intrnet Product, Unix

  24. Does anyone have a rational explanation for this one?

  25. Duh.
    • Duh. (24 lines)
      From: Steve Bousquin <sbous@LAMAR.COLOSTATE.EDU>
    • Re: Duh. (41 lines)
      From: Michael Braten <Michael_Braten@AFE.COM>
    • Re: Duh. (55 lines)
      From: Tim Berryhill 3rd time <TWB2%Rates%FAR@BANGATE.PGE.COM>

  26. Emacs font-lock-mode for SAS

  27. Exported Excel Files Lose Formatting

  28. FW: genmod Vs GLM

  29. Filename in Program Editor

  30. Fit 2 Models with 1 PROC REG, possible ?

  31. Form feeds and PROC PRINTTO w/ log

  32. GENMOD v GLM, redux

  33. Graphing the binomial distribution

  34. Graphs into other documents

  35. HELP: Merge bug?

  36. Help for Mac
    • Help for Mac (18 lines)

  37. Help with OUTEST please

  38. Help with Transposing a data set

  39. How do I get out?
    • How do I get out? (23 lines)
      From: Michael V. Bellegarde A. <al550316@MAIL.MTY.ITESM.MX>

  40. ISO Data Management, Graphing, and Visualization Tools

  41. In-house SAS consultant position, Federal Reserve Board (Wash. DC)

  42. Java, ActiveX Support

  43. MDDB Update Question

  44. MDDB queries...

  45. MDDB update
    • MDDB update (18 lines)
      From: Phil Mason <phil@WOOD-ST.DEMON.CO.UK>

    • Re: MERGING (153 lines)
      From: Aaron Dukes <bsd01@SPRYNET.COM>

  47. MVS prompt for wait=n libname option

  48. Macro to generate page numbers??

  49. Manuals
    • Manuals (10 lines)
      From: Steve Bousquin <sbous@LAMAR.COLOSTATE.EDU>
    • Re: Manuals (37 lines)
      From: Schechter Robert RS <robert.schecter@PHWILM.ZENECA.COM>
    • Re: Manuals (10 lines)
      From: Jbp797 <jbp797@AOL.COM>

  50. Map data sets

  51. Modelling Survival Data

  52. Module that writes programs

  53. Multiple "comparisons"

  54. No. of and length of Class variables in proc Summary?

  55. Non-SAS question; TSO time-outs

  56. Non-SAS question; TSO time-outs - way out ?

  57. Non-SAS question; TSO time-outs -Reply

  58. Northern Virginia job opportunity for statisticians

  59. ODBC Universal Driver with MS Access

  60. OUTPUT problem

  61. Option to add counts to bar charts

  62. Predicted Survival Probabilities from PROC LIFEREG

  63. Preventing line wrap on FREQ

  64. Problems with unwelcome emails!

  65. Question: Any easy way to count values across a set of variables?


  67. Recruiting SAS Software specialists

  68. Regression- Standardised coefficients (or beta coefficients)

  69. Regression: forcing a point

  70. Replacing Missing Data

  71. Rethinking Quantitative Social Research

  72. SAS Contracts available

  73. SAS Graph - PC - Yet another unknown exception (800000602)

  74. SAS Plugin for HTML EMBED tag

  75. SAS Programmer needed at City of Dallas, TX

  76. SAS data views

  77. SAS date format YYYYMMDD

  78. SAS program information

  79. SAS read EXCEL

  80. SAS software compare to other statistical software

  81. SAS, DDE and Excel Charts...


  83. SAS/graph
    • SAS/graph (40 lines)
      From: Tim Pi <timpi@FMRCO.COM>

  84. SASMSTORE: Selecting a catalog

  85. SQL Puzzle - How to get latest detail records for eac

  86. SQL Puzzle - How to get latest detail records for each circui t

  87. SQL Puzzle - How to get latest detail records for each circuit


  89. Shortage of SAS Programmers

  90. Solution:RE: Renaming large # of variables.

  91. Sr. Prog. Analyst - San Francisco - Financial Systems

  92. Stupid Question On File Format Conversions

  93. Subject: (MVS): how to send to sleep an MVS SAS Job?

  94. Subscribe to Mailing List

  95. Summarize data by Month(Date)?

  96. Sv: what part of input() don't I understand?


  98. Thanks:Re: Renaming a large # of variables

  99. Truncation of log and lst file name

  100. Using Array to Repalce Missing Data

  101. Using an SCL-list in two methods

  102. VIEWS: London 9th July - Call for speakers

  103. VisualWorks users?

  104. Warning:RE: Renaming large # of variables

  105. Was: Proc Freq Problems

  106. Weighted Medians

  107. Wilcoxon Rank Sum: HOW?

  108. Win95 Desktop Icon to Start SAS/AF

  109. Windows platform: Generic printer driver vs. CLJA4

  110. Yen Ouyang...
    • Yen Ouyang... (9 lines)
      From: Jules Bosch <JBOSCH/0006974523@MCIMAIL.COM>

  111. cholesky factorization

  112. contrast failure

  113. count data
    • count data (50 lines)

  114. efficient method of data summarization.

  115. enough SAS programmers?

  116. files left in SAS_workaxxx,when to delete

  117. how to send to sleep an MVS SAS Job?

  118. least-module regression,regression with restricted parameters

  119. multiple "comparisons"

  120. non-metrix data

  121. overprint does not work

  122. pasting output of SASGRAPH: left margin can not be cropped

  123. point-n-click SAS - beta release

  124. referencing external files on a network w/o using drive letters

  125. subscribe instructions

  126. weighted medians

  127. what part of input() don't I understand?
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