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SAS-L archives – May 1998, week 1

  1. %str() vs. %nrstr()

  2. (Copy) Re: SAS Windows 95 Installation Failure

  3. (Rather Long) Can you explain the Differences in the Covariance Structures in Proc Mixed?

  4. (no subject)
    • (no subject) (11 lines)
      From: EDP Contract Services <atlanta@EDPCS.COM>

  5. * SAS JOBS PA DE NJ!!! *

  6. *Block stepwise regression

  7. <No subject>
    • <No subject> (29 lines)
      From: Patricia K Flickner <Patricia.K.Flickner@AEXP.COM>

  8. ADDRESS merge purge

  9. AF and ActiveX Controls for Animated GIF

  10. Analysis of Covariance with Repeated Measures

  11. Any easy way to create an object like list box with additional text entry function

  12. Array Subscripts and Counting

  13. Brooklyn College Professor

  14. Chart for noncentral t distribution.

  15. Class on FDA Required SAS Validation

  16. Class on How to Monitor & Improve CRO Performance

  17. Cobol Program conversions to SAS

  18. Compare Variables from 2 data sets

  19. Contracting Salary in the Boston, MA / Southern NH area

  20. Custom output rpt help needed

  21. DIMACS Workshop on Combinatorial Clustering and Multi-Domain Protein Structure Analysis (fwd)

  22. Data Warehousing Career Newsletter

  23. Date problem in SAS 6.07

  24. Definition of fiducial date

  25. Employment opportunity - Midwest

  26. File input: Combination of delimeter and missing values

  27. Final Test - Please ignore.

  28. Finding SAS-aware potential

  29. Finding SAS-aware potential employees through SAS-L

  30. Finding duplicate observations

  31. Finding out length with variable

  32. Hartford Area SAS User Group meeting May 21, 1998 Oxford Health P lans, Norwalk, CT

  33. Have HTML macros, will trade for RTF macros

  34. Help: SAS GRAPH: GCHART, how to plot interval unevenly

  35. Hiding DOS or OS2 window during x command

  36. How to clear the LOG window

  37. How to convert any excel files to sas files


  39. Long command lines in SAS/Desktop command

  40. Lose Weight Asleep!!

  41. Mea culpa. Use binary transfer not text transfer with tr

  42. Mea culpa. Use binary transfer not text transfer with transport format SAS datasets

  43. Multidimensional Report

  44. Neural Networks

  45. Non SAS File Output

  46. OS/390 JCL to Execute Macros

  47. Options Date/Nodate

  48. PMENU bug ?
    • PMENU bug ? (234 lines)
      From: Gerard Hanney <Gerard.HANNEY@EUROSTAT.CEC.BE>

  49. PNWSUG'98 Conference Registration


  51. PUT Statement problems

  52. Pmenus in SAS windows and %windows

  53. Printing Output files Created by SAS

  54. Ridge Regression

  55. SAS AF/VB
    • SAS AF/VB (16 lines)
      From: ZPAN <zpan@AOL.COM>

  56. SAS Programmer
    • SAS Programmer (16 lines)
      From: ali.niakouei(a) <ali.niakouei@NATIONSBANK.COM>

  57. SAS Programmer Position.

  58. SAS Question

  59. SAS Validation Course-Comments?

  60. SAS Windows 95 Installation Failure

  61. SAS code to C
    • SAS code to C (14 lines)
      From: Chenxiong Le <lechen@GWIS2.CIRC.GWU.EDU>

  62. SAS for Linux update

  63. SAS online documentation whereabouts

  64. SAS positions - Atlanta

  65. SAS programmer/analyst position

  66. SAS to Excel

  67. SAS-L Digest - 6 May 1998 to 7 May 1998

  68. SCSUG '98 Call for Papers Deadline is June 1


  70. Sensitivity & Specificity

  71. Strange Output using Proc Freq

  72. Supplementary point in CORRESP not on largest count?

  73. System Variable for Time in SAS/Intrnet?

  74. Test - IgNore
    • Test - IgNore (8 lines)
      From: First Last <"tom wsaael"@ASTRAMERCK.COM>

  75. Test Message
    • Test Message (7 lines)
      From: Raimondi, Vincent (CAP, RFS) <Vincent.Raimondi@GECAPITAL.COM>

  76. Testing - Please ignore

  77. ToolKit under Windows

  78. VBA/Automation SAS to Word

  79. VIEWS UK Independent SAS User Group

  80. Width of Output From %tab2htm

  81. Writing to Lotus Notes DB

  82. X or System call in UNIX challenge

  83. Year 2000 problem: YYYYMMDD code

  84. [Fwd: Re: Compare Variables from 2 data sets]

  85. concatenating strings

  86. data manipulation

  87. displaying SCL lists as a pop-up menu

  88. exporting to Excel

  89. getting started with SAS (how?)

  90. log line numbers

  91. missing data imputation programs in SAS

  92. problem downloading SAS dataset to PC

  93. question on White's test

  94. re : Compare Variables from 2 data sets - reply

  95. separate one field into many...

  96. sysexec from sas on unix

  97. thanks- split one field into three
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